Look what the wind blew in…..

Hello Blogland!! hope all are well tonite. We came through Hurricane sandy safe and sound. Just some branches and debris in the yard.  Oh my how the wind howled–it was really scary!! Thanks for everyone’s kind comments and concern!

Thankfully my work closed down both days! Our power blinked on and off a few times. I was able to be glued to the TV (Weather channel 7 local coverage) and Internet during the duration. I am so totally a weather geek!!

My heart just breaks for everyone nearer the coast and in New Jersey/New York who have suffered in this storm. My thought and prayers are with you. The devastation is just unimaginable.

The storm really rattled the dogs. The noise of the wind and stuff outside banging freaked them out. Early on Monday I tried taking them outside for their business. A gust of wind whipped up and nearly knocked Kae right over. She was extremely disgusted and infuriated by it and refused to put her nose outside until Wednesday!! Thank heaven’s they both are puppy pee pad trained!!

Here’s a picture of them chilling out on the sofa with a blankey and some chewy treats. We made sure we stocked up with the important stuff for the storm!

When they weren’t camping out on the sofa they were in their usual place on my lap in the recliner. Here we all are watching the Weather channel!

Our daughter brought a  cute Halloween outfit for Noelle the grandpuppy chihuahua. Julie said she did not like it one bit!! She’s just not the fashionista Kae is!! Kae would’ve loved the glittery tulle and all!!

Noelle pouting and refusing to look at Julie

This was a really short but crazy week at work!! Tomorrow is my off Friday-YAY- so a trip to town and the thrifts is in order I believe! I decided to declare this Frock/Skirt Week in honor of not blowing away in the storm! I wanted to wear some of the skirts I’ve thrifted recently. I find it easier to find skirts then dresses that fit.

Sweater:Evan-Picone via Thrift store, Skirt via Salvation Army ($1), Necklace-thrifted, Boots via Burlington Coat Factory, Purse-thrifted

Since it’s gotten so chilly and damp (miserable) I pulled out a favorite sweater tunic to wear today. A coworker had on almost exactly the same combo except her skirt was houndstooth and her top black and we both wore black riding boots!! We got a big laugh out of it!

Top-JonesNewyork via Goodwill, Ponte Knit Skirt-JessicaLondon via Goodwill,
Belt via Goodwill, Scarf-Vintage Liz Claiborne via Goodwill, Boots-Aerosoles via Kohls.

I’m enjoying the ease of these maxi/midi skirts-I hope to find some more. I feel very dressed up in them, yet comfortable.

You’d a thought I’d have all kinds of projects done, considering I had a couple of days off and was housebound. LOL-I was just too distracted by the weather and truth be told I was just to achy to do much more than be a slug (low pressure like we had is misery)

This weekend I plan to start assessing the Christmas decor HOARD. (Oh yes–it’s ridiculous–we have 2 full size trees and 7 smaller ones-one in each room at least. PLUS 150+ Santa’s and enough other crapola to stock a good size Hobby Lobby) Plan where to put the “new” stuff and see what changes I want to make. I LOVE LOVE LOVE Christmas and have been collecting since childhood. Well-I love the music, the decorating, the food. It’s the whole season I am crazy for! I am oblivious to the commercialism.

I don’t really have to shop for Christmas. We don’t give gifts- we give to charity instead  and we don’t receive gifts but ask that whatever would’ve been spent on us to be given to charity. My husband and I choose a disadvantaged child or two from the giving tree and buy for them.

Our daughter has been on board with not getting gifts from us since she became an adult on her own. She knows we put the money towards a child in need.  It was something we always did from the time she was a tiny child. Every year we would choose a child’s name and go shopping for them. She loved to choose and wrap the gifts.  As she got older and earned her own money she participated in the Christmas Shoebox outreach-filling shoeboxes with gifts for children around the world. I would always match however much money she’d  spend so she could do more boxes.  I’m thankful that we’ve been able to instill a generous heart for others in her.

I shall be back Sunday to get back in the swing of things!! I’m catching up with my reading and posting finally!! The Halloween posts were awesome but I must say Sister Helga of the Order of Trollop and Sheila/Ephemera doing her best Tippi Hendren The Birds homage were absolutely freakin’ AMAZING!! Sheila’s picture of her cat Vizzini licking his lips before attacking one of the birds is HYSTERICAL!!! Please take a moment and check them out!!




  1. Serene said:

    Tamera! So glad you came through the storm none the worse for wear! I love the pictures of your babies (dogs) snuggling on the couch….soooooo sweet! I’m also really feeling your skirt length. It looks great on you and, I don’t know about you, but when I wear skirts, I just FEEL like I get more doors open for me and I feel so girly! Don’t you just love thrifting??!! I can’t believe you found that top skirt for a dollar! We don’t have a good SA store here in town…..I have to drive about 45 minutes away for a good one, but it’s worth it! Anyway, hugs to you girly! ~Serene

  2. I had to skim this post because my time is limited; I’ll be back to savor the full content. That being said, I’m glad all’s well with you and yours, and I love the colorful skirt!! XXOO

  3. pastcaring said:

    Good to know you came through the storm unscathed, Tamera. Look at your fur babies snuggling up to Mama! But Noelle is NOT happy, is she?!
    You always look so good in bright colours. And I am full of admiration for your approach to giving at Christmas, and the compassion you have encouraged in your daughter, that’s so good to hear.
    PS. Could you feel the love yesterday? Vix and I were talking about you, we are your UK fan club! xxxx

  4. Vix said:

    You look gorgeous in your outfits, loving the purple and red combo, eye-poppingly bright in a fab way. You’d have fitted in a treat with our meet-up yesterday! Bless those little fur babies looking so teeny on the settee, poor Noelle in her enforced fancy dress.
    So glad you survived the storm, us Brits have been glued to it, too, you know how weather obsessed we all are. xxx

  5. I think it’s awesome that you take on charity for Christmas. I know this year I want to give to heifer.org I always try to donate in small ways, change into jars, clothing donation, etc, but I’m always trying to find ways to give back because people have been so generous to me.

    Glad you, your fam, and the pups are doing okay.

  6. Sheila said:

    So glad you are all right after Sandy! Loving your wonderful colours and patterns – how funny that you and a coworker had a matchy day!

    Thank you so much for the shout-out! Can’t wait to see your Neutrals Week!

  7. Helga said:

    Gratuitious chihuahua shots always make me HAPPY!
    O,Miss Kae would have rocked that little pumpkin outfit, so I think SHE should have it!
    Love that skirt in the first outfit pic……
    And what you do for Christmas is awesome! A much better idea.There’s a lot of people here suffering since the earthquakes, so I need to work out the best way/charity to help out over the silly season. I don’t really do Christmas,I much prefer your Thansgiving as an all encompasing,good feeling celebration..but then,I reckon every day is a great day to celebrate our friends,family and generally fabulous people!
    The most extreme Chrissy decorations I’ve even seen were at an American Embassy boss’ New Years bash in Thailand one year (I have a friend who used to work there), it was crazy,right down to Chrissy toilet paper!!! XXXXXXXXXXXXXX

  8. I love that you treat Christmas this way. It is a change we need to make as well. Our extended family with children and grandchildren now numbers close to 20!

    I didn’t even live close to the storm, but, like you, I couldn’t stop watching!

  9. Krista said:

    I’m so glad you guys were safe. I can’t imagine the sound of the wind, my little Peetee freaks out when I run the dishwasher. Peetee thinks Ms. Kae is looking mighty fine modeling on your sofa.

    I love that bright long skirt you have on it!

  10. Krista said:

    I also really love how you celebrate Christmas! My family and I are trying something new this year, secret Santa so instead on 20 presents we only buy 1:) can’t wait to see your house all Christmas crazy!

  11. OMG – I’m sorry I’m so far behind in commenting, Tamera! So glad you all made it through the storm ok – with treats and blankets on the couch sounds a very good place to be! Little one pouting in her halloween costume is pretty funny. You are gorgeous, as always! Sarah xxx

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