Makeover Monday!!! Popcorn tins and spray paint!

Hello Blogland!! Welcome to another Makeover Monday where I share how I remake and refashion thrifted stuff! The ugliest thing can always have potential to be amazing with a little imagination!

Today I’m sharing how I used some spray paint to make accessories for my kitchen. I painted and “redecorated” last fall on a BUDGET!! Thrifted stuff and spray paint were my weapons of choice.

This time I used my second favorite spray paint color-Rustoleum 2X in Colonial Red. I also added some black dry brushing from an ancient can I had lying around.

First up was the island. I thrifted this new in the box for $20. I had priced similar ones for $150+. Yeah-that wasn’t happening.

There’s a hilarious story behind it. I got it at a yard sale two sisters were having. They had moved their parents over a year ago into a senior apartment. They told me their folks had so much stuff it took them 3 months after moving to clear the house out to sell. A year later they find a key to a storage unit at their parents new apartment. A HUGE storage unit they knew nothing about. One sister said when they rolled the door up she started crying and the other started cussing!!

The unit was STUFFED with boxes of random things like neatly folded plastic grocery bags, butter tubs, knick-knacks, clothing. Seems their parents had gotten it during the moving process and had been squirreling even more crap away in it. The sister’s were cleaning it out and praying there wasn’t any more secret storage units! Evidently their parents had brought this island which wouldn’t have fit in their apartment. Sister #1 said it was probably on sale and her parents can’t resist the magic words!! LOLOLOL

Anyway–I got it for $20!! It was supposed to be white but I spray painted and dry-brushed all the parts before I assembled it. I added some trim and beadboard I had on the back as the backer board was really flimsy. As I was assembling it I found one door too warped to use so I made a curtain which works much better!!!

I have this really odd space over my pantry that begged for SOMETHING. The ceiling is sloped and you can’t put anything too heave up there. Plus it’s not easy to access. I saw these cool large tins online for a ridiculous price (like $50 EACH) I got to thinking-hey I can do that!! I collected a bunch of popcorn and other tins at thrifts and yard sales for pennies. I sprayed the tops black and the bottoms Colonial Red and dry-brushed them. I then printed some vintage French labels off from The Graphics Fairy (FREE) on some antique looking paper and antiqued it up even more. Some spray glue and WAH-LAH–fancy tins for a FRACTION of the cost (I think it came to maybe $5 total for all of them!)

As I was on a roll with the red spray paint I spiffed up some odds and ends I thrifted to continue the “theme”.

The canisters at the top (there are 4) were disgustingly FILTHY. It took a lot of scrubbing to even discover there was copper punched panels. One was missing the lid-but I decided to stack them on top of the cabinets to fill in the space so I only used the smallest lid anyway.  Bertha & Beulah are vintage toaster covers that now sit on a thrifted bookstand.  The red & white stove and washing machine on the red shelf are vintage salt & pepper shaker sets. The teapot lamp was the most hideous fake gold mess-but for $1 it had potential. Some paint, re-wiring and a new shade covered in a vintage feedsack dot brought it to new life!

I love to cook and have a ridiculous amount of utensils. I had them in a crock but it was overflowing! I found this wooden CD/Cassette holder for $1. Painted it and turned it on its side and it’s the perfect way to organize my toys!

I also collect shaped cutting boards. I needed a way to corral the herd and keep them accessible. I found this shelf and re-did it to sit on the counter. It originally hung on the wall and had this hideous fake stained glass insert of a goose with mauve and slate blue accents (SO tacky 80’s country) I just popped it on out!

I hope you’ve enjoyed Makeover Monday!!!!

I’m linking up with Lakota’s TAH-DAH Tuesday!!

I’ll be back Thursday with some outfit posts!! Tomorrow nite I have an appointment with my TV boyfriend Mark Harmon and the season premier of NCIS!!! Hubba hubba!!



  1. vintagefrenchchic said:

    All of it is so cute. You did a great job on that island…definitely has more of a vintage feel to it now that spanking new white would have had.

  2. Linda said:

    Really cute ideas! thanks for sharing.

  3. Vix said:

    $20!!! No way! I absolutely love that island and what you did to it. Hoorah for hoarders. Your kitchen rocks, loving the cannisters and the huge heap of utensils. I’ve never seen toaster covers before , yours are kitsch-tastic!
    Oh, yeah, Mark Harmon, the silver fox…enjoy! xxxx

  4. Wow! Are you kidding me? You are a genius!
    I love what you did with tin cans! Girly, you need to come over and teach me “how to’s!” I could save so much $!

  5. Dori said:

    Really awesome makeovers! You’ve inspired me!

  6. pastcaring said:

    Great makeovers, Tamera. Love the copper panels on those canisters, and the island is fabulous. You are so full of ideas and energy, you put me to shame! xxxx

  7. Helga said:

    O,Tamera, you are a clever sausage!!! Fabulously inspiring! I love,especially,what you did with that island and the tins, and the unit for your toys is awesome! I too have loads of toys; they fill a couple of drawers, and G is swears and throws them about when he’s trying to find what he wants…a unit like that would be fab for us, except we have flies here in Summer, and they’re next to impossible to keep out.Unless I can persuade G to put in a screen door?? hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
    Food for thought!

  8. Beryl said:

    You are one clever woman! I love all the stuff you did. Especially clever way to keep all the kitchen tools accessible. (For a second I thought I had finally found someone with more cooking utensiles than I have – and then I glanced over at my wall of hooks.) Thanks for the great pictures!

  9. Tamera, I. am. positively. amazed! Can we please get together some weekend and you help me spiff up a few odd spaces I have or just give me your thoughts on what can be done?
    Love the shaped cutting boards. I’ll be on the look out for those for you.

  10. All of these ideas are so fabulous! You make me wish I had my own kitchen right now. And a can of spray paint. ;P

  11. Wow! These are all amazing – you are so clever! I especially LOVE the teapot lamp (polkadots!!!) and your island renovation is fantastic! Sarah xxx

  12. Great to have you on Ta-dah Tuesday, thanks for linking up. You are WAY more productive than me, all your projects turned out brilliantly. That CD holder turned utensil holder is just the kind of thing I love!

  13. Sheila said:

    Tamera, you are so talented! I love how you’ve thrifted and created these works of art!

  14. Susan said:

    you’re so creative and talented! i cant for the life of me know how to spray paint properly but you did a fab job! love the result of the island, the tins and especially the cute teapot lamp with polkadot shade and what a story too about the island! i’m blog hopping from ta dah tuesday.

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