Can’t think of nothing clever….

Hello Blogland!!! How is everyone today?? It was a somewhat somber day at work being the 11th anniversary of 9-11 working here on a military base. The somewhat odd thing is this Tuesday 9/11 is exactly like that Tuesday in 2001 was. A beautiful cool day with the most blue sky. Also ironically, 9-11 took place in the same week of September that the Battle of Antietam/Civil War took place. It still stands as the most bloodiest one day in American history with  the horror of 9-11 coming in second. We must NEVER FORGET!!!

I’ve been getting my never-ending mending pile done. I swear the stuff multiplies when I’m not looking!! I’ve taken advantage of the fabulous cooler weather to pull out some fall stuff.  Looking at the pictures I’m coming to the conclusion that I look better in long pants or maxi length skirts/dresses. Definitely taller and thinner. I’ll have to think this over in regards to wearing crops next summer. Maybe linen trousers would be a better choice. HMMMMMM

The cardigan I wore Monday is in the donate pile (it’s thrifted) It made me itch and break out in a rash!! I had to take it off at work and wear my black work hoodie (tres chic) It has no tag but there are “furry” fibers in the knitting so I’m thinking angora or maybe mohair. Whatever it is I can’t wear it!! There is a small “fleck” of magenta in the print of the cardi which is why I paired it with the magenta top.

Cardi-Goodwill, Pants-Jaclyn Smith via Goodwill, top-Kohls, Purse-Goodwill, Shoes-Kmart

Today’s outfit was super-neutral for me. Y’all know I love me some color but once in a while it’s fun to shake things up a bit. I thrifted the top for $3 yesterday and HAD to wear it today. I had a leopard print top on my “wish” list and now I have three!! A mock turtle T, the peasant one I found this weekend and this silky tunic. The leopard prints are all different. You can’t have too much leopard!!

Pants-Goodwill, Tunic-Croft&Barrow via Goodwill, Shoes-Payless, Jewelry-Thrifted

Anyone else watching “The Voice”??? I started last nite-lots of talent out there. I’ll also give X-factor a look-see. I love me some singing competitions. I’m an american Idol fan since season 1.  Of course, my TV boyfriend Mark Harmon and NCIS will soon be back on!!!

Everyone have a lovely evening and chat with y’all Thursday!



  1. Terri said:

    I love this leopard “neutral”! It looks wonderful on you. I’ve been remembering 9/11 today too–the great weather did indeed remind me of that rattling day.

  2. pastcaring said:

    You definitely suit a bit of leopard print, Tamera – or even a LOT of leopard print!
    I don’t wear cropped trousers for the very reason you are questioning yours – I am fairly tall but have a long torso and relatively shorter legs, and I think crops make that more obvious. I think some well-cut trousers are very flattering, those brown ones look particularly great on you.
    Shame about that pretty cardigan, but if it doesn’t feel comfortable, it has to go!
    X FActor has started again here in the UK, and Strictly Come Dancing (the UK Dancing with the Stars) begins soon, I think, so that’s my autumn Saturday nights catered for. I watch them with my eldest who loves them, the rest of the family roll their eyes and decamp! xxxxx

  3. Helga said:

    Don’t talk to me about the never ending mending pile! GAH!
    There’s the never ending sewing pile full STOP!
    Love the leopard!
    I was thinking of all my lovely American blogger friends today….

    No,I don’t watch The Voice or any of those shows! i just can’t keep up, so i save myself the stress!!!

  4. georgiagirl said:

    The leopard outfit looks great on you and is so slimming! Double bonus!

  5. well, I think cropped pants are ok if they’re straight enough and fit your body-shape, and you look so fresh and summery wearing them!
    And love that magenta top and green bag outfit, very elegant and colorful!, and also love all that leopard: you’re right, you can’t have too much leopard!

  6. Awww no, too bad about the cardigan. I can’t wear mohair well – at least I think it’s the mohair. One of my star sweaters has it in there, but I refuse to give it up. I’ll wear something under it. It’s one of my favorites. I finally got up on my alterations pile – another good reason for me NOT to shop. I don’t want to sew anything else for awhile.

    I don’t watch many tv shows consistently, but Elementary starts at the end of this month (27th) and I cannot say no to a Sherlock Holmes show. Cannot I say.

  7. Blues/Greens suit you so well! That jacket needs to be paraded out more- dress it up like the glorious peacock that it is. And speaking of animal pleasure, the leopard top is a great score. May I suggest you pair it with a pair of “jeggings” and rock it with a turban, ala Advanced Style? Happy Thursday to you!

  8. 9/11 is a day imprinted on everybody’s memory. I know I’ll never forget. Ask anybody and they can tell you exactly what they were doing when the news hit.
    Yep, I’m in full agreement…about the leopard. You can never have too much. She who dies with the most leopard wins!

  9. WendyB said:

    Leopard is my favorite “color”!

  10. Sorry about the sweater but I agree – the itchy will not abide. You look great in those colors, though, and of course in your leopard top. Leopard for the win : >

  11. I cannot wear boiled wool at all as it is too scratchy for me! So, I do understand about the itch factor. I have really sensitive skin and cannot abide anything that is not soft.

    You look fab in all the outfits, especially the leopard.

    I think you look best in longer pants too. I only have one cropped pant and it just makes me feel cut off every time I wear it. My sister loves crops and does look good in them. She and her legs are shorter than mine, but she does look good in them. (Well and she is about 70 lbs lighter than me, I don’t think that would have anything to do with it, do you? LOL)

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