If it weren’t for having to deal with the crazy….

….My job would be fabulous!  Hello Blogland and Hallelujah it’s HUMP DAY!!! Boy am I glad this is my 4 day week because my co-workers are plucking my last nerve!!

I’ve been soothing my frazzled nerves by immersing myself in creating some stuff!!! I had a bag of old jewelry with several pairs of clip-on earrings which I’ve converted to pierced ones. I’m really starting to groove on wearing button/post earrings as opposed to dangly ones.  Less business with layers, scarves and other jewelry. Here’s my craft table under seige:

Todays outfit involved another pair of the pants I redid over the weekend.  The blouse is actually not orange but more of a dark coral red. It’s by Foxcroft and I thrifted it new last week for $2!!! I was introduced to Foxcroft by the fab Pam at Over50feeling40. She has recommended the brand on her site and I knew when I saw it that it would be excellent quality. a couple of my male coworkers complimented me on the outfit. I work with almost all male engineers and they are not known for their fashion sense nor their powers of style observation so when they notice I know the outfit hit a home-run!!

Outfit is all via Goodwill except shoes which are Thom McCans from Kmart

Here’s a close-up of the pants tiny houndstooth pattern and the vintage earrings I wore today. The pants are some kind of polyester suiting fabric and they stayed nice and crisp looking all day.

I’m on a sewing mission to get cracking on some projects I’ve had in the to-do bin for Christmas. They involve Santa’s, moons, a goose and a cow. LOLOLOL

Everyone have a wonderful evening and I’ll see y’all later this week!!



  1. I think you win the blogger award for best dam smile EVER!!!!!! I love your craft area and I have to say I have one almost just like in my living room that I love! I sell industrial video equipment so I talk to engineers all day and boy did they get skipped when personalities were being handed out, not all but most so I feel ya sister!

    I like the bright red shirt with the houndstooth slacks. Nice work on the ear rings too, I rarely wear dangly for the same reason!

  2. LOVE that craft table – what a great space! And you look gorgeous in that lovely outfit – the shirt looks red on my monitor. I have several clip on earrings that I need to convert to pierced… I wonder if I will ever get around to it! Sarah xxx

  3. Vix said:

    That shirt is gorgeous, no wonder you even got the male co-workers commenting, you look amazing! Your craft table looks so enticing! xxx

  4. You look so damn happy! That smile is exactly what i needed this morning. The blouse looks great on you and the length is perfect. I too have ton’s of vintage clip earrings and should hustle the man to take me to the craft store for posts and glue. Hummmmmmmm dr appt this afternoon 10 min from craft store. We’ll see.
    The little one is great and already a month old. I truly can’t wait to see him and the rest of the crew. Hopefully they will make an appearance during the holiday’s.
    Have a great week and thanks for stopping by!

  5. Pretty, pretty earrings! You look terrific, and of course, I’m thrilled you are all GW Boutique.

    I have one thrifted no-iron Foxcroft blouse I’ve worn on the blog. I even submitted it to the Foxcroft site I love it so much 🙂

  6. pastcaring said:

    What a fabulously bright shirt, I love it! You look so smart and chic and gorgeous, and I agree with Krista that you have a megawatt smile!
    It always makes me laugh, what outfits people comment on. I often find the ones I like the best are the ones which get the side-eye!
    You have a great craft table, all the better to create on! xxxxx

  7. The shirt is so so gorgeous! I love all the bold colors you wear. Interested in seeing some of your sewing projects. I even managed to squeeze in a few DIYs myself this week.

  8. fabulous…….you brighten up any dull damp October day!!!

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