Makeover Monday #3!!!

Hello Blogland!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to the week or at least semi-bearable!!

I teased y’all yesterday with this picture of a wicker purse I thrifted Friday for $1. It had a damaged handle attachment and couldn’t be used as a purse. HOWEVER-it had “potential”!!

I decided to use it as a container for a floral arrangement. First up I stuffed the inside with a piece of floral foam and covered it with some spanish moss.

I then took a piece of wire and connected the handles together to make the opening the size I wanted (not all the way open-you could also use ribbon or string)

Next came the hard part-flower arranging. I’m from the just stuff it in until you like it school of arranging. The flowers came from the Dollar Store. Some bunches I cut apart into individual stems. A large leaf bunch I just shortened the stem a bit.

As I said– I just shoved the flowers and leaves in until I liked what I saw. I started with the leaves then accented with the flowers and finally the berry picks.

Here’s the finished project in its new home-the hall bath.  The walls are actually lime green.

I’m thinking this would work with different purses (they need to be structured) in different styles-say a brocade vintage purse with roses or such. It would make awesome wedding reception or party centerpieces using different purses for each table.

Total cost-$1 for the purse, $5 for the flowers/leaves and I had the floral foam, wire, and spanish moss.

Thanks for stopping by for Makeover Monday #3!! Be inspired by seeing the potential in thrifted stuff!! I’m linking up with Lakota for Tah-Dah Tuesday!



  1. vintagefrenchchic said:

    Oh my goodness…you are brilliant. I am going to make one of those for my front porch. Too cute!!

  2. OMG. They’d charge $75 for that in Michael’s or a flower shop. You can even change the foliage around as the seasons change. Genius Tamera.

  3. Helga said:

    O,that is THE most divine wicker purse! So glad you were able to find something fabulous to do with it darling! XXX

  4. What a beautiful DIY! I agree that it would be marvelous for a wedding or other occasion, and it would be a great thing to let guests take home! Great make-over. Very impressive.

  5. Vix said:

    That’s brilliant! The bag is such a sweet shape and the stuff-it-in-till-it-works method worked superbly! xxxx

  6. You are so clever – I would NEVER have thought to do this and it look FAB! Sarah xxx

  7. pastcaring said:

    Nice re-use of the wicker bag, it looks so pretty! xxx

  8. Susan said:

    oh wow, what a great idea and the result is just beautiful! you’re so creative! gotta love the wicker basket!


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