Owl-tastic! Owl-a-rama!!

Hello Blogland!! Hope everyone has been having a wonderful weekend. We have a work holiday today (YAY)!!I wasn’t able to post last nite as we were away and didn’t get home until late. This will be a shortish post as we are having a revival conference at church and its busy busy busy!!!! I do hospitality for the guest speakers.

I wanted tho share my owl figurine collection with you. I put them out with my fall decorations. (along with my turkey collection-to be seen later) I’ve also been trying to collect pheasant figurines for fall. I have all kinds of songbirds for spring/summer. I like birds !!!

It’s gotten cold enough to break out the boots!! It went from the 80’s to the 40’s as highs this week!

Here’s my Sunday morning outfit:

Dress-Avenue via Amazon, Vest-Goodwill, Boots-Burlington Coat Factory

I got the dress last year with points from Amazon. I was a bit leery of buying something online without trying it on but this fits perfectly! I wish it had come in other colors or prints. I’ve been on the hunt for a pair of flat brown boots (not suede) like these to no avail. It sucks when you have big feet. I like that they are scrunchy around the ankles because it helps balance my legs. I am “lucky” to be built like an orange with toothpicks (my skinny legs) stuck in it. Add to that the toothpick legs end in feet like Bozo the Clown!! The scrunhyness of the boots makes me look more grounded and proportionate.

I changed into pants for the evening session. Pulled out my “Maude” shirt! I posted about my love for Maude last year-“And then there’s Maude”

I’m linking up with Patti for Visible Monday!!  There will be no Monday Makeover post today as I’ll be out agin this evening. Y’all have a wonderful day and I’ll chat with you on Wednesday!



  1. I really, really like the dress with the vest and boots. It makes a great looking outfit. The top in the second photo is really pretty. The colors are positively yummy.

    Nice owl collection. Years ago, I collected owls. I have since gotten rid of them (too many other collections.) They are really neat birds.

  2. pastcaring said:

    Oh I do like your dress (your colours!) with the boots. You make me laugh with your orange-on-toothpicks line!
    Maude’s is a beauty too.
    I will have to show my littlest girl your owl collection, she loves them! xxxx

  3. Helga said:

    Darling,I am LOVING that frock on you!!!
    The shape,the print,the COLOURS!!! Yumcious!
    Owls!Gorgeous creatures…figurines and ornaments aren’t my bag, generally, but I can see why you would collect them.They really are rather cute!

  4. So many cute owls! I love the top right and bottom middle ones.

    Wow! That dress is lovely on you. The print, the colors! Gorgeous. I also love the print on your blouse. You really have a great eye for prints.

  5. I adore owls; those figurines are so cool.

    You look fabulous in prints. You know that print on the “Maude” shirt is one of this season’s hottest trends? You GO, girl!

  6. Childofenroth said:

    I love your blog- and love your movie start smile! Just wanted to drop in and say hello- I always look forward to your posts– and you don’t give yourself enough credit- you’re awesome!!!

  7. Vix said:

    Two stunners! Love that dress and those rock star boots and Maude’s tunic is a beauty!
    What a collection of owls, can’t wait to see the turkeys! xxx

  8. Ooh I love your gorgeous owl collection – I love birds too! You look BEAUTIFUL in that lovely frock – the colours are lovely and I really like scrunchy boots too 🙂

    Sarah xxx

  9. Tamera, you made me laugh!! Just as I was admiring the lovely dress with the boots (my obsession, too) you said something about an orange on toothpicks! I’m in the same family, but I’ve always thought of myself as an apple on toothpicks!! So we love maxi’s in the summer, shorter dresses with boots in the cooler weather, and comfortable pants the rest of the time. That way we look balanced!! I didn’t know we were cousins. You look fabulous, Dahling!! XXOO

  10. Joni said:

    Hi Tamera! Love your tunic top here in the second style photo a lot! Refined hippie style. Perfect!
    I’m a total owl lover too!

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