The excitement factor is kinda low….

Hello Blogland!! Wow has the weather been phenomenal here in Maryland this week!! ALMOST makes up for the sucktastic summer we had.

Traffic is starting to pick up as people are coming into the area for the 150th anniversary of the Antietam Battle this weekend. I plan on parking my car after work tomorrow until Monday!!

I tried something a bit new for Wednesdays outfit. I got a stretchy black belt at the Goodwill and thought I’d wear it over my cardigan. It looked GREAT but drove me crazy as it pulled my maxi up from the bottom so it was too blousy in the front. Good thing I had a camisole on or the gals would’ve been out and proud!!

Cardi-thrifted, Maxi-Ross, Purse- Kmart, Shoes-Ross

Thursday’s outfit garnered several compliments. Totally thrifted except the shoes!!! I just snagged them at Kohl’s on sale with a coupon for $5!!!! Black ballet flats are always useful in a wardrobe!!! These even have patent toe caps so I am trendy-LOL. The bracelets are both vintage.

I picked what is probably the last of the tomatoes, pepper, and eggplants tonite. It will soon be time to put the garden to bed under a nice blanket of manure for the winter. It’s great having a source for free composted cow manure. My father-in-law raises organic pasture fed Angus beef.


I’ve linked up with Coffee and Cardigans Thrifter Thursday this week!

Everyone have a great weekend and I’ll be back Sunday with festival pix!!



  1. Hey you! I don’t do well with belts over cardigans either. I’m always pulling and tugging like I’m getting ready to have a wardrobe malfunction! Oh, well live and learn. Hope your festival is going well and I’ll be looking for some pictures. Black flats are also on my current wish list!

  2. Very stylish in the second pic! Perfectly coordinated!! You know how much I love maxi, too.
    Have a fantastic weekend!

  3. Ooh, Thursdays outfit is especially fab. Love the trousers. They’ve got the perfect sized print to be interesting and a good neutral too. Good luck with the tourists!

  4. pastcaring said:

    Don’t you hate it when something looks good… as long as you don’t move! Then you actually move around, you know, like a normal person, and you are constantly having to pull down, tuck in, adjust, etc – ugh! The belted cardigan does look good though. So do the trousers, especially with that bright cardigan.
    Have a great weekend, love! xxxx

  5. joni said:

    I really like how you style the cardigan, especially with the long maxi dress and the shoes. The belted sweater goes especially well with the shoes for some reason. They’re cohesive!

  6. Vix said:

    Well, if you’ve got ’em flaunt them! I bet you’d have made those tourists one happy bunch if you’d given them a cheeky flash of the girls! You looks gorgeous in those trousers and the maxi dress, tall and willowy! Hope you’ve had a wonderful weekend and created some delicious dishes from your crops! x

  7. vintagefrenchchic said:

    Lookin’ stylish as always. I like the belted cardi over the maxi. And with the prints…floral and zebra–very cool.

    I just bought a pair of cap toe ballet flats too. I haven’t bought ballet flats in forever…I really don’t remember the last time. I think they will be fun for Fall.

  8. Tamera!!!! I so wanted to drop you hello and tell you how much I enjoyed hearing all about you from Vix, she thinks so highly of you and I can see why~ just look at that smile! The necklaces you made her are absolutely stunning, you have some serious skills there. I love your little doggie and the clothes you make! I am your newest follower and look forward t getting to know another fabulous woman. Cheers dear!

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