Semi-rockin’ a vintage cocktail dress!

Hello Blogland!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!I did my “usual”Saturday morning routine running errands. I will stop at any yardsales I see along the way to town. Unless they look like they are loaded with kids stuff-I have no interest in mangy Barbies or stuffed animals.

Pickings were slim until I hit one that had NO kiddy stuff!! There was a rack of plus-size clothes that I made a beeline for because I spied something so fantastic that I almost peed my pants in delight!!

Hanging amongst the Tshirts and stuff was this stunning 60’s era cocktail dress. Looking it over I could tell it was handmade (extremely WELL hand-made) The lady running the yardasle came over and told me some background about the dress.

Her mother had made this dress in 1969 for a New Years Eve Party. It was maybe a size 16-18. I could just picture this with big hoop earrings, gold sandals and a teased up hair-do. I HAD to get it. I never find anything remotely my size in vintage clothing. AND it was only $2!!!

So much polyester awesomeness!! But alas–it doesn’t fit. It’s not zipped up in the back and the torso is too long for my stumpy body.  I’m hanging in the Craft Palace to admire for a bit and then it will find a new home with some fabulous vintage-wearing blogger.

I also got a couple of other things from this lady for$1 each. The blouse is Faded Glory and the tapestry jacket is Haband and never worn.

I went into town to the thrift stores (Salvation Army, World Thrift/Brethren Mission, Rescue Mission, Goodwill) and pickings are slim there. Gal I know at Rescue Mission says this time of year the donations slow up until school starts. But it’s not like I came home empty-handed!

1. Vintage jewlery ($1)
2. Vintage pillowcase for the sweet fabric ($1)
3. Vintage ties for Megan Mae (8/$1)
4. Full sheet set for new chair slipcover ($4)

It wouldn’t be a Sunday post without the most stylish Chihuahua in Bloglaand-Ms. KaeKae!

Little Pupcake Tshirt-Lulupink via Ross

I got the cardigan I wore Friday at the $1 sweater sale at the Salvation Army this week. I promptly squirted ketchup on it Friday evening and so far the stain hasn’t come out. Oh well….

Cardigan-White Stag via Salvation Army, Top-Croft&Barrow via Kohls, Crops-Dockers via Goodwill (refashioned from too short long pants) Shoes-Comnfortview via Roamans

Here is a close-up of the bling. I found the totally awesome necklace at the Salvation Army this week for $1!!!!!

Thought I’d share my “errand/commando thrifting outfit” with you. I took this photo on our front porch.

Basic Tshirt accessorized with a Megan Mae Buttonflower and 2 yoyo flowers of my own, denim crops, clarks sandals, thrifted hat and cross body bag

Finished quilting the wall-hanging, just gotta trim threads and bind it. The Tah-Dah will be later this week.

Hope everyone has a great rest of the weekend. I’ll be linking up with Visible Monday , Watch what I’m Wearing, and Monday Mingle!!



  1. Oh my goodness. How fabulous is that dress? I love, love, love it! It is probably too small for me too, but if it weren’t, I’d buy it from you in an instant.
    Your other finds were great too. Love the lady with the crown! You are the queen of thrift in my book.

  2. Stepping My Way to Bliss said:

    Super fun vintage dress! I would offer to take it off your hands but I can’t do that much orange. I love the outfit with the striped cardigan–there has got to be a way to save it!

  3. Marci said:

    Oooh… I am so diggin’ the orange dress! Please give that darling chihuahua an extra treat for me! -Marci

  4. I enjoy hanging out with you so much! Too bad about the vintage dress. A 14/16 back in the day is barely an 8 now, with totally different proportions. As always, you glow in those gorgeous blues!!

  5. Love the blue and striped look! Very cute. The blue shoes are the icing on the cake. Or your toes, same difference. ;P

    Oooh beautiful ties! I am loving your finds. I can never find such pretty ties. And certainly not ones at such a good price.

  6. Helga said:

    EEEEK! SO bummed that frock didn’t fit!!! It’s too fabulous for words! And the print is similar to your header!You definetly need a twin of this frock in your size,cos even though it doesn’t fit,you’re totally rocking it!
    I’m rather jealous of your stripey cardi and fabulous necklace!!EEEK!

  7. Ah, you do need a dress like that one, Tamera. If possible, it livens you up *even more* than you already are! Thanks so much for sharing your treasures with Visible Monday.

  8. Style Mentor™ said:

    Hello Lovliness! Isn’t it great when you spend a buck on a top that is ruined by catsup? I am in love with the necklace with the queen inside, how CUTE is that? So nice to see Ms. KaeKae!

  9. Well darn it!! Isn’t there something you can do to at least make it into a maxi skirt? The fabric is heavenly. I totally remember my mom shopping for those to wear to parties. I love that style.

  10. Kayla C said:

    That dress is amazing! i kind of like the look of the top being looser! if only it zipped!

  11. Tamera, that dress is just so YOU! Can you find a way to modify it? I’m in a similar situation with a vintage coat. I was thinking about asking Jean what I can do with it.

  12. Hi Tamera, I love the outfit with the striped jacket! So cute! I am headed to Goodwill today …we will see what I discover. I am afraid that I will be in a crowd of back to school shoppers!! Have a great week!

  13. Kristin said:

    OMG, dying over that orange printed number!

  14. annp said:

    You can try some Dawn dishwashing liqiud on the ketchup stain. It might get it out.

  15. Vix said:

    Oh my lord, that dress is sensational on you! Could you not sew some contrasting panels into the side? It would be a crime not to rock it as it suits you sooooo well!
    You scored big time, that Sally Army bling is to die for and Miss Kaekae looks a total doll!
    Love that hat on you! xxx

  16. Sheila said:

    That is just the most amazing dress ever! Wow! Too bad it doesn’t fit right.

    Try Folex to get the ketchup stain out – it takes out everything.

  17. pastcaring said:

    I commented on this post, I know I did, and now it’s nowhere to be seen…
    Oh well, I’ll just repeat myself!
    Oh waht a crying shame that dress doesn’t fit, cos you look fabulous in it!
    Loving all your jewellery, especially the princess pendant. And I am relieved to know it’s not just me who spills food down themselves (although I’m sorry about the stain on your new cardi…)
    Cute commando thrifting hat! xxxx

  18. Terri said:

    Whoa, I love the grey, blue and striped sweater look. Must remember it…to try my own variation. It’s a shame about the cocktail dress. Is there a way to salvage it somehow with some alterations? If not, I’d send it to Vix at Vintage Vixen. She rocks that kind of thing.

  19. Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said:

    that dress is amazing

    Xo Megan

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