Makeover Monday and Raspberry Chocolate Inspiration

Hello Blogland!!! Hope the start to the week is going well for everyone!! I’ve got meetings galore this week so fun fun fun!!

I had an appointment with my endocrinologist today. (LOVE her!!) Good news is the diabetes is super under control and my HBA1c is in the normal range, my cholesterol numbers are fabulous, and my kidney function tests are normal. The bad news is I am evidently severely Vitamin D and Vitamin B-12/B Complex deficient-even with taking supplements. I’m not absorbing them so I’ll need to take them sublingually (under the tongue. Getting them back in order may help with the craptastic fibro pain.

Now to the Raspberry Chocolate part of the post! A co-worker said that was what my outfit reminded him of!!! I’m wearing one of my DIY fix the crotch-length pants I spoke of yesterday. This definitely is the answer-I used to redo the crotch seams but often that would leave the zipper in such a position that I could unzip and pee without even taking the pants down!! Not a good look. Taking off the waistband, removing the zipper and making a new elastic waist seems to preserve the proportions and drape of the pants.

The whole outfit is courtesy of the Goodwill!!!

A couple of comments asked if her Divaness had a cowgirl outfit to match my western themed outfit I posted yesterday. Not yet–she requires one that is more Rhinestone Cowgirl than regular cowgirl! My mom asked if I was going to buy her a pumpkin outfit for Halloween. I happened to have her on speakerphone and Kae was on my lap at the time. I SWEAR she understood what my mom said because she shot the phone a dirty look. AS IF she would go out in public dressed like a large round vegetable.She has her image to maintain!

And now on to the Makeover part of this post!! I love using thrifted sheets for projects. You can get a nice wide amount of fabric on the cheap. I’ve made costumes from thrifted sheets for plays. I have a couple stashed away now that will become summer skirts!

Curtains is one of my favorite things to make-including shower curtains from sheets. The guest room curtains below were made from a full flat sheet and two pillowcases (the lower tier). It only cost me $2!!

The Craft Palace curtains are a combo of thrifted red gingham fabric for the lower tier and a vintage sheet for the upper tier. The vintage sheet had damage in the center but I was able to salvage the gorgeous scalloped edges with bias trim.

Remember this office chair I picked off the side of the road and stuffed in my little car? Nice and sturdy and UGLY!!

I found a full flat and fitted sheet set at the Mission Thrift for $3-the print reminded me of Mary Engelbreit and matched the Craft Palace “decor” perfectly!

I took some measurements, made some sketches and cut out a pattern for a seat cover. I lined the sheet fabric with white sheet fabric to make it more sturdy.

A bit of sewing, some pinning and adjusting and WAH-LAH-new cover for chair!!

Now the chair doesn’t look like a big black behemoth and my cats like to fight me to lay in it. So my butt is now always covered in cat fur!!!

I’m off to play more – I just dug through a box of old bits and bobs of vintage jewelry and I feel some creating coming on!! Have a wonderful evening!

I’ll be linking up with Lakota for Tah-Dah Tuesday!



  1. Krista said:

    Your little Diva and my lil prince should hook up:). They would be too cute together! I envy you gals with mad seeing skills! I can’t believe you could fix pants like that and your curtains made of sheets are beautiful!

  2. vintagefrenchchic said:

    LOVE the bag in the first photo!! : ) So classy.

  3. The pants look great! Especially with the dark red color of the cardigan. Good job on recovering the chair. I need to be proactive and make a new cushion for the DH’s office chair.

  4. Joni said:

    I’ve used that Chocolate Raspberries expression before on Shelley’s Forest Fashionista before too. Sounds so yummy.

  5. Vix said:

    You never cease to amaze me! Those pants are fab, love the idea of peeing without removing them. maybe we should sort a copyright and sell them at Glastonbury? Ideal for festival loos!!
    The chair and curtains are amazing. I love your sash windows!! Great news about the Diabetes, too! xxxxx

  6. pastcaring said:

    Tamera, your boundless energy never ceases to amaze me! And you have such good ideas and the skills to make them happen. I am in awe!
    Too funny about the pumpkin costume for La Diva! I’m not surprised she didn’t think much of THAT idea! xxxxx

  7. Can I just say once again how impressed I am with your crafty skills? Slip covers ARE NOT the easiest thing to make, so my hat goes off to you.
    Glad your hgb A1C is in range, also not the easiest thing in the world to do, but you did!

  8. You look gorgeous, and so does your romantic chari. Aren´t you clever???

  9. Helga said:

    Raspberry and chocolate?! Delicous!!!

    Sheets are great for various projects,and that chair cover is splendiferous!!!

  10. Yay for a good checkup. I do the sublingual thing too on the same vitamins. Vit D is da bomb for your hair and nails 🙂

    Raspberry chocolate? Perfect and really lovely. I love the color and print, very luxe. I giggled at the pants thang.

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