Tasty Pink Ooze of Doom….

Hello Blogland!!! I hope the start to the new week has been good for everyone!! So far the crazy meter hasn’t  pinged at work but the week is still young!!Every year our garrison (that’s what we call the army base) has a dessert contest to coincide with our garrison picnic. Last year (my first time entering after much prodding by the co-workers) I won 1st place in the cake division and grand champion overall for my “Slap Yo Mama Butterscotch Toffee Cake”.

This year I decided to expand on the strawberry/chocolate chip cupcakes I made for our daughter’s wedding. I morphed it into a Raspberry Dark Chocolate Cake. Raspberry cake with dark chocolate chip bits layered with chocolate mousse and covered in a Raspberry Swiss Buttercream Icing. Sounds delicious….in theory.

I made a stunt cake to taste test with my very willing co-workers. I found my cake recipe so moist that I couldn’t split the layers in two for extra mousse layering. No biggie–I’ll just make double the layers. This was the least of my problems.

The mousse was so delicate it sort of squished under the dense cake a bit. The real tragedy was the icing. It was a new method of making icing and well…it makes a gorgeous glossy icing that will not stick to vertical surfaces like the sides of cake. It just oozed down the sides. I plopped it on as best I could and put it in the frig hoping it would stiffen up.

It nominally stuck to the sides. I passed out “slices” and apologized that it looked like roadkill. My co-workers all agreed it was extremely TASTY roadkill!! The cake was a hit flavor-wise. Most everyone said it was better than the butterscotch one.

I think I solved my problems–which is why I do a stunt cake. More layers, regular buttercream icing and I’m going to morph the Swiss buttercream with the chocolate mouse for between the layers. Wish me luck!!  I have some pink ooze icing left I puit in the freezer that’ll be awesome on a sheet cake-no sides to ice!!

I am so happy maxi’s will be around this fall. The one I wore Monday will definitely be able to be styles for cooler weather!

Maxi-Ross, Cardi-Kohls, Shoes-Ross, Leather Purse-Sereta via Goodwill for $3!!

Today started out wonky with some pain issues. I went for “out of bed and dressed” as opposed to stylin’!

Crops-Goodwill, Top-Goodwill, Shoes-Kohl’s

Off to work on the quilted wallhanging. My daughter wanted pale yellow as an accent as opposed to the coral I chose so I had to take the centers out and I’m putting in yellow. WAY easier than making new blocks!! I couldn’t live without my seam ripper!!



  1. Donna said:

    Miss Tamera, the cake sounds divine! I so enjoy reading your posts and seeing your smiling face. I’m sure you light up any room you enter. I forward your posts to my daughter in FL so she can see all the doggie fashions.

  2. Sometimes out of bed and dressed is AWESOME! And as for maxis – they are ALWAYS ‘in’ – you just gotta wear em with confidence and a hair flower. Actually, that’s my recipe for life: Confidence and A Hair Flower! The roadkill cake sounds SUBLIME. Send me some! Sarah xxx (PS Thanks for finding me – you’re fabulous!)

  3. Well…Slap Yo Mama! That butterscotch cake sounds like it could be a favorite of mine right quick! Sorry to hear about your stunt cake failures but at least it didn’t go to waste. Good luck on your next run!

  4. Vix said:

    Not only fabulous but a cake making prize winner! “Slap Yo Mama” sounded so good even I want to try some. I love the idea of a stunt cake!!! You look pretty damned gorgeous for a woman with pain issues. I’m with Sarah, maxi’s are always “in”,especially in Blogsville. Snap up as many as you can when they’re on sale and you’ll be wardrobe fabulous for the next ten years. xxx

  5. Cake is an acceptable lunch right? Seriously that sounds so good! I think you look pretty stylish for just throwing something on. Looks very classically chic. Hope you feel better. Pain really makes a day rotten. Best wishes.

  6. Helga said:

    Darling,I love you in your maxi!!! Such a pretty print!You fox everything up with the grooviest accessories!

    Now,that post title has me smiling from ear to ear.For some reason,the word “ooze” always makes me happy!!! That is was pink ooze sounds slightly dodgy,which makes me even happier!

    I long for the days when I was a cheap drunk….now I’m expensive.I must have gained some glass “growing up”?! TJ Swanns “Easy Nights” is the BEST wine name EVER!!! Crikey! How obvious could it have been when someone bought you a bottle?! Bahahaha!

  7. Tamera, let me know you plan on styling your maxi’s for fall/winter. I just started wearing them this year and I’m really sad that I might have to put them away at the end of summer.
    Best of luck with the next cake trial. My weakness is sweets. Sure wish I could have a nibble.

  8. Joni said:

    Thank you so much for your sweet comment on my art blog. You are the best!! We could have a ton of fun in an art room together, couldn’t we???

  9. You’ve got my mouth watering!
    I DO, I mean I DO LOVE Maxi!! I think my favorite looks for you are your maxis, and this one is a winner, too!

  10. Stepping My Way to Bliss said:

    Great maxi on you! Love it. Both outfits are cute and fun. The raspberry dark chocolate cake sounds divine!

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