We have chicken festivals for excitement….

Hello Blogland!! I hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend!!! It is absolutely gorgeous weather-wise now. We had a terrible storm come through Saturday afternoon but now it’s a glorious day! No more hot and soupy weather I hope!

Friday was my off day and I had to go to town for some bloodwork. Of course, that meant stopping in at my 4 favorite thrifts!!  I have to say I scored nicely all around!!!!

I’ve been looking for a new winter wool coat-preferably longer and vintage. What do I find at the World Mission Thrift?? A stunning wool 80’s coat that fit perfectly. The tag was gone so no idea what brand. It was missing a button that I found in the pocket. and the best of all??? It was $3!!!! It’s midi length and is a grey, purplish and black tweed.

But the coat gods weren’t through with me yet!! I stopped by the Rescue Mission and had a PMP (pee my pants) experience. I found a stunning Lord & Taylor cashmere/wool silk lined car coat in perfect condition AND my size. FOR $3 !!!! I found something similar at Lord & Taylors for $500!!!It’s so soft and comfy! It’s a stunning dark dark red. I’m thinking a leopard print scarf and hat will be perfect! I’m going to have it dry-cleaned and pressed.

Here’s the other non-clothing goodies I thrifted. Watch for the wicker purse on Make-over Monday this week!! It was damaged but only $1 and gets a re-do!

Here’s the clothing finds:

1. DressBarn Jersey top-$2
2. Dark Brown layering Tshirt-$2
3. Jones New York Leopard peasant blouse-$2
4. Evan-Picone micro-wale cordoroy jeans- $3

Now for the big excitement this weekend. It was the Maryland Poultry Festival here in town. I decided to go check it out. Unfortunately wasn’t able to stay long as the bad storms rolled in.

I picked up a couple of things at the yardsale/vendor portion of the festivities:

1. Stampin-up stamps -$1
2. Avon Owl-$1
3. Homemade Soap for my hair-$5
4. Salt-glaze birds-$1

I wanted to bring home this adorable mini-pig but I knew Miss Kae and the hubster would be a tad put-out!!!

I completely forgot to take outfit photo’s until today. Oh well-you didn’t miss anything!! Somehow I managed to thrift three teal cardigans. I gave one to my friend Andrea and am keeping this one. The other is a different shade and longer and is still on the fence as to keeping it.

Cardi-thrifted, Maxi-Ross, Blingy-thrifted vintage, Shoes-gone-they fell apart!!!

I am so glad cooler weather is here!! It’s invigorated me style-wise!! I can start wearing some of the cool stuff I thrifted this summer!

Don’t forget to stop back tomorrow for Make-Over monday to see what I’ve done with the wicker purse!!

I’m hooking up with dear Patti for Visible Monday and Monday Mingle!!



  1. Something my husband NEVER has to worry about with me is “I want to bring home a pig!” But, those great coats…YES! I just found a coat I am really excited about at Goodwill. I need to get it to the cleaners and then I need cold weather!!! You look lovely and so happy…such a great smile!

  2. I am envious of your cooler weather, Tamera but happy for you (our a/c is on the fritz). You had a major score with that red coat – it looks like a very warm classic! Love the teeny pig. Thanks for sharing your weekend with Visible Monday.

  3. I’m laughing so hard at “PMP experience,” I’m not sure I processed anything else in your post. But you do look great!

  4. Terri said:

    A chicken festival? I’ve lobbied my husband for years to have one of those multi-colored roosters for a yard pet. He patiently tells me that this is not realistic if we want to have good relations with the neighbors. Congrats on all the fabulous coat finds and that teal sweater is really pretty!

  5. Both those coats are stunning finds. I am very fond o’ th’ 80s 🙂

    You look very fresh and pretty in the maxi, and teal is a great color on you.

    I’ve always wanted a pet pig. I’m pretty sure Dear Hubby has not. Good thing I wasn’t there 😛

  6. Linda said:

    I love the red coat and the leopard top and the maxi you have on! Wish I wore more maxis. oh well.

  7. A pet pig? He is kinda cute!
    Lovely in maxi again, Tamera!
    I really like that leopard blouse!!

  8. Ooh that little piggy is GORGEOUS!!! You look fab, as always, in your lovely maxi – you have three teal cardigans? I have EIGHT pink cardigans!!! Sarah xxx

  9. Vix said:

    That pig is so cute!! A chicken festival? You definitely get to go to some crazy events!!! Love you in that maxi and love both coats you scored, the leopard top and that Avon owl! That hair soap looks like the Lush stuff I use, I could never go back to gloopy shampoo now! xxx

  10. The red coat looks like some I saw in the Sept magazines. Love your maxi! I hope to wear mine with some cardi’s this fall. It is still too warm here for that.
    What a cute pig! My dogs would probably be nibbling on its ears and toes!

  11. SCORE!!! Great finds. Love the maxi/sweater combination. I’m not big on livestock, but the pictures are cute!

  12. Ooh some great scores. I especially love the red top and green corduroys! The cords are the best shade of green. I love chickens, I one day want to have a few. They’re so cute and useful.

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