Diva’s in Lame’!!!

Hello Blogland!!!! I’m back from outer space-or somewhere! We’ve had a lovely stomach bug going around work and evidently both me and my laptop caught it!!

I’ve been working on some streamers and flags for our Hispanic Dance Flag Team at church. Ten streamers, six flags and a billow streamer-whew!  I’m hoping Delilah the choreographer will get over her lame’ fixation!! It makes gorgeous flags and such but it’s a beast to sew on.

It helps to have such cute supervision. It’s a lot of divaliscousness in an eight pound package!!!

Diva’s are made for gold lame’!!!

This was a short but busy-crazy work week!! I’m glad I’m off until Monday. I’m planning on putting out my fall decorations. IF it ever cools down. It’s Swamptember here with the heat and humidity.

It’s been hard to pull together an outfit because I am SO BORED with everything right now.

I’ve worn this outfit several times this summer. The only thing new is my hair is darker!!

And another repeat outfit! I have to say the lime cardigan has gotten loads of wear this summer!

I’m off to work on the streamers and such. The sewing is done and now it’s assembly time!!

Saturday is a festival in the town next to us that promises loads of yard sales so you know where I’ll be bright and early. Hopefully there will be some good pickin’s!!

Have a great weekend and I’ll chat with y’all Sunday



  1. Serene said:

    Tameraaaa! Hey girl hey!! (My daughter always says that to me! :)) You look great! I know what you mean about being uninspired…it’s so hot, it’s hard to wear clothes lately! Gold lame? Sounds like church meets disco! I LOVE it!!! Hugs girly! Serene

  2. Goodlawd, I hear you on the humidity. It’s like walking outside into solid sweat. Gross! Have you tried swapping those tops with the opposite cardigan? I think the contrast would look great. I hate sewing on crawly fabrics. Hope you feel better soon. I’ve got the early-school year funk that comes from being around way too many people too quickly. Hopefully I’ll get over it quickly.

  3. KC said:

    If it’s any consolation to you as you rummage through your tired clothes, they all look new and delightful to me–I’ve only just started following you! Actually, the internet is full of people who haven’t seen them yet, right?

  4. Helga said:

    Dammit,I want a darling little chihuahua in lame!!! Diva you ROCK that lame like no other!!!
    As for you,Madame,I love that first top on you,those colours amke me want to squeeze you……XXXXX

  5. pastcaring said:

    So lame is really hard to work with, and THEN you get a little Diva sitting right on top of it all, to “help”!
    You are such a marvel, Tamera, always busy, always doing things for other people, even when you are sick. You’re a star! Love you in both outfits, the colours are so lovely, and it doesn’t matter at all whether we have seen them before, we just want to see YOU!
    Enjoy your festival, hope there are bargains to be found at the yard sales. xxxxx

  6. Joni said:

    You have a great weekend too Tamera. We’ll still all be here waiting for your return. 😉

    p.s. The outfit you’re wearing with the hot pink jacket is one of my favs on you. Keep on wearin’ it!

  7. Vix said:

    Bored with everything? Nooooooo! You always look fabulous and are a joy to behold. Weren’t you tempted to run yourself up something in gold lame? I don’t think I could have helped myself!
    Miss Kaekae is a darling. Hope you had/are having a fantabulous weekend, finding loads of bargains and not getting too hot under the collar! xxxxx

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