Color blocking and cupcakes

Hello Blogland!! How is everyone doing this fine evening?? Luckily for me today is my Friday this week (I work 9 hour days M-TH and have every other Friday off) because it’s been a craptastic week work-wise.

This week was redeemed however by good news for the hubster. Lauren is/was a biomedical engineer specializing in the intstallation, repair and maintenance of Mammography machines (he always was a boob man-hehehehehe) The company he worked for (15 years) went out of business in October 2009. He was unemployed for over a year-which SUCKED!!

Anyway, we had an opening where I work for a Vault Technician/Drafting Engineer. He is in charge of the archives-both paper and computer, of all of the drawings going back to the 1940’s. He is currently scanning all of the old and historic documents and setting them up in the computer database he developed. He is also repairing the old documents. Perfect job for someone very neat and organized and shall I say, anal retentive!

Lauren actually has a degree In Engineering Drafting and Design. I was his professor at the Technical college where he got the degree but that’s a story for another day <GRIN>

Well, this job had been open for over a year and we couldn’t get anyone qualified to apply for it.  Lauren was more than qualified and would apply but he never made the candidate list because he wasn’t already a govt. employee or a veteran and we’d only get 5 names every time they announced the position.

My supervisors knew Lauren and asked for his resume. They made a way for him to get the position as a student hire. He had to go back to school and get an updated certificate in Mechanical Engineering. He graduated this past May. He found out today that he is now a Career Army employee. PLUS–he got a $6,000 per year pay raise!! He now makes more money then when he left his old job!! We are going out to the new Sonic in town tomorrow nite to celebrate.

Wednesday’s outfit was pretty simple but comfortable. I love Indian Batik clothing–it’s so soft and airy. This blouse will definitely be in play as a layering piece in cold weather.

Blouse-LizClaiborne via Rescue mission, Crops via Goodwill, Sandals via Kohls, Purse-Vintage via Goodwill

Here’s a close-up of the jewelry. I realized I needed to start doing this! I have lots of Mudd brand jewelry-it’s a teenybopper line but I like the stuff. Plus you can get it at thrift store prices on sale if you keep your eyes open!

Necklace-Mudd via Kohl’s, Earrings-No Idea, Beaded Bracelet-Goodwill, Silver Bracelet-Goodwill

I’m participating in this month’s EverybodyEverywhere Challenge:Colorblocking. I don’t have all that much in the way of solid summery tops or colorful bottoms. I pulled some stuff together and decided to go with shades of orange and green. I must’ve run across 10 people today with orange tops on!!

Cardigan-Apt9 via Kohls, Top-Apt9 via Kohls, Crops-Venezia via Goodwill, Shoes-Clarks via Goodwill, Purse via Goodwill

Here’s the jewelry:

Bracelets-ACMoore Crafts ($1 each!), Earrings-forgot where, Pin-Specially made for me

There is an amazing story behind the pin. I participated in a vintage corsage swap in January 2011. I was partnered with a lady across the country. We could choose either red or pink as the theme (these were to be exchanged for Valentine’s Day) She chose pink so I made one incorporating lots of vintage trims. Here’s a picture:

I sent it off but did not hear from my partner.  I’m going to share her story with y’all. She got in touch with me after receiving her corsage and was apologizing about being late.

My partner was Mary Reeder. She made the stunning corsage  from vintage ribbons. She gave it a fabulous Latino flavor as it is Mariachi season in Tuscon.

You see, Mary Reeder is a survivor of the Congresswoman Gifford’s shooting in Arizona last year. She was shot point-blank in her back and both arms while protecting her daughter, and by the grace of God, no vital organs or bones were hit. I was stunned when I learned this and I am so honored that she , with everything going on in her life, and in pain, made me, a stranger for all intents and purposes, this beautiful work of LOVE. I am going to treasure this corsage.

Well–I’m off to attend to wrapping 100 cupcakes for our church’s homeless feeding tomorrow. Have a great evening!!




  1. Vix said:

    Congratulations to Lauren! A new job and a pay rise, that’s definitely a great excuse for a party!!
    Love those close-ups of your jewellery and the two colourful outfits, the orange bag is a beauty and Indian Batik is a big favourite of mine, too.
    That’s incredible about Mary Reeder, I remember how shocking the news was and her brave recovery, how lovely to have sent her a gift and to get something beautiful back.
    Good luck with those cupcakes! xxx

  2. Louise said:

    Wow! I love the story about your corsage! What an incredible, special treasure.

    And congrats to your husband for his new job!

  3. Awww congrats to Lauren on the new job! That’s so exciting. Mine is still hunting for a new one, and I just decided to create my own. Heehee.

    I am floored by that green and orange look. @U@ I love it!! The colors are bright and cheery.

    The story behind the pin is quite special and incredible. I know that’s a piece you’ll treasure forever.

  4. Beryl said:

    What a full post today. First, I want the rest of the story about how you dated one of your students and eventually married him? What’s up with that? Also, I think your Batik outfit is great and very flattering. Then there is that great orange top which looks terrific with your coloring. And finally, that is quite the story about Mary Reeder. How did you get paired with her for the Vintage Corsage Swap? Thanks for your cheery pictures!

  5. Lou said:

    What an amazing story behind the corsage! What an incredible woman. Love the Mudd jewellery you’ve photographed, currently googling the brand now… x

  6. So much cool stuff here: congrats to your hubby on the new job! super outfit with the colour-blocking (I love the purpley-blue top in the first outfit, too)! what an inspiring and touching story about your corsage!

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