I need butt implants!!

Hello Blogland!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend!!  I’ve finally got all the pieces to the quilt project cut out and arranged. now to start sewing!

After helping with our church homeless outreach in town Friday evening the hubster and I went out to the new Sonic for dinner. It was nice but I wouldn’t go out of my way to eat there. The cherry-limeade was tasty but as far as I’m concerned the burgers and fries weren’t anything spectacular.

Saturday I spent the day cleaning and puttering after running some errands in the morning. Had to mail a package out and stop by the Mennonite Nursery for some corn on the cob (YUM) I managed to find a fairly decent yard sale to hit up.

Vintage scarves, necklaces and some seriously COOL earrings for $1.50

The big pearl pendant has a cherub riding it–awesomeness. Those gold spiky things are clip-on earrings from the 60’s. The lady gave them to me when I oohhed and aaahhed over them. I’m thinking they NEED to be taking a trip to New Zealand to live with the amazing Ms. Helga Von Trollop..

Oh yeah–butt implants. I seriously have NO BOOTY. I’m the true definition of pancake butt. Jennifer Lopez has got more back then me–which considering my SIZE is really funny. It makes finding pants sometimes problematic–if it fits my tummy it often looks like I have a saggy load in the back. Add to that I’m also short-waisted and the crotch can be hanging down around my knees.  I do a lot of alterations when I can to get pants to fit.

Two pairs I wore last week, the olive and the tan pinstripe, went in the give-away pile along with a pair of light blue denim crops. I just couldn’t alter them enough to make them work. Which is why it’s great to buy thrifted stuff– if it won’t work no biggie.

Sunday’s post for Visible Monday would not be complete without a photo of Her Majesty KaeKae.  She was snoozing on her pillow in the Craft Palace snoring away yesterday afternoon.

It’s exhausting being a Diva!!!!

Judging by what I observed at church today, it seems we ladies of a certain age have enthusiastically embraced the maxi dress!!! Everyone was raving about how comfortable they are!

I’ve worn this dress before but recently thrifted the teal cardi that matched perfectly.

I got the newest Roaman’s and Jessica London catalogs for Fall and they are showing Maxi’s for Fall/winter with boots and blazers. YAY!!! Some of mine will work well styled that way. This one won’t as it’s too summery but that’s ok. I’m looking forward to wearing others come cooler weather.

A dear friend gave me her Kindle2 (she got an Ipad) so I am off to learn how to play with my new toy!!!

I’m linking up with Visible Monday and Monday Mingle as usual!!



  1. It is exhausting being a diva! My cat feels the same way! You are meant to wear this shade of blue…it looks great on you! I also wrote about how much I got while thrift shopping…just for fall not summer! Have a great week, Tamera!!

  2. Joni said:

    Too funny! I was just checking out my rear in the mirror the other day when I stepped out of the shower. I thought to myself, “Where in the heck did it go?” And then I realized it had fallen about 3 inches!! Jeez, don’t ya just love this aging stuff? I use to have a round butt but now it looks like a soggy waffle. 😉

    Maxi dresses are wonderful just for this reason alone!!

  3. Looking at Her Majesty makes me very . . sleepy . . . Your new jewelry looks wonderful, not cookie-cutter but very personal. Thanks so much for sharing!

  4. Gorgeous maxi dress on you, and great yard sale finds! You made me laugh about the butt implants. I have that flat white girl no junk in the trunk problem, too 😛

  5. The cardi does go great with the maxi. I’m not a maxi wearer- but the great thing about the maxi is how many people are embracing dressing up again. Congrats on the Kindle! I adore my Nook. It’s getting on in age, I have one of the first e-ink ones, but I use it every single day.

  6. You REALLY look wonderful in a maxi! I’m glad to hear they’ll be still in style this fall.

    If you love to read, you’ll absolutely love the Kindle!

  7. Crack up about the cracker buns… 🙂 Don’t you love it when you find a sweater and it matches something in your wardrobe? I have found that just buying what I like has made such a difference. I used to buy entire outfits but when I decided to buy things I liked and worry about an outfit, all the pieces seemed to mesh together over time. But enough about me, this post is about YOU! And KaeKae of course. Such a diva. You both look great! 🙂

  8. Vix said:

    You definitely rock the maxi to the max! I wear thermal leggings and big knitted socks underneath mine in the winter and nobody is any the wiser! Love Miss Kaekae sprawled out like that and that terrific yard sale haul. You’re right, Helga would go wild for that pendant! x

  9. Oh, I love this outfit on you. It is very chic and is a great summer look. I agree on the maxi’s. I almost bought another one yesterday, but I stopped myself as I have enough clothes as it is.
    Mis KaeKae is quite a cute diva! They don’t make things for dogs as big as mine. I don’t think I could wrestle them anyway to put something on.
    As to the rear end, if I could just switch my stomach with my rear I’d be doing great! Ah well, we have to deal with what we have, right?
    You find the coolest things!

  10. pastcaring said:

    Hi Tamera, thanks so much for commenting on my blog, it’s nice to meet you! Vix was telling me about you as she attracted all kinds of attention with the fabulous Frida pendant you made for her!
    You look great in a maxi dress, love the colours. As you might have noticed, I love a maxi! And the scarves and jewellery you found are fabulous.
    Love Curtise xx

  11. That maxi + cardi is just awesome! See, I told you you could do maxis for fall/winter – nice when the magazines “finally” catch up to us, ha!

    Love seeing little Ms. Diva there, hee hee. Vizzini has a serious case of the flops with our warm weather.

  12. Loooove this shade of teal. It looks great with this maxi. You look very pretty.
    This reminds me I thrifted a short sleeved top in this exact color ages ago and have yet to wear it. I need to pair it with something fast cuz it’s a nice color I think.

  13. Terri said:

    Maxis for winter as well? I need to get off my “butt” and find a couple. The teal cardigan looks great with this one.

  14. Beryl said:

    I agree that Helga could really rock those earrings, but that isn’t to say that you can’t make them work for you too. My favorite thing about my Nook is that as it gets later in the day, I can just increase the font size on what I’m reading, turn out the lights, and read myself to sleep without bothering my husband. And since it stores all those silly paperbacks I can’t live without – all the Jane Austen, Sherlock Holmes, etc, I have lots more crafting space.

  15. Nicki said:

    Gorgeous sweater and outfit!

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