Soon to be a silver fox…..

Hello Blogland!!! I hope everyone has been having a faboo week!!! It’s been pretty quiet here on the menopausal runway! Trying to get the never-ending mending pile done. Now I have a pile of hubster’s dress pants to alter. All of the waistbands need to come out an inch-reality has set in and he realizes he was way too thin! (Like I’ve ever had THAT problem-LOL) Thankfully I spent a few months working in the alteration department of a high-end custom suit manufacturer many years ago. (Friend worked there and they needed someone only temp while another was out on medical leave.) I learned loads about alterations and sewing working on $2000+ suits (in 1985 dollars!!)

On to the fashion parade. Monday’s outfit involved pattern mixing and got some raised eyebrows from the sartorially challenged at work. The pants are a navy and white pinstripe and the blouse is a navy and white mini gingham. I liked how they worked together. The blouse is Basic Editions via Kmart. I LOVE it–got it 3 years ago and brought one in every color (hot pink check, navy check & aqua check) They fit well, wear well and wash well. At  $12.99 on sale they’ve been worth every penny! Actually Kmart’s line Basic Editions has some nice stuff. I need to see if they have these fitted poplin blouses in any colors I NEED this fall!! I scored the navy Capezio flats never worn at Goodwill for $3! They are like wearing bedroom slippers comfortable!! I’m also sporting a navy, white and raspberry buttonflower by MeganMae on my shirt collar.

Pants and cardigan-Goodwill, blouse-Kmart, Shoes-NEW Capezio flats via Goodwill for $3!!!  Vintage Cherub on pearl pendant-thrifted

Tuesdays outfit was my Ode to Autumn ensemble!! It’s the most wonderful time of the year!! The outfit is all thrifted! The necklaces are vintage carved bone. I thrifted the Clarks wedge mary-janes(can’t see the strap) unworn last spring for $3!! I’m wearing a gorgeous beaded bracelet gifted by the amazing Vix!

Jacket & pants-CJBanks, Top-JonesNewYork, Shoes-Clarks
Everything is thrifted

On Wednesday I broke out another pair of the shoes I thrifted last weekend. They are never-worn Naturalizer ballet flats. They are so soft but the little piece of elastic-while not too tight, came across one of my Fibromyalgia Tenderpoints (these are places where the nerves get jumbled and irritated and cause pain or weird muscle contractions) It made my toes like cramp and curl weird all day. I’ve been studying the shoes and I think I may be able to remedy it. And if not-oh well $3!

Trousers-Goodwill, Cardigan-Mission Thrift, Top-Kohls

And now to the silver fox part of the post. I’ve been going grey since I was 15. I had grey hair before my mom did!! Both my sister and I take after our dad who was snow-white by age 25. Nothing cool like that for me (more blotchy and scattered) so hair color has been my friend for many a year. I’ve been red, platinum, dark brown, you name it, through the years. I’ve been seriously considering just letting it go natural and doing some research into that.

I absolutely adore the stunning Jamie Lee Curtis! She’s my age and has aged naturally and beautifully. AND she got to have a romance on NCIS with my TV Boyfriend Mark-lucky woman!!! This is my inspiration:

Love the haircut, love the color!!! I talked with my hairdresser about it and she told me by the look of my very visible roots that I am probably %100 silver now!!  We’ve developed a transition plan for the next 6 months. I start using the wash out in 24 shampoos color in the interim as it grows out. We are also going to keep it cut in a pixie like Jamie Lee’s to help the process.  I’m going to have fun with the temporary colors and maybe do a bright red or dark chocolate. Why not??

Here’s the debut of the new spiked ‘do!! It’s easy to maintain and style in the morning. Got a lot of compliments on it today!

Trousers-Thrifted, Top-Kohls, Cardigan-Thrifted, Purse-Thrifted, Choker-Thrifted, Pendant-Vix, Shoes-Payless

The pants are a glen plaid with a thin stripe of burgundy/oxblood. I had a gift certificate to Kohl’s and found the ruffly tank top on sale in the burgundy color. I brought the same top in black and dark coral orange at the beginning of summer and I loved them for layering. Fancier then a plain tank and the ruffles camouflage all the bumps and lumps. I also got one in a beautiful teal blue.  I planned on wearing a pair of dark brown Bandolino booties I thrifted new last spring but I was still having the Fibro cramping pain issues in my toes so my trust Payless loafers came out. They are almost like orthopedic shoes in comfort.

I am linking up for the Burgundy Party at Everything Just So and The Rich Life On A Budget. I managed towear it twice this week!!

Off to watch XFactorUS!!!! Chat with y’all on Sunday!!



  1. 50 and counting said:

    Uhm, Mark is mine! The SilverFoxx is probably the most lusted after man on TV.

    The Capezio’s look lovely. I remember pink capezio ballet shoes from my youth.

  2. pastcaring said:

    I love you in colour, so the autumnal outfit and the pink ‘n’ paisley are my faves.
    And I LOVE the new shorter hair, it really suits you. Short and sassy, just like you! I’ll follow your hair journey with interest, I am increasingly grey and wondering whether to keep colouring for ever or stop at some point… Tricky, but seeing Jamie Lee Curtis makes me realise grey looks fabulous too!
    Have a lovely weekend, Tamera. xxxx

  3. I am loving your bright ass orang jacket and the one below t with all the purples, I bet you are the brightest ray of sunshine where you work. Thanks goodness for people like you that brighten up the workplace!

    My Mom kept dying her hair a flesh color I have no idea why we finally had a talk because her Mom, my G-ma, had the prettiest head of silver/white hair ~ After years of the flesh color dye my Mom let her hair go natural and it’s fabulous! I think you will look amazing like this and to enjoy the transformation is even better.

  4. Vix said:

    You look fantastic in every outfit but my favourite has to be the orange combo, like Curtise, you positively rock that colour! You are a poster girl for looking fabulous (but appropriative) in the work place!!!
    Jaime Lee Curtise’s hair is gorgeous (but honesty I think you look much younger), I can so see you with the same pixie cut and trying out the silver fox look. You wear so much colour it’s not like you’d ever look drab or invisible. xxxx

  5. Love the fabulous burgundy look. Can’t wait to see how your hair develops. My mom refuses to let her hair go natural, but she has the prettiest silver shade of hair.

  6. I love all your fall outfits! Hope you share how you remedy your tight shoe problem. I’m always trying to find the “perfect” shoes, you know the ones, they feel like house slippers but look like dress shoes. 🙂

    I look forward to following your hair journey. You’ll be a knock-out with that natural sunny smile, naturally young face, and natural silver hair!

  7. infopubs said:

    I can’t wait to see how your silver strands grow out! I love my gray hair, and I hope you’ll love yours, too.

  8. Dawn said:

    Cute hair! I quit coloring about 6 months ago… and got a super short pixie cut to get the rest of the color off, and it was the best thing I’d done in a long time. Good for you!

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