The Colonel comes to visit

Hello Blogland!!!  I hope everyone’s beginning of the week has been a good one!!!  So far this week is starting out only mildly crazy at work. I’m sure that will all go down-hill as the week progresses!!

I was so thankful I REALLY dressed up for work yesterday. The Commanding Colonel of our army base made a surprise visit to our office. He complimented me again on the winning cake and congratulated my office mate on being the Garrison Employee of the Quarter.  He walked around our division a bit to visit.

Surprises like this are WHY we are getting a stricter dress code for everyone on base. You never know when a Colonel or General or Congressperson is going to drop by your office unannounced. If you’re wearing the ripped up jeans, booty shorts and stripper heels and a halter-top…..well it’s not appropriate and not professional. They are making the new dress code very explicit because some folk just don’t get it that we work in a conservative environment and some things just won’t fly.

If I had my way I’d wear vintage clothing like these fab ladies Vix, Helga, Sarah & Curtise. They totally rock my vibe–but reality is it wouldn’t be appropriate at my work.  I push the conservative limits as much as I can (they all say I am VERY colorful-hehehe) and I don’t want to have two separate wardrobes so I live vicariously through their blogs. Plus finding vintage clothes in my size is near impossible!

This is the third time I’ve worn this dress and it’s going in the give-away bag. It does this weird twist around your body thing and drives me CRAZY (which is a short trip) I’m constantly fidgeting with it so out it goes. I’m kind of bummed because I LOVE the style and print but I think it was cut off-bias or such. Probably drove the original owner nuts so she donated it.

The bling however was working it:

Today must be dark blue denim and emerald day. I’ve 2-3 other bloggers wearing outfits in that color scheme. I’ve been inventory-ing my clothing and discovered the navy&white seersucker jacket again. It wasn’t so satanically hot today to wear it. I never thought I’d consider 90 degree temps as “cool”!!

I’m wearing it with another one of the tiered tanks I got on sale at Kohl’s. If you “play” the sales right you can get new stuff for thrift store prices. I brought this tank in the emerald, a magenta and a marine blue for $5.99 each on sale.  The tiers are flat but floaty and hide any bulges and blobs. I think these will be great layering pieces.

Can’t forget the blingage!! The lime daisy pin is vintage. I try to use vintage and unique accessories to personalize my outfits. I DO NOT want to look like I pulled my outfit right off the mannequin at DressBarn!!!! HORRORS!!!

Well-I’m off to finish some laundry and get supper on before the Olympics come on!!

Y’all have a wonderful evening and see ya Thursday!



  1. Stepping My Way to Bliss said:

    Lookin’ great as usual! Nice to hear someone, somewhere is getting stricter with dress codes. Thank you!

  2. pastcaring said:

    Ha, thanks so much for mentioning me in the same breath as Vix, Sarah and Helga, the Goddesses of Vintage. I do my best! But then I am a stay at home mum who has no one’s dress code to live by but my own.
    What a shame about that dress, I love it, the print is great. But if it’s a nightmare to wear, you are right, it has to go. Unless a slip under it would help with the twisting? But another layer is probably NOT what you need in hot weather…
    Love the emerald of your top, especially with scarf and that fabulous vintage brooch. That’s the challenge then, sneak in a little vintage accessorizing to satisfy your soul while maintaining the Code! xxxx

  3. Looking wonderful Tamera!
    I’m really loving your accessories!

  4. Vix said:

    Booty shorts at work? Oh Tamera, you are a bad girl!!! You’re obviously spending too much time on that People Of Wall-mart website!
    That dress is gorgeous but I’ve had one of those pesky ones that seem to have a life of it’s own, I think I ended up safety pinning it to my knickers in desperation! The scarf in the second picture is a joy, you do suit emerald green. The jewellery is fabulous! xxx

  5. Lovelovelove that green and blue scarf. I can’t believe what some people think of as acceptable clothing for professional jobs, and eh they can ruin it for the rest of us who don’t totally abuse the leeway. Hope they’ll still let you keep your prints and colors.

    I’ve actually been considering boots or light layers because it’s been below 100 degrees. It’s been so outrageously hot that it almost – almost feels cool(er) in comparison.

  6. You will never look like Dress Barn (even if you find some inexpensive “get over” pieces there, in which case I’ll applaud!!). You’ve got too much creativity for that. I echo the “too bad” about the dress, though. Based on my sewing experience, it definitely sounds like the construction is way off concerning the bias cut. That’s pretty much a wash. Here’s to another great maxi to replace it!!

  7. Helga said:

    I am SO lucky I can wear what I want at work!!! I couldn’t handle it if I couldn’t!!! I reckon the Colonel needs a flash, though!
    EEEK,I received your parcel darling!!! Thank you,you rockingly fabulous wench,I love it ALL!XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX

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