Christmas in July

Hello Blogland!! Hope everyone’s been having a wonderful weekend! Mine certainly has been BUSY!! Managed to get in some quality thrifting and yardsaling on Friday-more to come later as I’m learning to do collages in Picmonkey! I made some awesome scores.

Stopped in Joann Fabrics last week to pick up some more fabric for daughter’s quilted wall hanging. I was helping a young girl (I know the store better than the employees-LOL) find some fabric for a project when out of the corner of my eye I spied THIS:

“Hurry down the chimney” designed by Alexander Henry

Stopped DEAD in my tracks in AWE!!!  Be still my beating heart  because I love me some tacky christmas kitsch. Pulled the bolt out to get a better look and was just gobsmacked with the trashtasticness. Because NOTHING says Christmas like half-nekkid teenage boys in Santa Hats!!

Behold the close-ups:

I immediately thought of the fabulous Miss Helga Von Trollop  and knew she would totally get a charge out of this and make something utterly divine with it. I knew I had to get some for her. Helga–this is going to wending its way to New Zealand for your holiday decorating!

The ladies at the cutting table and I (all of us of “a certain age”) hooted and cackled over the fabric for a good ten minutes. We all noticed how “young” these boys are and how , um, “anatomically correct” they are!  Still trying to figure out WHERE the guy that designed this mind was….ok in the gutter!

Now for some minimally dignified stuff!!!  This is what I wore Friday thrifting and running errands. Saturdays outfit isn’t fit for public viewing (cleaning and gardening).

I dressed for the miserable hot weather and ease of changing for trying on clothes. The thrifts are pretty bare right now, I must say. I did manage to find a couple of things on my need list.

Batik top-KrazyKat via Rescue Mission, Crops via Goodwill, Sandals via Kohls, Purse via Goodwill

Here’s the clothing I thrifted:

Brand new Hunter Green Denim Jacket by Denim&Comapnay for $3. Not on my need list but great color and fit and will be a good layering piece.

Brand New Laura Ashley Black Long sleeve Tshirt for $2. This was on my list for layering with my sleeveless maxis in cooler weather.

Westernport Denim Pinstripe trousers for $3. Classic menswear print trousers are on my need list so these will be perfect for fall/winter.

No Miss Kae pix today–she’s been in a “mood” lately and all I can get are butt shots. Diva’s are known to be temperamental! I think she’s jealous because I posted a picture of Mr.Bill, the little hussy!

I’m linking up with Visible Monday and Monday Mingle!!

Have a great rest of the weekend!



  1. Vix said:

    That fabric is mental! Helga’s going to go wild for it! What an amazing find.
    I love all your buys. A need list? I’d never get anything if I stuck to that. That green jacket’s super cool and the print on your blouse is rather fab, too!
    Give Miss Kae a hug from me, I’m missing her! xxxx

    • That is the funniest piece of fabric I’ve ever seen! I’m sure Helga will put it to good use! Love the green jacket too!

  2. Joni said:

    Haha! I would have grabbed that bolt and rolled it right out on the floor so I could see all the young men in their glory! What a hilarious pattern. Imagine the designer laughing when they came up with it. I can think of a lot of people I know who would really get a kick out of this.

    By the way, you are a lover of great patterns. I love the top you’re wearing!!

  3. pastcaring said:

    How hilarious is that fabric? Imagine a frock made out of the Junior Chippendales Do Christmas! If anyone can work it, it’s Helga!
    The colours on your top are beautiful. Good buys – I don’t stick to a “need” list either! xxx

  4. I have to agree that this is pretty funny! I also really like that hunter green jacket you found! Good shopping…

  5. Oh i love this post and your keen sense of humor! I saw this bolt myself here in So Cal…i stopped in my tracks laughing! Thanks for another chuckle my dear!

  6. Oh MY! THAT was sure an enticing image on Patti’s Visible Monday page. Whoop!
    I think it would make a DIVINE apron. Or pillow case!!!!! HAHAHAHA!
    We’ll just have to wait to see what Miss Helga does with it… it’ll be something outstanding, I’m sure.

  7. I am still laughing at your fabric find, Tamera. Trashtastic! Thanks for sharing with Visible Monday, I think you win for Most Visible : >

  8. Marci said:

    Oh, my! How funny! Your sense of humor is just fabulous! ‘Love that green jacket! -Marci

  9. The fabric is TOO FUNNY. I was thinking, maybe the guy who designed this didn’t have his head in the gutter per say, but instead, was rather stuck on thoughts of his young partner instead. 🙂 I agree with Patti, you win for most visible! 😀

  10. Di said:

    That hunter green jacket is going to be fabulous this fall! Can’t wait to see what you pair it up with. I wonder if thrifting is bare right now due to it being close to back to school. I know my daughter does a lot of thrift buying at that time.

  11. Sheila said:

    Ha! I saw the image on Visible Monday and was like, “what the heck??” – that is the funniest fabric I’ve ever seen!

  12. Aaahahaha! Cracking up at that fabric. It would make a horrifically awesome holiday apron.

    Really love the jacket you picked up. It’s got a great military vibe that will be perfect this fall. Sometimes thrifting doesn’t fill a need list, but some really amazing things pop up that you couldn’t think to put on a need list.

  13. How could anyone NOT click on that pic you posted! Absouletly HILARIOUS Tamera! I hope you got extra. It’s bound to fly off the shelf!

  14. I have NEVER seen fabric like that in my life. I am sending your link to my sister in hopes that she will get some for me, as I live in the UK right now, and doubt that masterpiece has made it across the Atlantic. Amazing! And great thrift finds!

  15. Oh my goodness! That fabric would make for a very Merry Christmas! I admit I had to zoom in on it!
    You are the most awesome thrifter! Love that jacket! I think that may be one color of jacket that I do not own. Lucky lady, I bet it will be marvelous this fall. Love your batik blouse too!

  16. Oh, too funny. Trashtastic is my new favorite word! And I agree with Rachel that this fabric was probably not designed for us ladies. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it!

  17. That is FABFABFABFAbric and I agree – was definitely not designed for us ladies! Helga will go NUTS for it! You are gorgeous, as always – and I can’t wait to see you modelling your latest finds. Sarah xxx

  18. Stepping My Way to Bliss said:

    You are a hoot!

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