Someday my grandchild won’t be wearing a flea collar….

Hello Blogland!! Hope everyone is having a fantabulous weekend!!! I managed to get the vegetable garden cleaned up for the winter!!! WHEW! I had about 25 small eggplants/courgettes that I oven roasted and froze for yummy stuff later!!I mentioned to my Mom about letting my hair go silver . Remember I had grey hair before she did.  She had a FIT!!! LOL-because me having grey hair will make her look older!!!

Our daughter came up to visit today with some pants for me to hem. She never did catch on to the sewing while at home.  Our son-in-law was busy with homework so he didn’t come along this time. she brought along our furry chihuahua grandchild-Noelle. She will be 1-year-old next Saturday. MrBill absolutely adores her and they play together. Her Divaness gave her the side-eye and stomped off to the bathroom to pout. It’s all about her 24/7!!

Here’s a picture of Julie and Noelle:

Here are all the furry babies together. Her Highness got up and left right after I snapped the picture.

Friday was one of those “Hey I’m out of bed and dressed-what more do you want?” kind of days.  I got a red shirt ( it looks layered but is one piece) like this last spring and when I spotted it in blue recently I snagged it. This is my weekend wear-it’s easy to throw together and looks nice. I always got tons of compliments on the red  top and this blue one proved no different!! The wet spots are water I spilled down myself right before I took my picture. SO graceful am I at 5:30am!!

Top=CRDaniels via Goodwill, Jeans-Lee Rider via Walmart, Shoes-ThomMccan via Kmart

Sunbdays outfit was inspired by the wonder Pam at over50feeling40!  As soon as I saw this outfit I saved a picture of it in my inspiration file. I had similar pieces so I wanted to try it out! Here is Pam in her fabulous outfit:Here I am in my rendition. I had loads of compliments today about it. Everyone liked the mossy/forest green with leopard and many commented they would’ve never put those colors together. Thank you Pam for the seeds of an outfit I will definitely wear again!

Blazer-CJBanks via goodwill, Top-JonesNewYork via Goodwill, Pants-Lee Rider via Walmart, Shoes-Clarks via Goodwill, Purse via Goodwill

I was going to change out my red purse but I really liked it with this outfit for a pop of color. The shoes were brand new for only $3!!! For CLARKS!!

I’m linking up with Patti for Visible Monday! There will be no monday Makeover this week as I have the Town Council meeting tomorrow nite. See y’all Tuesday!



  1. LOL at the doggie politics! Great picture too, and your daughter is so lovely. Thanks for sharing your fabulous outfits with Visible Monday, you are a treasure.

  2. Well, I am honored, Tamera…but I have to say, I like your look better than mine!! I like the fitted jacket and the length of your top!! Great job and thank you for your kind words!

  3. LOVE the outfit with the leopard print. And you are so right: that colorful bag makes it sing.

  4. Kim,USA said:

    That is my favorite print so far this season. You look gorgeous!


  5. Helga said:

    Great deal on the Clarks!!!
    I love the leopard and mossy green together too! I wouldn’t have thought of that combo either!
    I am just enchanted at The Diva’s behaviour….the little precious!!! Peepers gets like that if Humpers is on my lap, but I’m sure she doesn’t quite flick her tail as well as the Diva would.She does a pretty mean side eye though!
    I spill food,liquid and toothpaste on my person regularly.Always have.Just too eager to stuff things in my mouth, I guess! XXX

  6. I now have two of those fur-grandkids, too! I’m kinda ready for the real thing tho.
    Love your green & leopard outfit!
    Julie is gorgeous, btw!

  7. Vix said:

    Your daughter and little Noelle are gorgeous!!! Look at the pooches chilling out together, it makes me all warm inside!!!
    Love how gorgeous you look in leopard print, it works brilliantly with the mossy green! xxxxxxx

  8. I LOVE this outfit…the colors are so pretty…and it reminds me that I want to get a leopard top! I have a leopard skirt and I love it. You’re looking great!

    Cindy at Notes in the Key of Life
    I’m giving away a beautiful Soft Surroundings top!

  9. vintagefrenchchic said:

    I adore Clarks…cute shoes, great find. I also love that leopard top.

  10. pastcaring said:

    Furry grandchildren are much cheaper! Your daughter and her chihuahua baby are gorgeous, how cute that Mr Bill loves Noelle but La Diva is unimpressed!
    I spill stuff down me ALL the time, it’s embarrassing…
    Love the green/leopard print combo, you look great! xxxx

  11. Fabulous leopard with the green jacket! Too cute. I see clarks in my local goodwill all the time – they’re never in my size though. I keep trying! They’re really comfortable shoes.

    In my family we call that a “drinking problem” – lol! I spill stuff on my shirt all the time. It’s much worse if I’m cooking. I tend to lean against the sink and get water on my shirt.

  12. Your grandchild is adorable, no doubt a human one will be along before you know it.
    I’ve just started getting gray hairs and I’ve made up my mind that when I need to start dying it, I will, but at age 60. I’m going to let it do whatever it wants to.
    Leopard and green…I like.

  13. This is a beautiful combination. I must do that leopard and forest green thing now too! I think the bag looks great with it too.

  14. I really like the leopard combo. That color combo is one I wouldn’t have thought of, but wow, it is great looking.
    Critters are funny about what other critters they like. FarLeyJoE and Harry have never been buddies. Yet Harry adores a male standard poodle that gets walked down our street.

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