Happy Independence Day!!

Hello Blogland!! Hope everyone here in the states is enjoying the 4th!! It is certainly HOT her in MD!!! I’ll be watching the fireworks from the comfort of my air-conditioned recliner!! The family is getting together Saturday for a cook-out.

KaeKae in the patriotic mode!!

Went out early this morning to pick stuff in the garden. sheesh–some of the zucchini got so big since yesterday the other vegetables were orbiting them!

I’m spending the rest of this hot day in my craft palace creating. I have some ideas involving Frida Kahlo and metal. I could lose myself just making stuff–especially when it doesn’t involve the sewing machine or mending!!

It’s been a busy week at work–tons of new projects assigned. I swear I am tasked with engineering the replacement of every roof on the installation (army base). I am now the Roofing Queen—yippee!

I’ve been looking for a short-sleeved denim jacket for warm weather wear. Everyone I’ve found was too heavy or boxy looking. I spotted this denim blouse over the weekend at the goodwill and tried it on over the maxi I was wearing. PERFECT.  It’s a nice weight–not too busy and  works over maxi’s tops. It’s actually a tad too short and tight to be worn as a blouse for me but this is just what I’ve been looking for!

Maxi via Ross, Denim Jacket-Faded Glory via Goodwill, Sandals via Kmart

I broke out of the maxi mold yesterday. I realized I’m going to need to take the blouse straps up a bit as it kept dipping down too low all day. Good thin I was wearing a camisole or it would’ve been SHOWTIME!!  I also am sporting another new to me purse!! I’ve been wanting a lime green one and scored one at Goodwill for $3!!

Cardigan-apt9via Kohl’s, Top-Apt9 via Kohls, Crops -Dressbarn via Goodwll, Sandals-Croft&Barrow via Kohls, Purse-Rosetti via Goodwill

Hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday!! I’m off to indulge in the pile of beads and stuff on my work table!!




  1. Vix said:

    Happy 4th July to you, your family and the divine Miss KaeKae!!!! Fireworks tonight and more celebrations at the weekend? That’s my kind of party! Keep the fun going!
    Love you in that maxi with the denim shirt, I’d wear that in a heartbeat and the print on the top is just gorgeous. Frida Kahlo and metal? The roofing queen? You get more interesting the more I get to know you. Have fun, gorgeous. xxxxxx

  2. I especially love the colors in the top and bag. Some of my fav summer shades. Congrats on the purse score!

    Miss KaeKae looks so cute in her little patriotic outfit.

    Hope you’re having a fun day crafting!

  3. lazycakes said:

    I have been enjoying your blog for a few months now, Your sense of humour and fashion fabulousness(sp?) is wonderful!!! Thank you so much!

  4. Sheila said:

    Tamera, you rock the maxi! Love it on you! That green purse and the denim thin jacket are awesome finds.

    Aw, KaeKae is so cute. 🙂

  5. Beryl said:

    There are three wonderful outfits in this post. Great Maxi and I love the Apt 9 top from Kohls. (I need to go check it out.) But of course, the star outfit has to be KaeKae in her Red, White, and Blue!

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