I’m Meeeeelllllttttiiiinnnngggg!!!

Hello Blogland!!! Greetings from what is evidently now the surface of the sun!!!It’s currently 98 degrees out at 6pm and forecast to hit 105+ degrees tomorrow. Seriously–I am DONE with this heat. Plus we have super high humidity so it’s extra steamy and sticky out.  I am truly a cold weather gal.

I’ve been a slug staying in the AC as much as possible. The heat makes my fibro flare up and I ache like I’ve run a marathon with a 100lb backpack being beat with a baseball bat. BUT…enough whining! I managed to stop by the Brethren Thrift on my way home from work today. I love this place–super cheap and always a unique assortment of stuff. Clothing can be meh (way to polyester grandmaw stuff) but I can always find cool accessories and often craft stuff.

Today I spent the huge price of $3.50 and came home with some gorgeous silk scarves, vintage jewelry, a nice chocolate-brown button down fitted Dressbarn  blouse (which is now in the wash and on my fall want list) and some vintage ties for the lovely Megan at MeganMaeDaily!

Vintage enamel pin & earrings, Perry Ellis, Bill Blass, Sonya D’or and a nameless silk scarves

I can’t wait to see what Megan creates with these!!

Mostly 60’s and 70’s era polyester ties. Think how cool they looked with the polyester bellbottom wide lapel suits!!!

Yesterday was a repeat of this maxi dress outfit entirely. I had a funeral for a co-workers mom to attend during work so I wanted to look appropriate and still be cool. I don’t know what is happening to society these day. We have become too casual in our attire. Someone showed up to the funeral in a t-shirt, cargo shorts, and flip-flops. He looked like he was going down to the 7-11 for a Slurpee and not to a funeral of a close family member.

It’s gotten so bad with people not knowing how to dress appropriately that our Garrison (army base) will soon have a dress code for the civilians who work there.  There are grown women of a certain age (over 45) who think booty shorts and stripper heels are perfectly ok to wear to work.  I am not kidding–these are people in high visibility managerial positions. And men who come to work in mangy tshirts and too-big jeans or sweatpants.  They blow off any complaints because there is no written dress code. not for long!!

It was so much nicer when people took the time to dress up when they went out.  now they look like they just rolled out of bed and put on the first thing in on top of the pile on the floor.

Enough ranting!! Today I went all pale neutral–which is super unusual for me-a gal who loves her COLOR. I felt very fresh in this outfit in the insane heat and may now look to adding more neutrals. I’ve certainly been inspired by Sheila of Ephemera’s June challenge capsule where she rocked the neutrals all month-long!

Top-pale taupe & white gingham via Goodwill, Crops-thrifted years ago!, Sandals-Croft&Barrow via Kohl’s, Purse-Rosetti via Goodwill-just too lazy to change it up today!

I’ll be highlighting a fantastic blogger who rocks the vintage and isn’t afraid to be visible from the UK on Sunday!!  Everyone keep cool and I’ll see ya Sunday evening!!!



  1. dockfam said:

    All that for 3.50? Wow! Even my thrift stores by my house doesn’t get that good!

  2. Louise said:

    You are too funny! Only you can make me laugh at a description of how much your fibro hurts. That takes some talent! And yesterday’s comment about the zucchini and orbits? I’m totally stealing that.

    I really like those ties that you gathered for Megan Mae. I just scored some of her button flowers (or futton blowers, as we call them around here) and want one of her obi belts. Don’t you love those crafty young ‘uns? 🙂

    Stay cool. Feel free to borrow my patented method: standing like a crazed seagull in front of the air conditioner, flapping my arms and squawking…

  3. Ohmygoodness, I’m so excited for the ties! They’re quite funky and beautiful! Major score. I think at least one of them is going to match up perfectly with one of the ties I have leftover from my last batch and it would make a fantastic belt. I’ll definitely be sending you some buttonflowers in return! (Let me know if you want any specific colors!)

    I totally agree with appropriateness. As someone who never attended a funeral before this year, I’ve been to two. I was quite appalled at some of the choices people made. Same thing with weddings.

    Anyway sorry to hear about the heat. It’s been vicious. We had it bad today.

    I like your all neutral outfit. You’ve still got pattern, shine and color (in the bag!). Those little details take something simple to the next level. Plus I bet the light colors were a lot cooler than darker ones!

  4. Stepping My Way to Bliss said:

    Vintage scarves, vintage jewelry…what a perfect shopping expedition. As for the whole taking about five minutes to get dressed thingy…you don’t want me on the soapbox for this one. I am excited that your base will go back to a dress code. Let’s bring back, and enforce, dress codes EVERYWHERE…banks, offices, schools, medical places, restaurants, stores, etc, etc, etc. I am TIRED of too much skin, tattoos everywhere–even in the places I shouldn’t have to see– pjs and sweats for all occasions, jeans fastened below the butt, UNDERWEAR–should I go on? After all this is your blog. ; ) At least you are keeping the bar high Ms.Tamera!

  5. I love you in neutral! Do you like linen? My fav fabric for summer. 🙂
    I can’t believe someone would wear a t-shirt to a funeral and shorts & heels to work!? Disturbing…
    Try to keep cool, and have a great weekend!

  6. This is a perfect outfit for these hot, hot, hot days! I know exactly what you mean about funerals today. I was dressed appropriately for the last one I went to, but I wished I’d had a camera for the wide variety of get-ups I saw.

  7. I’m often appalled at the low level of awareness of what’s appropriate attire and what is not! People don’t seem to get that it’s not about being comfortable; it’s about respect for yourself and others.

    Thank you so much for the shout-out, sweetie! You look awesome in those neutrals!

    I wish I had that kind of score! pricing at my thrift stores! Wow! Amazing deals! I love those metal daisies.

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