Hot House Flower

Hello Blogland!!! Everyone having a good week?? The weather here in Maryland was PERFECT the beginning of the week. Highs around 80, sunny, low humidity. And of course, being Maryland  it completely changed today.

It’s HOT!!! Like 100 degree HOT with humidity so high it feels like a steam bath outside. And it’s gonna be like this all through the weekend. UGH I loathe hot weather. I’m a cool weather gal. You can always layer on more clothes to get warmer, but there’s only so much you can take off before you scare small children & pets or get arrested.

I’ve got lot’s of indoor projects planned because delicate blossom that I am I will just wilt in the heat.  I’ve been absent from posting earlier this week because I was taking advantage of the nice weather playing in this:

My veggie garden

Pickings have been slim in the thrifts lately. I’m on the hunt for fall/winter stuff now. I did find a NEW to me thrift store this week. I went down a different street to bypass some traffic crap and found a nifty place called Thrift Angel full of all kinds of goodies. How did I, the Queen of Thrifting not know this was there????I only had a few minutes to browse but I managed to find a CJBANKS charcoal grey LEOPARD PRINT microsuede jacket for $3!!! I’ll definitely be going back!!

I also discovered that my newest co-worker is a fashionista, too. She wants to learn about style blogging so I been sending her links to all of your wonderful sites for inspiration. We have a daily style chat which I am sure her male coworkers in her area LOVE…LOLOL!!

And on to this weeks styling. I will admit that Monday was one of those “Hey I am out of bed and dressed-what more do you want?? Migraine from hell days” so I took the path of least resistance.

Blouse-CJBanks via Salvation Army, Crops-Denim & Co via Goodwill, Shoes-LizClaiborne via Goodwill, Grin via Good Drugs!!!

Tuesday’s top is going in the “maybe” pile. I’ve worn it twice and it’s just not working. It’s too “big”–wide and can’t be belted (weird tier things)to  make it more fitted. Ah well–only paid $1.50 for it.

Top-Cato via Goodwill, Crops-Thrifted, Shoes-Comfortview via Roamans

I’ve totally turned into a maxi-fiend!! PERFECT for this miserable hot weather.  I teach a handiworks class to teens on Wednesday evenings before church  and several of the girls told me they loved my outfit. Teen girl fashion approval of the highest order!!!

Maxi via Ross ($12.99!), Cardigan-Apt9 via Kohls, Purse via Goodwill, Orange Cami-ancient!, Sandals-Sam&Libby via Goodwill

More divine “maxiness”!!! These will be my go-to outfits this summer. I feel very polished, professional, and put-together–AND it satisfies my inner hippie!!

Cardigan-George via Goodwill, Maxi-Sonoma via Kohls , Sandals-Jaclyn Smith via Kmart, Purse via Goodwill

Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend planned!! See y’all Sunday unless I melt!!



  1. Stepping My Way to Bliss said:

    Ummm, why did I think you lived in Kansas? Weird.

    I love that blue top…the color is so gorgeous. Is there a way you can save it? Take it on the sides maybe?

    And you do look great in the maxi. Skirts are my friends during the summer months. : )

  2. Joni said:

    Ooh, I didn’t think to look at Ross for maxi dresses. Great idea! These look great on you and you especially look good in blues.

  3. Vix said:

    You do make me smile! Your veggie garden is a joy. Fancy swapping? I’m a hot weather girl, I curse my luck on a daily basis for being born British!
    Liking the sound of your new leopard acquisition, loving Tuesday’s top (bet it would look fab with a waistcoat over the top) and man, do you look good in those maxis? No wonder the teens loved them, you were born to wear long dresses, they make you so tall and willowy!
    Have a fab weekend, my dear friend! xxx

  4. Mel said:

    Love the maxi’s on you! Now, to figure what about the proportions works so well, so you can replicate the proportions with other styles. I haven’t figured it out either…but shorter jackets, longish crops, and 2″ heels look great on me. My best ‘look’ by far.

  5. Tamera, the maxis are great. I can’t decide which one looks best. I just started wearing them this summer. I don’t know what took me so long!

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