I love my Kindle!!!

Hello Blogland!! Hope everyone is having a wonderful start to their week!

I am thoroughly enjoying my gifted Kindle!! As an avowed bookworm–this SO much easier to manage. I am a voracious reader and visit the library every third week for a new pile of books. That doesn’t include all of the reading matter I have at home-like my cookbook collection (400+ and 99% thrifted) I actually read cookbooks like regular books!

I have downloaded several free books to read. Grace Livingston Hill is a favorite author. She wrote “romance” novels around 1900-1940. I was blessed to enjoy reading these about 30+ years ago by an aunt who had quite a collection(which her daughter I believe threw AWAY after she died!) They are out of print and libraries no longer carry them.  And they are mondo EXPENSIVE in antique stores. I was so excited to find about a dozen titles FREE for the Kindle!!

I am going to endeavor to read or re-read many of the classics I read in high school and college. Plus I’m hoping to re-read some classics from my childhood like “Mrs.Wiggs of the Cabbage Patch” and the Trixie Belden series. This will keep me busy for a bit!!

It’s still hot, humid and utterly miserable here in Maryland. We were forecast for storms from Friday onward which have gone around us. We maybe got 10 drops of rain so I’ve had to water the veggies. UGH.

Here’s Monday’s ensemble. I’m doing some pattern mixing with the gingham crops and floral sweater.

Crops-Goodwill, Cardigan-Goodwill, Top-Kohl’s , Sandals-Kohls

Tuesday’s outfit turned out to be a pain in the rear. The tank top is this slinky knit stuff. The arm holes are so huge that it kept shifting and my boob would wind up poking out the armhole. Not the look I was going for at ALL!!!  Nothing I can do to fix it so for $1.50 thrifted it’s gone!

Everything is from the Goodwill. This is how I started out this morning before my boobs decided to escape from the tank top!

After buttoning the cardigan. The stupid tank top still twisted around. Must be the material.

Here is da Bling:

Monday: Thrifted pearl bracelets, earrings. Cherub blowing a pearl butt-bubble pendant from yard sale this weekend.

Tuesday: Bracelets made by me, Thrifted necklace, Copper earrings so old I can’t remember where they came from

Well, I must brave the heat and harvest some veggies. My tomato plants are groaning and I know there are probably 10 million cucumbers ready!

Have a great evening and see you Thursday!!




  1. Great outits! I love Grace Livingston Hill, too.
    Haven’t jumped to the Kindle yet, don’t know why.

    • Lol! meant great outfits! But, the original goes with your post as a very bad pun.

  2. Sherry said:

    Love the outfits and your new haircut! I’m glad you’re enjoying your Kindle. My husband and his two brothers gave their mother one for Christmas a couple of years ago and now you never see her without it. She is an avid reader and a retired librarian. I was shocked at how fast she took to it. She’s in her late 70’s!

    I hope you get cooler and wetter weather soon! I think our Alabama weather moved in with you. It’s been a little cooler than normal here and last week it rained almost every day. Of course we were camping and it always rains when we camp. 🙂 Maybe we need to try camping in Maryland. It might get you some rain for your garden. 🙂

  3. Beryl said:

    Margehess’s “outits” puns killed me. It must be a week for unintentional slightly titillating, but perfect puns. But I love the brown cardigan you covered up the problem with.
    I admitted last week that I was so addicted to reading that I would read the ingredients list on the catsup bottle if I didn’t have a book. In addition to reading my cookbooks like you do, I also read my sewing patterns.

  4. Don’t you just hate that when something underneath twists like that? I have found it usually happens when there’s a nap or “one way” texture to the fabric. Like velvet or velour sometimes. I’ve thrown things away because they do that. I like the cardigan open and it looks great with your gingham crops! Ya got any waffles back there??? 😉

  5. Vix said:

    Boobs escaping through arm holes? That sounds like fun (I’d have to find some first!)
    Your hair’s looking fab and so are you. I wish I could send some of our rain your way, it’s at it again but we have been promised sunshine for the weekend…at last! x

  6. Love the pattern mix in the first outfit. Eep about the tank in the second! The cardi is very cute though. Good layering shirts are hard to find imo.

    Congrats on reading! I love my Nook and definitely take advantage of all the free/cheap stuff when I can.

    Jealous of your cukes! Ours died last year really quickly. We got one little spikey nubby cuke before the plants died. We got tomatoes growing (I don’t like them though) and onions and peppers this year.

  7. Helga said:

    Hello Madam!!!
    I love my Kindle too! Changed my life! It was excellent for our recent trip.
    What IS it with tops and other garmetns that twist?? Drives me mad,and I get rid of them.I’m mad enoguh without that sort of carry on!!!
    Thanks for dropping by my blog,and i very happy to meet you!

  8. Cheryl said:

    Love the haircut! I was inspired to shorten mine, too. I’m Air Force civil service and sooooooo identify with you.

  9. Stepping My Way to Bliss said:

    And I love my NOOK. I didn’t think I would as much as I do. I love the selection of “free” books as well and thanks for the information about Grace Livingston Hill…I have never read her. After to reading a new “bestseller” and enduring way too many uses of the “F” word (and others), something clean and good sounds wonderful!

  10. pastcaring said:

    Outits? Good grief, that top sounds fraught with danger, back to the thrift store it had to go! Some clothes are a pain to wear, they twist or ride up or scratch or slip, and then you never wear them again. Never mind, there are always other tops.
    Like Vix said, you are very welcome to some of our rain. Yep, raining again today. My plants are covered in slugs and snails. xxxx

  11. Terri said:

    Love the cherub pearl necklace! I’ve come here trying to figure out WHY though I follow you that your blog isn’t turning up in my reader…no answers yet.

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