Welcome to Teal & Aqua Week!!!

Hello Blogland!!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful week so far!! I’m glad this is my 4 day week and I have off next Monday so 4 day weekend!! YAY!!!

I’ve decided that this is Teal & Aqua Week. I didn’t plan it this way but so far I’ve worn those colors every day and will be wearing them tomorrow so I thought–let’s make it a week!! They are my fav colors and I’m always looking for stuff in them!

I hadn’t worn the jacket I wore Monday since last spring and it’s now a bit big! WhooHoo!! I decided to alter it with some darts so last nite I removed the bottom band so I can fix it. It’s a fairly easy  job and will make it hang better.


  1. Helga said:

    Sweets,you can wear aqua and teal all you want,they suit your gorgie skin so well!
    Love the pussy bow first pic! XXX

  2. pastcaring said:

    I can see why you love the colours, they suit you so beautifully. That first outfit is bursting with gorgeous colour and prettiness, you look delicious! xxx

  3. Judy said:

    Your sweater is gorgeous. Teal week. Yes. Great idea.

  4. Oh, I love the pretty pops of print and color in that first photo. You look terrific in teal and blues. I’m wearing mostly teal today, too. It’s a happy color 🙂

  5. Woo! Hooray for fabulous colors! I accidentally joined you for your aqua/teal week today. I adore the second jacket, would love to see a close up of the details.

  6. Yay – I love those beautiful colours too – that floral jacket is CRAZY GORGEOUS!!! Sarah xxx

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