Vintage 60’s fashion…..1860’s that is!!

Hello Blogland!! What a glorious weekend this has been!!! It is the 150th anniversary of the Civil War Battle of Antietam/Sharpsburg. We’ve had a huge festival going on and I’m plumb tuckered out experiencing it all. I’m lucky to live in Sharpsburg proper so my car has been garaged since Friday. We’ve had 10’s of thousands of visitors here this weekend.

The Diva has been in her glory. Everytime I take her out people stop and exclaim over her. She of course obliges by posing. I think she’s had her picture taken by tourists at leat a dozen times so far. She loved to stand on the front porch and hold court. Little Ham!!!!!

Tiered jersey polka-dot dress with chiffon sash by Lulupink via Ross

There will be no outfit photo’s of me in this post. My ensemble for both days was fairly generic-jeans, sneakers, long sleeve T, hat and cloth crossbody bag.

I want to highlight some of the fashionable ladies I saw in Civil War period garb. There were loads of living history exhibits and re-enactors. These folk strive to be as historically accurate as possible in their garb.

A stunning couple in period garb. Her outfit is AMAZING close-up.

A darling little girl in typical children’s clothing

Can you imagine how HOT and miserable it would’ve been wearing outfits like that in the summer with no AC??  They have many layers underneath the dress.

Layer #1-Crotchless drawers, stocking, garter and knee-length chemise
Layer #2-Corset, under petticoat (may be 2 petticoats)
Layer #3- 2 more petticoats and crinoline (hoops), dress
Layer#4- aprons, shawls, coats.

The dresses were made of calico printed cotton. Fancier dresses would be silk . Often they had dresses made of wool for winter. The shoes were generally leather ankle boots. Often they accessorized their dresses with collars and cuffs that were crocheted lace or thin lawn cotton.  A lady never went out without gloves and a hat!!  They would wear cotton bonnets around the farm.

Below are some pictures of other outfits seen at the festival. Almost all had exquisite hand tucking or lacework or embellished with bias trim or ribbon.

I will be devoting my posts this week to sharing the festival with y’all. I have maybe 200+ pictures to collate and organize. It was truly moving and mesmerizing to see such a significant episode in American History come to life!!

I’m hooking up with Patti for Visible Monday and Monday Mingle as a tribute to the women who sacrified so much for our country aiding the troops during the Civil War.

Stop back tomorrow for more pictures and a little bit of a history lesson!!



  1. So much fun…thank you for taking us there and sharing the ladies with us. Though I think it would be fun to wear the dresses…I am so glad we still do not…they look really hot!

  2. How beautiful everyone looks! I can’t wait to see more pictures. This sounds like an incredible festival with some really good people watching.

  3. Gracie O said:

    Fantastic! I love costume events. We have Dickens on the Strand in Galveston every Christmas. We see some great costumes there too. I especially love the bagpipe band in their kilts.

  4. Fabulous photo essay, Tamera. I can see I am a total wimp for being flustered by a simple lack of A/C last weekend – at least I could frolic around in a sundress! These costumes are amazing, and your little princess is too cute.

  5. Marci said:

    Oh, how beautiful! Thank you for all the great photos… especially of everyone’s favorite chihuahua! -Marci

  6. Sheila said:

    That’s amazing! I love period costumes. Looking forward to your other pictures!

  7. Beryl said:

    Those are great pictures and I look forward to more. You are so right that Living History teaches a lot about what our ancestors lived through. Even just how people dressed made a difference in what they would do.

  8. Ms Kai Kai is adorable.
    Thank you for sharing such wonderful pictures with us. I bet it was an exciting weekend.

  9. Vix said:

    What effort these people put into their outfits, they look splendid but of course, Miss Kae Kae takes the biscuit with her natural style and cuteness! That kind of layering is more suitable for an English Summer than one of yours, I bet the wearers loose a stack of weight whenever they dress up! xxx

  10. pastcaring said:

    The work in those clothes is amazing, don’t they all look fabulous? So many layers, despite the heat – just imagine trying to get that lot washed, dried and pressed, no wonder laundering was nothing like as frequent then as it is now!
    Your little Diva obviously stole the show, even though she wasn’t in period dress!

  11. Helga said:

    How totally wonderful it all is!
    That Diva! SQUEEE! I want to squeeze her until the juice comes out!!!

  12. What a cool looking festival. I guess layering isn’t new after all! Hope you had fun and can’t wait for more pics.

  13. These clothes look really amazing. Not to mention realistic. I always wondered If it’s possible to find clothes like this in the vintage or antique shops. Lately, I’ve been checking vintage shops in Toronto, but I found nothing that would resemble the old historic costumes, especially from the civil war.

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