Where is all the junk???

Hello Blogland!!! I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend!!! It certainly has been GORGEOUS in Western Maryland!!

I went to town Friday and made my rounds of the thrifts. It was slim pickin’s!!! Has anyone else noticed that the thrifts are a bit bare in your area??? I was talking with the manager of one I know and she said they haven’t been getting the donations like they used to. People are selling their stuff via Craigslist, Ebay and others.

I managed to find a couple of things. I SCOOPED up this gorgeous oil painting for $1.50 at the Salvation Army for my daughter. She’s a newlywed in their first house so she needs stuff!! The colors and subject were perfect for them. Julie and Sean both loved it when I dropped it off today!

That’s my 3 cushion sofa it’s on-it’s HUGE!!

Of course there is always time for gratuitous cute chihuahua pictures. Miss Kae is wearing her candy corn dress again(gotta wear it while she can!!) and MrBill is sporting the natural look. I’ve no idea what they are so tired for! That big white thing next to Kae’s head is Bear. Kae gets very vicious with Bear and stands on it while chewing it’s ears. Bear is bigger then she is!!

And onto the fashion part of the post.  Thursday I had to really amp up the conservative business look as I had a big design meeting. I’m in charge of designing new private handicap shower/bathroom/dressing rooms  and a new wounded warrior weights/exercise equipment room at the base fitness center.  I had to at least look smarter than I am!!

Navy Pinstripe trousers via Goodwill, Tweed Jacket-SagHarbor via Goodwill, Blouse via Dressbarn, Shoes-Capezio via Goodwill, Helga’s fav purse via Goodwill.

Friday was my errand day so I dressed way down hoping I’d find goodies at the thrifts to try on. No such luck!

Levi’s Jacket-had forever!, Lee Jeans-had forever, Tshirt-JonesNewYork via Goodwill, Black Clogs-Earth shoes via Walmart years ago. Black newsboy cap via Kmart

Today the family (mom, sister& hubby, nephews, our daughter & hubby, hubster & I) met for dinner at the Italian Restaurant where #2 nephew works while he’s in school. He waited on us as someone was late and we ragged on him how much our waiter sucked!!! The meal was really nice and I am stuffed!!  My sister, mom and daughter loved the outfit and couldn’t BELIEVE it was thrifted!!

MicroCord Jeans-Evan-Picone via Goodwill, Sweater via Goodwill, Top-LaneBryant via Goodwill, Belt via Goodwill, Shoes-Naturalizer via Goodwill. Accessorized with adorable Diva

I’m hooking up with Patti for Visible Monday and Monday Mingle!! Check them out to see style far better than anything in a fashion magazine!!

Stop back tomorrow for Make-Over (or Make-A-Mess) Monday!!



  1. Marci said:

    Hello, Tamera! ‘Love the “smart” look,but it’s not like your intelligence needs any help! Your posts always make me smile! Give those cute chihuahuas a hug for me! -Marci @ Stone Cottage Adventures

  2. Terri said:

    Oh, I like the third outfit belted. Ribbing your nephew sounds like something our family would do. I like the jean jacket and you did indeed look very professional in that blue for your design meeting. how many thrifts are in your town?

  3. Tamera, I love:

    1. The candy corn vest
    2. The awesome painting for a buck fifty
    3. The olive outfit

    It is amazing your outfits are thrifted!

    Kisses to the doggies! xo!

  4. WendyB said:

    I in love with your doggies.

  5. Sheila said:

    That last outfit is fantastic, Tamera! I think you did a great job on it. love the painting – score! And aw, look at your lovely pups!

  6. Lovely cuddly dogs! The turquoise colour is gorgeous on you! Sarah xxx

  7. pastcaring said:

    Stop it with the smart look, I feel a little in awe… You look fantastic, totally in charge!
    Love the peacock feather print on your top.
    Oh those doggies do look exhausted, it’s a hard life!
    I have had a little trawl round 5 charity shops this morning and come home with – nothing! Sometimes that’s just how it goes. xxxxx

  8. Your doggies always make my day! Yes, I have noticed slimmer pickings at the thrifts too, so I have to go more often : > You look great in all three outfits, always pulled-together. Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday!

  9. Vix said:

    You manage to even make conservative office clothes look fun. friendly adn approachable, that’s a rare art!! Hoe cute are those pooches? Kae looks so teeny!
    Chazzas are the same here, everyone’s opting for those “cash for clothes” banks and getting paid by the kilo. When I donated to the YMCA recently i thought the manager was going to snog me she was that thrilled! xxx

  10. You are a thrifting superstar! You always look great and perfectly pulled together.
    Love seeing your doggies. Give them a hug for me.

  11. Mel said:

    Like all the outfits, as usual, but that last one…you have outdone yourself!!! Good job!!!

    P.S. I always get a kick out of seeing that great big smile of yours!

  12. GingerR said:

    I like that painting a lot. I hope it’ll fit into a standard sized frame. Framing is what kills my budget.

    I’m not a big thrifter but with a large family I often have give-aways.
    I’ve noticed that Amvets and Goodwill have become relentless in notifying us of pick-ups. It used to be we’d hear from them 2-3 times a year, but lately they’re mailing out and calling at least once a month.

  13. Helga said:

    I do love gratuitious chihuahua pix!
    Ha, I was thinking,O,there’s that bag when I saw you mentioned it was my fave!!! Mind reader!
    How hilarious that your thrifted outfit was to be hardly believed! I just can’t figure how people don’t realise they can buy a whole outfit for less than they normally pay just for a top! Let that be a lesson to them!

  14. I never can find decent used stuff at our local Salvation Army even though it is a big one. I go to the one in Manassas VA. Love your outfit looks terrific on you. Your dog is so cute.

  15. All great outfits, but the last one! Yes Echoing everyone, fabulous. The print, the proportions, the colors! Is it terrible that I love it because it is something I’d totally wear?

    Thrifting has definitely been bad in my area since fall began. Most of my new-to-blog is stuff I thrifted over the summer. I did score a major ebay win this weekend though.

  16. Yeah! I agree. What’s up with the thrift stores? I went last Sunday and found only 2 things. That’s been happening a lot lately.
    The Diva’s cand corn dress is divine!

  17. I love pictures of style bloggers’ four-leggeds.

    I love your business wear for the on site meeting, and that you are helping make public areas more accessible to everyone. I work with many catastrophically injured people, and know how important it is to accommodate them at home and in public.

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