In WordPress Limbo…..

Hello Blogland!!  How is everyone this lovely Fall evening??? I’ve been in some sort of WordPress hell the last few days. Couldn’t get into my blog, couldn’t post comments on anyone’s blogs!!! I’ve been reading and keeping up and hope I can resume commenting!!

I’ve decided to set up my own website and blog from there as opposed to using WordPress’s site. Please bear with me the next couple of weeks as I migrate myself over.  This should be a fun weekend!

Although I haven’t been able to comment, I haven’t been sitting around nekkid. Which is a scary thought in and of itself!! I have been busy creating stuff that I’ll be debuting later!! I have missed my beloved sewing machine and I am THRILLED I can pick it up all fixed and tuned up and ready to tackle some altering projects I have lined up!!

On to the clothes!! I’m happy it’s gotten cooler so the layering stuff can come out and play!

Sweater-Evan-Picone via Goodwill, Trousers-CJBanks via Goodwill, Vintage Scarf via Goodwill, Purse via Goodwill, Shoes-Clarks via Goodwill

Wednesday: Jacket-CJBanks via Goodwill, Blouse-Avenue via Goodwill, Trousers via Goodwill, Shoes-Mootsies Tootsies via Kohl’s

Thursday: Jeans via Goodwill, Cardigan-CJBanks via Goodwill, Blouse via Goodwill

I had some coupons for Michael’s Crafts and used them to buy some pendants. Add a chain and WAH-LAH new bling!!! Total cost for both was under $7!!

Steampunkish Octopuss and Queen Bee!!

Well, I’m off to read and hopefully comment on your blogs!!! See ya later this weekend!!



  1. What great fall outfits! I love the colors in your first outfit!
    Good luck with blog moving!

  2. You’ve definitely hit your stride with fall layered looks. And omg how cute is that bee pendant! Love it.

  3. You are gorgeous in every outfit! The octopus pendant is gorgeous! Sarah xxx

  4. pastcaring said:

    You are looking layered up and lovely, Tamera! You have such a great eye for colour – and bling!
    Hope your technical woes are sorted out soon. Have a great weekend! xxx

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