The Grand Finale of Fashion Challenge Week!!

Hello Blogland!!  Hope everyone has an awesome weekend planned!

Today is the last day of the Fashion Challenge! It’s been loads of fun! Today was Pastel or Neon. I like bright colors as opposed to pastels so I wanted to challenge myself with something pastel. I scored my blouse this week-I’ve been wanting a tropical print top but everything is too boxy or I just didn’t like the print.

I passed this blouse by on the rack initially. I backtracked and pulled it out for a better look and I am glad I did. It’s a wonderful rayon drapey fabric. I loved the print- it looks like vintage postcards-which I collect. but the best part is that it has darts along the waist that nips it in and makes it less boxy. AND for $3???? Mine!!

But first–my resident Diva Miss thang wanted to participate in the challenge. She’s rockin’ her neon  today.

Miss Kae-Kae in a neon yellow dress with neon green and pink accents via Ross

Blouse-LizClaiborne via Goodwill, Linen Crops-Goodwill, Purse-Goodwill, Sandals-Croft&Barrow via Kohls

Note the new location-It was actually daylight when I took my picture today. This is my front porch.

I got several compliments on the outfit while I was running errands today. I gotta say pickings were slim in the 4 thrifts I visited while I was in town. I managed to get a canner with the rack (I want to start canning) and a nice Wexford glass relish plate.

Well–I need to ice two dozen cupcakes (Coconut with chocolate icing-like a Mounds) for tomorrow and get my rubberstamping stuff together for the demos.

Y’all have a great evening and I’ll be back Sunday!



  1. Stepping My Way to Bliss said:

    Haha! What we do to our poor pets : ). I am curious, Tamera, how many handbags do you own? I am not sure I have seen the same one twice. And I thought I had a lot.

  2. Excellent thrifted blouse! Also how cute at your little pup for joining the challenge too! I think in the past year, that’s a first! (You should totally submit that to Keely’s round-up)

    Goodluck with the canning, and btw, I’ll happily take those two dozen cupcakes off your hands. Mounds/almond joys are my favorite!

  3. Cute!! You and Miss Kae-Kae!! I really do like your hair! 🙂

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