Ditching the “Fat Girl” Rules…

Hello Blogland! I hope everyone is having a marvelous weekend!! We had some horrific storms here Friday Nite! A Derecho Storm–which is also known as a “land hurricane”. The wind was BRUTAL. We didn’t lose power but our internet connection has been a bit wonky!

Being a gal of a “certain size”….ok let’s get real–you’ve seen my picture—what is known as a “fat girl”, I’ve internalized some rules along the way. I’m finding, as I’m getting older (I’m getting near the “Bite Me” age) and gaining more confidence thru blogging, that those “rules” are a bunch of crap.

There isn’t any fashion police out there that’s gonna arrest me for crimes against style. If there were–they would be plenty BUSY in Walmart. If you’ve never checked out peopleofwalmart.com, do so and you’ll see what I mean!

“Like don’t wear white after labor day.” Why not?? White cashmere sweaters, winter white wool,  heck SNOW is white. It’s not the white color–it’s the fabric/style. White eyelet summer dresses look kind of dumb in 20 degree weather.

“Fat girls should wear black took slim.” Um, guess what. You just look BIG and black. Wear colors that make you happy and look good on you. I’d rather look happy and radiant and BIG in orange than dull and BIG in black.  Remember my motto–if ya can’t hide it-decorate it!!  I have learned to embrace color and pattern. If I feel happy and confident in it–then I will carry myself in a different way.

“Fat girls can’t wear pixie haircuts because it makes their heads look too small in proportion to their body”  I’ve always heard that if your big you need big hair to balance your body. I’d need an afro hairdo the circumference of a small planet to accomplish that. There ain’t enough hairspray to tease out my hair to make it big enough. I’ve tried letting my hair grow out–only to look like I skinned some road kill and am wearing the pelt on my head.  I got disgusted and had it chopped off in a pixie (how I adore Jamie Lee Curtis and Judi Densch).

The amazing thing is the world get revolving and my head didn’t get enveloped in the blubber. This style has been lauded almost universally by everyone I know as the best style they’ve ever seen me in.  another “rule” broken!

I believe a fat girl can wear anything she wants too. It’s all in proportions and hydraulics. There’s nothing wrong with a big girl wearing a halter or strapless top. We just need the appropriate hydraulics to keep the nipples from pointing at the floor.  There are size 6 gals who need to wear a bra under their strapless/halters. It’s not the “size” of the blouse, it’s the boobage.

Like shorts or short skirts. It’s all about the legs. Too tight riding up your butt crack camel-toe shorts look disgusting on a size 2 just as much as a size 22.  It’s all in the fit and proportions. For modesty purposes and not to blind anyone with the bright whiteness of my legs–I stick to stuff below the knee. But check out Tavia at Nine to Fly to see how a “deluxe” model gal rocks the shorts!!  She looks amazing!!!

I won’t even get started on how we ladies of a “certain age” are supposed to dress. Threw those rules out the window , too. I’m going to wear what I like when I like!!!

Hopping off of my soapbox-I stopped at the Goodwill on the way home from church today and snagged a couple of goodies. Some you’ll see later this week. I have been looking for some key items for fall/winter to fill in some spots.

Avenue blouse with $34.50 tags still on it for $3

A dark teal buttondown blouse was on my “want” list. This color is supposed to be, according to Pantone, one of the hot colors this fall/winter. It’s also one of my favorite colors so SCORE!!! I just need to hem the bottom a tad.

CJBanks grey denim embroidered jacket

I didn’t NEED another jacket but this was too stunning to leave for $3 and a perfect fit. The embroidery is stunning in teal and plum colors.

KaeKae in her “I know I’m Fabulous” shirt.

Again–another maxi!!! How I am loving them this summer!!!

Maxi-Sonoma via Kohls, Cardigan via Goodwill, Purse via Goodwill, Sandals-Croft&Barrow via Goodwill

I’m liking up with all of the visible and fabulous ladies at Visible Monday, Monday Mingle and Thrifters Anonymous!



  1. I love the maxi dress. You look stunning in it. I rarely go to Kohls, but I may have to for beautiful dresses like this one!
    I am always stunned by what you find at Goodwill. I adore the embroidery on the denim jacket. That one would’ve gone home with me too for that price.
    I am so with you on the fat girl rules. I thinking blogging has made me realize that one’s self-confidence is what can make an outfit no matter what size you happen to be. You look confident and stunning! (So does KaeKae!)

  2. Laura said:

    I love “People of Walmart”. Always go there when I need some stress relief! I also love your maxi’s and your pixie haircut. You look terrific!
    As for the rules….look up the Honey Badger on you tube and you’ll know what I mean.

      • P.S. Tamera, you look absolutely beautiful in this post. I believe rules are definitely meant to be broken.

  3. Your maxi is beautiful! That was a great kOHLS purchase…and perfect for summer. I think most of us in blogland have thrown rules out the window. You have to decide what is best for YOU (no one else) and decide what messages YOU want to communicate…then dress as YOU want to. And I suspect that is what keeps that fabulous smile on your face!!

  4. Kim,USA said:

    Oh my I love this outfit! Red color is pretty good on you. Happy Sunday!


  5. I love your message today, Tamera – do what feels good and right for you. And you always look good, happy and confident when I “see” you here! : > Thanks so much for linking up.

  6. Style Mentor™ said:

    “hydraulics”… I busted up so many times I LOST COUNT! CRACK UP!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love your blog. 🙂
    And you look pretty darn cute, and dare I say, SUPERMODELISH” in that maxi outfit. 😀

  7. Stepping My Way to Bliss said:

    I’m with the Style Mentor–you had me laughing so hard, especially the pixie haircut section. You wear many things so well, I think it is great you have thrown out the rules book. But what you wear the best is your smile, sense of humor and personality.

  8. Hear, hear, Tamera! This one made me smile. I think I’m nearing the “bite me” age, too. (Love that!) You cut your hair a little shorter recently, didn’t you? I noticed a few days back how cute it looks in one of your photos. Nicely done!

  9. Joni said:

    Another great maxi! I thought of you today as I headed to Ross. But, I ended up spending too much time at Nordstrom Rack and had to run home to make dinner. Hopefully this next week I’ll get there. I only have one maxi dress and one maxi skirt and they’re the perfect summer clothing piece that’s cool but still modest. You look great and looks like you’re having fun blogging!

  10. Kayla C said:

    i love all your new maxis! i’m not loving the jean jacket, but looking forward to see how you style it to change my mind!

  11. Vix said:

    You are hilarious! I get so mad with so-called style advice. I read a blog yesterday telling us that 70% of Brits said bikinis shouldn’t be worn after a woman reaches 39 years old, wtf? You look totally gorgeous in your maxi, loving the new-to-you denim blazer and KaeKae is the coolest pup ever! xxx

  12. Haha! What a great post!!
    You look SO pretty in your maxi! 🙂

  13. Break all the rules! My SIL has a pixie cut. She’s also got salt-n-pepper hair and I adore it! It looks so beautiful on her. I actually think I look awful in a pixie. I think my features are too petite for it and prefer at least bob length. Conversely I love ankle accentuating shoes. “They” say not to cut off the leg at the ankle, but mine tend to look funny in what is considered flattering by advice givers.

    Fab find on the jacket and shirt! I find jackets are like bunnies. I owned maybe one or two jackets and suddenly I have eight jackets and three coats. And I live somewhere predominatly warm 3 out of 4 seasons.

    The maxis look great on you. You carry them off so well. And what I am really loving is that incredible metallic bag! Amazing!

    (Also re: skirt size – I’m a 2/4. I couldn’t find your email on your site to respond to your comment.)

  14. you are a goof! It’s hard to take the challenges we have in stride and with humor. You stated it perfectly. I’ve been there and can totally relate…………I might not say bite me but it certainly comes to mind more times than I would like.

  15. Your “rules” just made me laugh and even though I am regular size, I can still relate because at 61 I still want to be stylish. I recently went prairie dog hunting, yes with my own rifle, and my niece asked my sister if I was wearing a scarf and earrings.

  16. Kristin said:

    You look lovely! Pretty much the only rule I subscribe to is the rule of fit!

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