It’s a Flea Market not Neiman-Marcus!!

Hello Blogland!!! Has everyone had a wonderful weekend??? I am looking forward to watching the closing ceremonies of the Olympics tonite.

Our daughter and son-in-law stopped by Friday nite on their way to his folks cabin in the mountains. They brought along our grand-puppy Noelle (10 month old Chihuahua) Mr. Bill adores her and was all excited to see her when they came in. Her Majesty, however, was NOT AMUSED. Noelle ran up to her and Ms. Kae gave her the side-eye and stomped down the hall to the bedroom to pout. Kae ignores her and won’t even look at her.  She makes it quite clear who is BOSS DOG in our house!!

1. Ms. Kae snoozing on the bed with the fan blowing her skirt up
2.Ms. Kae looking fabulous
3. Our grand-puppy Noelle. Yes, I brought them matching outfits!!!

I did my usual round of yard sales (dismal) and thrifts Saturday morning. I also decided to check out the new indoor flea market.

The people in there are DELUSIONAL!!! The stuff was yard sale quality and they had it priced like it was Neiman-Marcus or an exclusive antique store. Seriously–they had figurines with “Dollar Tree” printed on the bottom for $10!!! I won’t be wasting my time going there again.

It was a famine on the clothing side this weekend–but I still managed to find some goodies!

1. Ceramic Xmas tree from 1979-$1.50
2. Santa Salt & Pepper shakers new in box-50 cents
3. Vintage fabric-$1
4. Ties for Megan Mae-12/$1

I also found some vintage jewelry. Thrifts are always a good place to find unique accessories.

1. Vintage convertible earrings-50 cents
2. Enamel earrings-50 cents
3. Vintage 60’s clip on earrings–destined for New Zealand I think!

I was feeling like rocking some neutrals today–it’s never dull when your neutrals involve chocolate & cream snake print!

Here’s my thrifted wooden bling:

Well–I’m off to catch up with my mail and blog reading before the Olympics come on!! Everyone have a great day!!

I’m liking up with the always fabulous Patti for Visible Monday and Monday Mingle!!!



  1. I think you scored nicely on your Saturday rounds, Tamera. The slat and pepper shaker are darling, and you really know how to find ties! Love your snakeskin print.

  2. Wow…you did well. I love those enamel earrings…the ones in the middle! Have a great week, Tamera!

  3. pastcaring said:

    Watching the closing ceremony as we speak!
    Sorry the yard sales and market weren’t up to much, but you did find some goodies after all. You certainly rock a maxi frock!
    You have a grand-puppy? How cute is she?! xxxx

  4. Style Mentor™ said:

    Great dress, I am looney for snake print right now! And I hear you on the expensive thrift items. Garage sales I have seen down the street have outrageous prices! The vintage market is going mad now, and people are trying to capitalize. Dear Ms. Kae, way to show em who’s boss. 😀

  5. Snakeskin print and wooden bangles? Absolutely!! You’re looking great!!!! Know what you mean about the over-priced stuff. I run into that too, sometimes. I guess they figure we don’t know. Ah-ha, gotcha! Not us. 🙂

  6. Aww double the cute puppies! Bruce tends to be that way, though he does it because he’s both jealous and a bit dingy.

    I am not usually a big maxi fan (though the blog world consistently changes my mind) but omg! Snake print maxi~! Awesome!

    You got some good scores! Can’t wait to see the ties. Weird about the flea market. I’ve gone to a few garage sales like that. You gotta price to sell!

  7. Marci said:

    ‘Love the snakish dress! Your blog always makes me smile! Thank you! -Marci

  8. I know what you mean about flea markets and high prices. Sometimes I am amazed. They must not want to get rid of their stuff is all I can think.
    Love your maxi! Girl, we are rockin’ them this summer!
    KaeKae is pretty darn cute in her outfit too.

  9. Vix said:

    Ha! I know what you mean about deluded sellers! My friend spotted a woman on Saturday asking £3.50 for a tatty paperback edition of The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, utter madness! Hope they got caught in the rain and had to chuck it in the recycling bin!!
    Love your frock and that delicious wooden jewellery and all the pups are so unbearably cute that i’d have to call round with my Moroccan suitcase and steal them! xxx

  10. Beryl said:

    That is great wood jewelry – I never find any wood at my local thrifts. Your granddog is pretty cute. I have a couple of my own. It never occurred to me to get them outfits. I don’t have to be jealous of my friends with grandchildren anymore.
    Those funhouse photos are crazy. They make me feel short! You look much better in the proper perspective.

  11. Helga said:

    Where have I been?! Your “new” vintage shirt is fabulous!!I adore the print!
    And boo to ripping your fave maxi!
    Buy YAY to great thrifting scores and squeezable puppies! I’d love a chihuahua,for all the worng reasons..they make great accessories! they’re so cuuuuuuute,dribble dribble!
    You have such a beautiful smile,and I’m really into that blue bag-it looks suspicously like 70’s vinyl?!

  12. steppingmywaytobliss said:

    Love the dress. And I hate it when people mark things up so high too unless it has obvious value. The Goodwills are getting pricier for the “good” stuff. Gone are the days of finding treasure on the cheap. So sad.

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