Puttin’ on my party clothes!!!

Hello Blogland!!! I’m doing a Saturday nite post for Sheila at Ephemera’s “Break Out Your Party Dress” birthday celebration!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY SHEILA!!!!!

I really have no fancy party clothes (just don’t have the lifestyle I guess!!) I decided to break out the 70’s vintage dress I thrifted this summer for the occasion. Unfortunately, even after hand washing and much effort-there are noticeable stains on the front bodice so the dress will become a skirt after tonite! Thankfully you can’t see them in the picture but they are really obvious in real life. Which is a bummer!!

Dress-70’s vintage thrifted, Vest-thrifted, Boots-Burlington Coat Factory, Purse-
1973 John Romain Leather and Belgian Linen via Salvation Army

A little more info on the purse. It was only $2 and had the original hang tag in the pocket with the date 10/8/73 written on it and the store it was brought in (Eyerly’s). I did a little googling about this brand.

Evidently I got a STEAL. John Romain were the “it” bags of the 60’s and early 70’s.  They are still highly collectible and can cost a fortune on Ebay. Mine is in excellent condition and as it still has its numbered hangtag it’s even more collectible.

MrBill and KaeKae also got in party mode. I pulled out MrBill’s Tshirt and dressed him up for a picture. He was less than thrilled and refused to even walk in it!!!

Mommy why are you doing this to me??

Her divaness has a new dress for fall that of course she was more than willing to prance around in! It has polka dots and candy corns on it!

When you’ve got it-flaunt it!!

Below is my weekend run around outfit. I also have the same top in light blue. The jeans are my weekend favorite ones–they have to be maybe 15 years old and are so comfy!  I’m wearing a black newsboy cap.

Top-CRDaniels via Goodwill, Jeans-Lee Riders, Ballet Flats-American Eagle via Payless, Purse via Goodwill

I dropped my sewing machine off at Wilson’s Quilt Shop for a tune-up. It’ll be about two weeks before I get it back. They do all of the repairs/etc. on-site instead of shipping them out. I’m going through withdrawal!!! LOLOLOL-not like I don’t have a million other projects to do!

Everyone have a wonderful weekend and I’ll chat with you tomorrow!!!



  1. vintagefrenchchic said:

    As soon as I saw that first picture I knew you had a John Romain…well done! I love his purses…but I don’t own one–yet. Lookin’ great, darlin’!

  2. Awww hooray for the fab vintage dress. It’ll make a gorgeous skirt. Miss Diva looks smashing in her new Halloween gear, pity Mr. Bill can’t cope with the fashionistas. One of the good parts about today was all the new doggies I got to meet! (though my allergies were less happy)

  3. pastcaring said:

    I do love that handbag, how great that you got such a quality piece at a bargain price.
    Oh that’s a shame about the dress, but it will look fantastic as a skirt.
    Mr. Bill does NOT look happy, he’s obviously a dress-down kinda guy… La Diva, on the other hand, looks very happy to strut her stuff!
    And you look gorgeous in your casual running around clothes, red really suits you. Have I seen you in jeans before? I’m not sure I have, and you are rocking them! xxxxx

  4. Shybiker said:

    Pretty party dress. And the bag is lovely. It’s nice to see people join Sheila’s birthday celebration.

    Your doggies are so cute!

  5. Helga said:

    Poor baby Mr Bill!!! He looks really quite ashamed! Lucky her Divaness is making up for his lack of party spirit!
    You’ve got that blue bag I love out again!The other bag is pretty awesome,as is the frock.Shame about the stains!And you didn’t make them?!

  6. Vix said:

    What a fab dress! I know you’ll make it into an equally fantastic skirt in no time, you sewing genius! That bag is a stunner, you can tell it’s a posh one!
    Mr Bill looks most embarrassed, unlike his diva sister!
    LOve that vibrant tomato red on you. xxxxxxx

  7. Oh how I covet the 1973 bag. It IS a steal.

    Mr. Bill, bless your heart, you don’t look like fashion blogging is your thing at all!

    You look so pretty. That bright red sweater with jeans is gorgeous. Sorry about your vintage dress. I hate getting things home and discovering blemishes, even after carefully checking things in the store.

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