I found vintage that FITS!!!

Hello Blogland!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful week!!

During my Frederick (where I work) thrift rounds this week I managed to find three things on my wish list and a couple of bonuses!!  I keep a “wish” list of items I’d like to score-like a leopard print blouse or black and white houndstooth trousers or brown flat boots.

It was happy hunting!! I found  a vintage item that FITS!!! and that I can wear to work!! AND for only $1.50!! Totally doing the happy dance here!! I know everyone’s eyes are on the cuteness of Miss Kae!! The blouse is handmade (gorgeous job, too) of a rayon challis foulard print. I’m thinking by the style and fabric it’s probably late 60’s or early 70’s. It may even be a guy’s shirt but I don’t care!!! I LOVE it! It’s very “Bohemian or hippietastic”!  Here’s a close-up of the print in all of my favorite colors!

I also managed to score a pair of black trousers and charcoal grey trousers off my wish list for work for $1.00 each. Here are my other goodies:

DressBarn rayon knit pullover sweater with embroidered bright pastel polka dots for $2. This is thin enough to layer and whimsical!

Bill Blass denim maxi dress that was on my wish list for $3. I just need to drop the hem backdown 2 inches to original length. Can’t wait to wear this with a chunky sweater or vest and boots!!

Now on to the outfits!! Here’s Wednesday’s:

Everything but the shoes are from the Goodwill! Jacket-CJBanks, Crops-DressBarn, Tshirt-Coldwater Creek, Shoes are from Kohls

I started out with a totally different outfit on this morning. Unfortunately my mad klutz skillz came into play and I tripped coming up the basement steps on my maxi dress.  Tore it right across the knee area in the front and up the bodice and it can’t be salvaged at all. Sniff-it was my first maxi purchase!

R.I.P Maxi Dress!

This is what I wound up wearing to work!

Here’s the bling-bling!!

I’m glad this is my 3 day weekend! I’ve heard the weather will be cooler (although rainy–which we desperately need) Yardsales will be scarce but there is always the thrifts in town to check out plus I’ve heard of a new fleamarket that has just opened!Everyone have a great weekend and I’ll chat at you Sunday!! TTFNTamera 

  1. You did score on that top for that price. wowee! I’ve always loved that kind of print. Kind of a men’s wear inspired print but still feminine enough so you don’t look like you’re wearing a men’s shirt.

  2. Vix said:

    You scored big time, that tunic is mod-tastic!!! Love it! RIP groovy maxi, hello equally cute one!
    Have a fantabulous long weekend! xxxxx

  3. pastcaring said:

    It’s a great tunic, nothing beats the thrill of a unique vintage find, which FITS, and costs next to nothing!
    You always look so colourful and HAPPY, it’s a joy to visit your blog, Tamera. Sorry your first-ever maxi bit the dust, but there are plenty more where that came from, and you look great in them!
    Have a lovely weekend, who knows what treasures you might find! xxxxx

  4. 50 and counting said:

    Love the dress in the last picture. The colours are wonderful. And if I may be honest, far more flattering than the first maxi (R.I.P.)

  5. Hooray for vintage! I love the black sweater you picked up. I have a similar one in red with black dots and it is perfect for layering.. RIP maxi dress. I agree that the other one is just as, if not more cute and fabulous.

    However what blew me away was that outfit with the oranges and reds! WOW! It’s so vibrant, and really has me begging for fall and fall colors.

  6. So happy for you about the vintage blouse find!
    BTW when I try to repsond to your email, they bounce back as undeliverable. Hope you can figure something out for that vintage dress in your earlier post, once you get some test fabric.

  7. Sorry you tore your dress. I love the maxi with the green cardigan..Oh so cute.

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