Short and Sweet!!

Hello Blogland!! This will be a short and sweet (like myself-hehehe) post as we are heading out later to visit the daughter and son-in-law to see the finished family room!

With that in mind–here’s a pic of the finished quilted wall-hanging  I made for her with the pillows made from the awesome 50’s fabric Vix sent me!

Friday was a “grab and go” kinda day style-wise. A maxi dress is PERFECT for those days. I’ve worn this outfit before so at 5:00am it was a no-brainer. Do you have any “grab and go” outfits?

Today I dressed rather casually for church as I planned to wear it to our daughter’s, too. My hubby insists the sweater is a cow-print (it’s flowers-LOLOL)

I’ll be linking up for Visible Monday and Monday Mingle!!! There will be no Makeover Monday this week for the holiday as I have plans to tackle the Craft Dungeon (basement) tomorrow and bring some order to it!!

Everyone have a wonder day!! See ya Tuesday!



  1. Helga said:

    Short,sweet and super smiley!
    Just the way I like it,Ms Clever Pants!

  2. LOL at your husband’s description of the sweater, Tamera. He doesn’t speak fashion-talk, but he knows what he likes : > You look great, with your trademark gorgeous smile.

  3. Tamera, are you short? From your photos I thought you were tall. I am short too (5’3.5″ and shrinking). I like the cow print sweater. 🙂

  4. Georgiagirl said:

    Looks like you are wearing a tiara in the picture of you in the maxi dress. It’s good to be the queen! Love it.

  5. You look fab in both outfits. Husbands are so funny! The sweater is pretty and it looks like flowers to me.
    My grab and go outfits are maxi’s. Wow, I am loving them.
    Your quilted wall hanging is beautiful and I am sure it will be treasured forever.

  6. My grab & go outfit has to be maxi this season, too!
    I DO love your cow-print sweater! 😀

  7. The pillows turned out great! Omg I am loving the not-cow print cardigan! I like florals that don’t necessarily look like florals. I don’t have a grab-n-go outfit, but I do have a ‘formula’ that generally works.

  8. Sheila said:

    Ooh, I love the “cow” floral sweater! It’s lovely on you.

  9. I have lots of grab and go outfits.

    Gotta agree with the Mr., I thought it was a cow print at first glance.

    Popped in from NDYS’ Visible Monday.

  10. Hey Tamera. The quilted wall hanging is gorgeous. Do you use a rotary cutter?
    I picked up some vintage garments at a yard sale this weekend, I think Vix might like them. Some are waaay too small for me, but I couldn’t leave them behind. I don’t really know her and I don’t want her to think I’m weird just sending something out of the blue.
    Perhaps your sweater is like one of those ink spot pictures where everyone see’s something different. Wear it to the job and use it to psychologically evaluate your coworkers.
    My no-brainer outfit is my new black maxi. Can’t go wrong with it!
    As always, you look great!

  11. Ooh you are so clever! The quilt and cushion are super gorgeous! Sarah xxx

  12. Linda said:

    I’ll have to remember that terminology “craft dungeon” as I have one too! 🙂
    I do love the wall hanging!

  13. pastcaring said:

    The wall hanging and cushion are gorgeous.
    I’m with you, a maxi dress is my easy go-to outfit, with my denim jacket or a cardigan. You look great in yours.
    I kind of see the Friesian influence in your cardigan!
    Thanks again for your gifts, Tamera. xxx

  14. Vix said:

    Snakes and almost cows!! Fabulous outfits and your trademark knock ’em dead smile, too! Love your creations, your beautiful daughter must have been thrilled. xxxxx

  15. Beryl said:

    That pillow and wall-hanging are great – you are so talented. I love your outfits and agree with Gerogiagirl that the addition of the Tiara to the first one is a nice touch – even if you didn’t plan it that way.

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