Pattern mixing and quilts

Hello Blogland!!!  Has everyone’s retina’s recovered from viewing last posts lovely fabric pictures??? ROFL!!!! I threatened the hubster with making him Christmas boxers out of the fabric.  He noted he doesn’t wear boxers. HEHEHE–then I said ok I’ll make you pajama bottoms!! He walked out of the room shaking his head.

Fashion wise there is nothing to show you-I’ve been off work the last couple of days so my ensembles aren’t fit for public consumption.  I’ve been lazing around  and futzing with crafts while watching the Olympics.

The quilted wall hanging I’m doing for our daughter is completely pieced together. I have to say I love how it turned out so far. Her color scheme in the family room they are fixing up is silver-grey, black, aqua and pale yellow.

I attribute some of my “fearlessness” with pattern mixing to making quilts. What is MORE pattern mixing than quilts???  You choose a theme or color scheme and select different fabrics to make up your blocks.  You can go with geometrics, batiks, modern, whimsical, floral, retro, or a mix  of everything. Usually as you are planning a quilt you try to combine colors, patterns and scale of print in a pleasing way.

With Julie’s wallhanging-I used more contemporary or geometric type prints as she didn’t want a too ditsy floral look. Several of the fabric prints repeated a circular motif-which helped tie it all together. The thicker black border is there to help line up the batting and backing fabric. Once its quilted it will be trimmed off to a 2″ width. I’m thinking of binding the edge in aqua or pale yellow as it will be against a silver-grey wall. Gotta see if I have any in my stash.

Here’s a close up of the pattern. The block is called “GreatGrannySquare”

In other new-I’ve learned to use PicMonkey to make collages. How much fun is that??  I made a collage of the loot I found thrifting and yard-saling last Friday.

Top Right-bunch of quilting magazines for $1. Center Top-lots of vintage beads and a bracelet for $2, Top Left-the most AMAZING 70’s era Owl cookie jar for $3. It was disgustingly filthy but oh so awesome! It will hold doo-dads in the craft palace.  Bottom Right-blow mold Santa light from 1974 for $2. I collect Christmas stuff- and ADORE tacky kitschy decor (obviously since I pounced on THAT fabric) Center Bottom-Knitting basket with yarn and unfinished projects for $1. Bottom Right-A trio of kitschy craft beaded tassel necklaces from about 1970 and a book on how to make them from 1971 for $1.50.

All in all a good haul. It’s been dismal  on the kitschy Christmas side lately-although I look for nice stuff for the daughter to decorate for the holidays/seasons. I want another blow mold yard Santa for my nephew. He has my warped sense of humor. When he brought his house I snagged one at a yard sale for $1 as a house warming gift. He PROUDLY displays it in his yard-much to the disgust of my humorless sister. (which is why he does it) He also collects tacky ashtrays-which I have contributed to, and displays in his living room to annoy my sister. I love this boy!!! HEHEHEHEHE

Well–off to take some wool fabric I just dyed out of the dryer. more on that endeavor later this week!!

Have a great day!





  1. Vix said:

    I love the sound of your nephew, a boy after my own heart! Your quilting is amazing, the colours and prints are just gorgeous, definitely not the kind of ditsy floral style I usually associate with traditional crafts.
    Your buys are amazing, the fancy pearls booklet and the necklaces are ace and the eyebrowed owl cookie jar is hilarious! Tacky Xmas stuff, eh? Better keep my eyes peeled. Mind you, it’d take something to outdo that X-rated fabric! xxx

  2. pastcaring said:

    What a beautiful wall hanging you have made for your daughter, such a stylish mix of patterns and colours.
    I’m a bit addicted to PicMonkey collages myself! Love the look of your jewellery and the owl jar.
    I take it you and your sister are quite different?!! Your nephew sounds like a funny lad! xxx

  3. Ooh that patchwork is BEAUTIFUL! And OMG I am FAINTING Over that owl!! Can’t wait to see your next fab craftiness! Sarah xxx

  4. Amazing work. I had no idea you did those! Quilting is such an amazing traditional art form. Very cool!

  5. Such a great point about quilting being a great intro to pattern mixing! My mom does quilting too.

    I love the kitchsy Christmas stuff – I have a huge collection of Christmas ornaments (I worked in a year-round Christmas store for 11 years).

  6. Love the wallhanging! I’m not much on the ditsy florals either, but I still love a good quilt. I’m still sad I had to leave my g-g-grandmother’s quilt with my grandmother when I got married/moved out. It was my fav.

    How fun on the haul! I’m finally getting around to actually taking up and fixing things sitting around. Hopefully doing the yard selling instead of buying.

  7. Oh, I just love the black bird and watermelon. How talented you are!
    You have the most lovely smile and I always enjoy seeing your excellent outfits. I am so glad you are blogging!

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