Dollar Day at the Salvation Army Bonanza!!

Hello Blogland!!! TGIF!!! I am so ready for a quiet weekend. We will be prepping for Hurricane Sandy, however. I live in Western Maryland and we’ll be getting lots of WIND and maybe SNOW!!!

MrBill is still loving the stroller!! I keep it on our front porch and he runs to it every time we go out all excited. Her Highness spend her time in the stroller pouting and grumbling now. MrBill sits up front to one side so there is plenty of room for her. HOWEVER, she wants to sit front and center by herself and he won’t give in to her. LOLOLOL it’s hilarious the side-eye and the stinkface she gives when she doesn’t get her way.

I stopped by the Salvation Army after work today on the other side of the town I work in. I only get there maybe once a month. Today was my lucky day as all adult clothes except winter coats were $1!!!! AND I actually found some awesome goodies I wanted. I even got a nice wool sport coat for the hubster.

Gorgeous Bakelite vintage hair barrette. The clasp is broken so this will become a brooch. This was also only $1

I found some nice rayon blend flat weave sweaters. I like a flat weave because I definitely have enough bulk of my own.

1. Burgundy Venezia pullover sweater
2. Teal Green SagHarbor mock turtleneck sweater
3. Brand New Capri Blue Laura Ashley cardigan

I have been wanting some more maxi skirts to wear with boots this winter and for $1 how can you go wrong???

1. Black Gingham Ponte Knit maxi skirt
2. Print Cotton Crinkle maxi skirt
3. Pastel Polkadots on Black Chiffon maxi skirt
4. Pumpkin Rayon Sweater Knit maxi skirt

This next top is by Carol Little and originally had one of those fake camisoles in the front so it looked like two pieces. It had a stain on it and was kind of yucky styled . I loved the color and drape of the cardigan part so a little snip snip snip removed the camisole part and now I have a nice rayon knit cardigan. It’s a gorgeous honey gold color.

Carol Little refashioned cardigan

This last Item was a PMP (pee my pants) find!!! Stuff by Pendleton is EXPENSIVE new and I rarely find it in thrifts in good shape, or for that matter, my size.  Again, today was my lucky day!!  A wool Tartan knit Pendleton cardigan in perfect condition for ONE FREAKIN’ DOLLAR!!! Be still my Scottish heart! I adore Tartan and have wanted to add some to my wardrobe. This will be awesome with a black turtleneck and jeans or a white blouse and black skirt/boots for the holidays.

My outfits for the end of this week were somewhat repeats. It’s been rather warm in Maryland and they turned the steam plant on so my office is RIDICULOUS!! I took advantage of it to wear a sleeveless blouse under my cardigan for probably the last time.

Cardigan-Goodwill, Top-Kohl’s, Trousers-Goodwill, Purse-Goodwill, Shoes-Kmart, Awesome Head Pendant-Salvation Army

Today was my Friday to work and I usually wear jeans. I broke out the Vintage Shirt of Awesome again. It always gets lots of positive comments. I wore it with the amber necklace that RockStar Vix gifted me. I had so many people come up to me and admire it while at the Salvation Army!!

Vintage Shirt-Thrifted, Jeans-Goodwill, Shoes-Goodwill, Necklace-Vix

I noticed that this blouse and the pumpkin skirt I thrifted today go well together so I think there is an outfit in the making!

I’m off to putz around with the pile of ephemera and scrapbook papers I’ve got strewn all over my craft table. Everyone have a fabulous weekend and I’ll chat with y’all Sunday!!



  1. Krista said:

    That is the mother of all hauls, goodness gracious! I love that aqua number and all of your skirts, a buck – unbelieveble you managed a Pendelton in there. You have been a good girl:). I just found a bright beautiful one on eBay for $15, but dam a buck!

    The necklace from Vix looks rocking she has the best taste in jewelry. Your doggies in that stroller we need more pictures!! Take them for the love of Peetee:). Have a nice weekend:)

  2. 50 and counting said:

    Good haul!

    What is it with this weekend and your weather? I was in Flintstone this time last year and it snowed!

  3. Oh, I am so jealous. I loved visiting the Salvation Army in Tennessee with Megan. We never get anything close to dollar days around here; although I always poke through the .99 jewelry bins. I can’t wait to see you wearing that beautiful golden-y Carole Little cardi.

    I love the paisley sweater, and your necklace from Vix. Very cool!

  4. Wow! The thrifting gods were generous to both of us today. You got some major scores at incredible prices. I think the Pendleton cardi needs to be paired with some color too! There’s so much potential for a good tartan.

  5. Terri said:

    Whoa, you hit the jackpot at this sale! I love it when I go in to a thrift and only after discover that the sale is going on.

  6. Wow! Amazing finds! Can’t wait to see those maxi skirts!

  7. We’re waiting on Hurricane Sandy here too! So far nada.
    I’m so jealous of that Pendelton plaid sweater! Looking forward to that post when you wear it.

  8. Helga said:

    Crikey,lovey,you scored BIG! Love those dollar days…don’t see them very often around here,but I keep my eyes peeled! It’s mostly $1 racks,if I’m lucky!
    O,poor,hard done by Diva!!! Funny,my brother & sister in law came over earlier today,and they have a bijon, and o,MY,did Peepee get the pip! She sat on the fence and had total pooface until they left!!! then she was very loving…must have been worried she was going to be replaced!
    Hurricane Sandy?! O,darl,hope you guys stay safe and warm! Mad weather! Snow is not amusing,but I expect you’re pretty used to it!

  9. Vix said:

    Stay safe! Loving your incredible haul, those thrift gods were good to you!
    Pendleton? Even I’ve heard of that. Score! Totally still love that vintage tunic and the floral top is beautiful on you. x

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