Rockin’ the Casbah!!!

Hello Blogland!! How is everyone doing??? I’m glad it’s my Friday! Tomorrow I can go to town and visit the thrifts and hit up some yard sales!

I wanted to share a picture of Mr. Bill so no one thinks he’s being neglected in favor of Her Majesty. He’s just really camera-shy and usually hides when he sees it. He hid under the bed after I took this picture. I have no idea why he is such a wuss. It was hard to get just his picture with Miss Thang photobombing it and blocking him out. It is all about her after all!

How many of y’all have certain songs, that when they come on the radio or such, you turn them up and sing along?? Especially in the car whilst making “Rock Fists” so the other drivers stare at you??? Oh come on, be honest!!! I know I’m not the only one!

The songs that I crank up are: Rockin’ the Casbah by The Clash, Brickhouse by The Commodores, Under the Bridge by RedHotChiliPeppers, Don’t Dream It’s Over by Crowded House and Gloria by U2. There are others but these are guaranteed sing at the top of my lungs in the car alone songs. I just realized that is one weirdly eclectic list!

Wednesday’s blouse began life as my Mother of the Bride dress. After seeing the wedding pictures I decided I’d get more wear out of it as a blouse. It was just too short. so a little chop-chop and WAH-LAH-new top!

Cardi-Goodwill, Top-Apt9 via Kohls (refashioned), Crops-Goodwill, Sandals-Kohl’s, Purse-Talbots via Goodwill ($3)

Wednesday’s Blingage

Thursday’s Bling-the coral flower pin is vintage

Tell me what songs you like to rock out on!!!

Have a great evening and weekend-chat with y’all Sunday!



  1. Joni said:

    Whoa! You got really tall since I last saw you. haha What’s in those cakes you’re baking?? 😉

    I tried to reply to your e-mail a couple of times but they always come back undeliverable. I wanted to answer your question about what other kind of artsy things I like to do. I do make jewelry from time to time. Do you ever use Ice Resin? It’s great fun. You just pour it into settings with pictures underneath, etc…What kinds of things do you make in your craft room?

    Hello Mr. Bill! I hope you’re being treated well. I know sometimes Mr. Bills can be abused. (Saturday Night Live) LOL

    Happy weekend to you!!!

    • Beryl said:

      When you reply to Tamera’s email, don’t hit reply – it’s not the same address. (Missing a letter.) Cut and paste the “From Address”. Or just type it in. (Ask me how many times it took me to figure this out??)

  2. Stepping My Way to Bliss said:

    I just want to hug Mr. Bill!

    My songs that require tork: Brickhouse; In a Big Country; Play That Funky Music; Burning Down the House–to name just a few.

    Love the coral brooch…reminds me of one I have. : )

  3. Yes, those are some good music choices. I would respectfully add “Give up the funk” by George Clinton/Parliament. Yay for Mr. Bill and the bling!

  4. Vix said:

    Mr Bill is quite the dignified gent and totally adorable, just like his Mum!
    Love that maxi, your bling and the pimp-up Mother-of-the Bride frock, too.
    I’m going to singing Rock The Casbah all day now. You’ve got superb taste in music. It’s like that Bo-Rap scene in Wayne’s World in our car sometimes when a fave tune comes on. Yesterday it was The Who and Baba O’Reilly! xxx

  5. Beryl said:

    I’ll get back to you on the songs, but had to chime in on how cute Mr. Bill is. He does remind me a bit of the Claymation from Saturday Night. You’re killing me with that Talbot’s purse from the Goodwill. I actually wanted it when it was new, but it sold out right away. (I might have had to pay full price for it – like my favorite necklace from Talbots.) I love your fashion sense so much that I stalked the Goodwill for a pair of Black/White Gingham Crops – and found them this week. Liz Clairborne brand. Thanks for the inspiration.
    Great refashion on that dress. And did someone lose too much weight and get really tall, or just discover how to photo shop? (If this makes no sense, just ignore it – might just my computer screen misbehaving.)

  6. Love your dress-to-blouse make over! My favorite sweater used to be a dress. My MIL thinks I’m crazy every time I chop the sleeves or skirt off something, but really I just know I’m more likely to wear it.

    York, my mackerel tabby, is a crazy camera hound, while Bruce, the petite dark-brown boy, will not let you take his photo. He’s never liked the camera. Tough to document the little ruffians at this age though (4 months!) Hopefully they’ll start settling down soon.

  7. pastcaring said:

    Oh Mr Bill is such a cutie. Isn’t it funny that some animals pose beautifully for the camera, and some turn tale as soon as they see it?
    Love the print on your dress-turned-top, and you KNOW I am a sucker for a maxi.
    Songs that get me singing and shaking? Anything, everything, usually in the kitchen while cooking. So far this morning, it’s been Gloria, but by Laura Brannigan not the U2 song; Take me to the River, either Al Green or Talking Heads, don’t mind; and I can see clearly now by Johnny Nash. There are many many more! Love all your choices, by the way. xxxx

  8. Kayla C said:

    I wish my mom would listen to RHCP!

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