Look who’s loving his new wheels!!

Hello Blogland!!! Happy Hump Day to everyone!!!

I’ve been taking the dogs a walk in their thrifted stroller every night this week. Granted it’s only around the block but it’s a start!!! At first MrBill hid in the covered part of the stroller in shame while Her Highness sat up front and enjoyed all the attention we garnered. and believe me- someone pushing a stroller with two dogs in it, one in a dress, gets you attention in a small town!!

Tonite when I said “Let’s go for a walk” MrBill ran to the door and when outside right to the stroller wagging his tale with excitement. He went in and lo and behold rode up front the whole way, much to the dismay of Kae who wanted to hog the front all to herself. In fact, she got in the covered part for a bit and looked out the back window at me pouting and grunting her displeasure!!! LOLOL

Toolin’ around town in style!!!

The divine Aussie Sarah of Misfit Vintage has declared this Floral Week. I’ve very little floral in my wardrobe (don’t have any lace either for that matter) but put together something to play along.

Sweater-SagHarbor via Goodwill, Gingham Blouse via Kmart, Black Jeans-LeeRider via Walmart, Shoes-Payless years ago, Bracelets-vintage

Today’s outfit was inspired by the colors in my vintage scarf, an old trick I learned years ago. My co-worker commented on how she liked the color combo and I told her how the scarf inspired it. She was so excited about that concept she was going home tonite, pulling out a scarf, and building an outfit around it. I can’t wait to see the results!!

Trousers-Goodwill, Cardigan & Top-Kohl’s, Shoes-Clarks via Goodwill, Scarf, Pin & Earrings-vintage

I’ve become obsessed with wearing post or button vintage earrings lately now that I finally remade all of the vintage clip-ons into pierced. Funny thing for a former dangly earring gal!!! I’m finding they work better with my hair and layers.

Well, I’m off to shampoo the bedroom carpet. Our silver cat Misty is mad about something and has been on a tear all evening. She got up on top of the kitchen cabinets and threw all my honeycomb turkeys on the floor, been racing around like a maniac, and while I was doing this post, evidently gorged herself on catfood and went in the bedroom to barf it all up. (she does that when she’s ticked about something) I’m typing away here and heard the gack gack gack (y’all that have cats know EXACTLY what I’m saying) back the hall. She left lovely presents for me!!!

Everyone have a wonderful evening and hopefully I’ll chat with y’all on Friday! I’m linking up with Thrifter Thursday at Coffee & Cardigans this week!



  1. Linda said:

    Love the first sweater and the bracelets……..something I’d certainly wear. I have a ton of those kind of bracelets.

  2. Shampooing carpets and cat puke? Your life is nothing but GLAMOUR, Tamera!!!

    You are GORGEOUS in both outfits – WELCOME TO FLORAL WEEK!

    Sarah xxx

  3. vintagefrenchchic said:

    I have wanted a stroller (or some sort of set of wheels) for Rockefeller lately. I feel guilty when I go walking without him. He loves walks! Only 6-8 more weeks before we are back to normal. Whatever that is.

  4. Terri said:

    Hope it’s nothing serious with the cat. And your dog stroller tales are too funny.

    I’m going to try this trick of starting with a scarf.

  5. Krista said:

    I had no idea your lil babies were scared of outside, poor things. This stroller looks like its working – hooray for that! I rarely build an outfit around an accessory, I will try and remedy that, seems like a good idea. Your bold floral blouse is perfect for Sarah’s challenge, along with that pre 6am smile, your killing me! Peetee sends his love, bow Chica bow wow:)

  6. Love the floral jacket! I think I mentioned it before.
    What a great idea to pick out colors from the scarf for an outfit. I’ll need to remember that.
    Love the doggie stroller! 😀

  7. Vix said:

    Loving that floral jacket, it’s so loud and fabulous and exactly the type of floral I like! I always tell people who are a bit scared of mixing colours to use as scarf as inspiration. I hope your colleague turns up for work looking as bright and fabulous as you!
    Bless Bill and Kae in their limo, bet you’re the talk of the neighbourhood.
    Stephen Squirrel’s terrible for guzzling his dinner and chucking it back up, I swear he’s bullimic! x

  8. Aww so glad Mr.Bill decided to warm up to the stroller. He needs some fresh air! Sorry about Misty though. Spike (our oldest kitty) has hairball and stomach issues. He tries to only throw up on the kitchen floor (easy to clean) or he’ll hack to warn my mom and she’ll rush a paper plate or something under him and he’ll aim it on there. Poor baby is so embarrassed by it.

    Both outfits are wonderful. I love the gingham with the floral print of the jacket.

  9. Love both outfits, the colors and prints etc. It’s fun to chose an item, whether it’s a scarf, shoes, whatever, and build an outfit around it!! So cool!! Poor kitty. Have you figured out why it’s mad? I had a cat that would strew toilet paper all over the apartment while I was gone. Not a happy kitty.

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