The Diva’s Limo and Makeover Monday does Turkeys!!!

Hello Blogland!!! I hope everyone has had a wonderful start to the week!

When her Divaness became a Google images sensation last month, Curtise asked if her Majesty had demanded a limo yet.  Um, she already had one!!!!  MrBill and KaeKae are getting up there in age (10 years) and both have health issues attributed to the abuse/neglect they suffered in the puppy mill that makes taking walks difficult. Unless I want to tote them and the it’s difficult for me as  have enough blubber of my own to tote. Kae actually can walk further than MrBill–he has luxating patellas (bad knees) and he just can’t go far without pain. And once I pick him up to carry him I have an immovable 8 lb blonde  chihuahua diva who ain’t walking NO WHERE!!!  She isn’t into the nature thing at all.

LOLOLOL So I picked up a pet stroller at the base thrift last spring for $20, although my fibro and the miserable heat this summer kept me from using it. We took it out for a stroll today. MrBill hid as best he could in the stroller of shame hoping the other dogs don’t see him. Ms. Thang LOVED it. She sat up front like Queen Cleopatra riding down the Nile on her Royal Barge!!! Passerbyers commented how cute they were while Kae preened and posed and MrBill tried to be invisible.

Here’s a picture of the little Episcopalian church we pass on Main Street.
Right now I’m mostly making a mess as opposed to making over anything. I drug out some of my papers last nite and am going to be diving into some card making this week. I’ll soon have to dig out the “C” word stuff and start creating!

Before the creativity bomb hit!!!

I’m going to share my vintage and thrifted turkey collection (fitting considering I work with a bunch of turkeys)  Get ready for Turkey-a-gogo!!!

This is the vintage turkey salt and pepper set that started it all about 25 years ago.

Well, enough about turkeys!! What did I wear today??

Vest-Thrifted, Trousers-Goodwill, Blouse-Dressbarn, Shoes-Thom McCann via Kmart

Bracelets-??, Necklace-Vix, Earrings-vintage and made pierced by moi

I’ll be hooking up with those creative gals at Lakotah’s for Tah-Dah Tuesday!!

Have a wonderful evening!



  1. I was so confused by this blog title!! 🙂 Now I get it. I love the picture of the church and I just grinned when I saw all your turkey stuff. You look radiant in red and I am coveting the jewelry. Beautiful. Have a great week!!!!!

  2. Terri said:

    You’re definitely in a seasonal mood! I’ll beg the pet stroller becomes a daily event.

  3. I was always sad that I couldn’t take my cats out for a walk, but after many generations of kittens and rescues, I’ve yet to have a cat who would tolerate a harness – but OMG PET STROLLER! That’s brilliant. Although your pups probably tolerated it more than kitties would. The Diva looks like the Queen waving to her peoples.

    I love your long vest.

  4. Sheila said:

    Oh my gosh, I am laughing at the little diva sitting up there, and poor Bill hiding in the back! Too wonderful.

    You look amazing in that orange!

  5. You look stunning in burnt orage, my gorgeous.

  6. Vix said:

    That brilliantly vivid shirt just rocks! I love it on you. Check out the Diva on wheels, she needs a Sat Nav and some blingy side mirrors to complete her limo!!
    Can’t wait to see your crafty creations and those turkey trinkets are very odd, not the most attractive of birds are they?! xxx

  7. pastcaring said:

    Oh that is so funny! I love the image of Miss KaeKae as Cleopatra while Mr Bill skulks at the back, mortified! I know we all tend to be terribly anthropomorphic about our pets… BUT they do have different personalities and behaviours and preferences, don’t they?
    You look so good in strong bright colours, they just match your bright smile so well!
    Turkeys are odd creatures… I do like one at Christmas though! xxx

  8. Helga said:

    O,my WORD! A chihuahua limo!!! Now I’ve seen it all, and it is glorious!!!
    Adorable little critters!
    Turkeys! Weird things, turkeys! I do like the salt and pepper shakers.

  9. LOVE the pet pram – wish I’d had one of these ten years ago when my poor little guy had a snapped cruciate ligament and I pushed him around the block in a human pram for three months, letting him out on corners to pee on everything!

    Love that gorgeous bright colour on you!


  10. “Stroller of shame” made me giggle.

    You are rockin’ the red, and those beautiful gray pants. Way cool necklace from Vix, but then of course, it would be 🙂

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