A year has passed……..

Hello Blogland!!! How is everyone doing?? I just got over a lovely stomach virus. Let’s just say yesterday’s ensemble was suitable for spending lots of “quality” time in the bathroom and leave it at that!!

Today is a somewhat bittersweet day. My Dad passed away last year on this date after a long illness. I know he’s in a far better place but it seems so odd that he isn’t here. He was so looking forward to our daughter’s (his only granddaughter by his biological children) wedding and all.  He was an avid gardener, quite a brilliant character and I truly miss him every day.

Charles “Tim” Ferguson
September 18, 1935-October 4, 2011
I miss you Dad!

Ah well, onto more cheery things. The hubster finally got the other shelves up in the Craft Palace so I could display my vintage sewing stuff and my awesomecakes vintage Sears & Roebucks Merry Mushrooms canister set. All I  need is the napkin holder and I’ll have completed the whole set-creamer& sugar, salt & pepper and canisters.These go for a ridiculous price in antique shops and Ebay. I found the whole pristine set of canister at a thrift for $5!!!  They are just SO retro 70’s tack-tastic!!

The other side of the room has shelves with my figural planter collection. I do love me some tacky planters!! Now they are getting expensive because they are “collectible” and “cool”. UGH!!

Megan of MeganMaeDaily asked to see a close-up of the embroidery on the jacket I wore Tuesday. Ask and ye shall receive!! It a gorgeous design and it’s on one lower front panel. one sleeve and on the shoulder onto the back.

Todays outfit was still in the Teal/Aqua Theme with a bit of lime green!! I was able to fix the shoes that gave me a fit last week. I removed the original elastic straps (which were round elastic) and replaced it with flat black elastic. All those years of sewing elastic and ribbons on my daughter’s ballet shoes paid off!!!  They were like wearing bedroom slippers today!!

Sweater via Goodwill, Top via Goodwill, Striped Jeans via Goodwill, Shoes-Naturalizer via Goodwill & DIY

I have been trying to personally answer every comment you wonderful folks leave here. I’ll still answer questions as they come up personally if needed but life is going to go into overdrive with the holiday’s and such the next few weeks.  Please don’t be offended if I don’t answer back. I so enjoy chatting with everyone!I’m TRYING to keep from going crazy and it’s a short trip as it is!! Of course I’ll still be visiting and commenting on your spectacular blogs!!

Busy Busy weekend ahead!! Gotta take the sewing machine to the shop for its tune-up in prep for the holidays!! And check out the thrifts while I’m in town for goodies! Plus I need to get together my party outfit for Sheila of Ephemera’s cyber birthday party!!

See y’all later this weekend!!



  1. Your Dad was a fine looking man, and looks like he was full of good cheer. My thoughts are with you today. It’s been nine years since my dad dies, and I still miss him every day.

    Great mic of greens and denim in your outfit! And did you get your hairs cut? Cute!

  2. Big hugs to you, Tamera! I know you miss him terribly.
    Your sewing skills impresses the heck out of me….oh, how I wish. Don’t you ever worry about responding to comments. I come b/c I think you’re so cool and funny. 🙂

  3. Vix said:

    Sending you lots of love and hugs, it does get easier but the anniversaries are very poignant,
    Love those retro cannisters, what a huge collection. How lucky to find them and what a bargain they were!
    I couldn’t comment on your last post, the gremlins wouldn’t make the comment box pop up so just saying you rock teal, it’s such a fabulous colour on you and your legs look so long and fabulous in those trousers!
    Don’t worry, real life gets in the way of our on-line life sometimes and I still love you weather you reply or not! xxxx

  4. It sounds bad to agree you look great for spending quality time with The Porcelain Goddess, so I’ll go with that is a very pretty but comfortable looking ensemble 🙂 You are rockin’ the teal. I hope you feel much better today.

    Thanks for sharing your collectibles. No way I could display any collectibles on open shelves, because of Sasha Jane, the kitteh I share with my Sister-in-Cat, Megan 😮

    Your dad sounds amazing.

  5. Aww, sorry you were feeling under the weather. Hope you’re feeling better now. THanks for the close up shot of the embroidery! Gorgeous. Take it easy and relax. Life gets crazy this time of year.

  6. Yes, you are busy!! And like Vix said, no worries- we love you!! I adore your green work space with the shelving. Have a wonderful weekend.

  7. pastcaring said:

    Hope you are feeling better, Tamera. So sad to lose a beloved parent, I know you will have many many happy memories of your dad.
    You look so fabulous in those colours, and I am in awe of your collecting skills!
    You don’t have to reply to us every time, that must be so time-consuming. Just read and feel the love! xxxxx

  8. 50 and counting said:

    It’s a sad day when fathers die. Mine has been gone since the end of 2000. I miss him.

    I’ll keep any eye out for that napkin holder, I remember seeing them all over the place for a while.

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