Fashion Challenge: Platform or Flat

Hello Blogland!! How are y’all doing??

Todays Fashion challenge was Platforms or Flats.

I must confess I am a shoe freak!! LOVE them!!  Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately for my wallet!) I have wide feet and am hard to fit. I’m REALLY picky about comfort–I’m diabetic and I like my toes so I am very careful about not rubbing or pinching or such.

I used to love platforms and heels-hey I’m short so every added inch helps! Last summer the Queen of Klutzlevania (me) face planted on the sidewalk at work. I tripped over a crumbly seam. I managed to break my nose, skin my chin, knees, elbows and palms, severely sprain my right wrist and elbow and severely sprained and chipped a bone in my left knee. I was laid up for weeks with a soft cast on my right arm and a brace on my left knee because I couldn’t use crutches. LOADS of fun (not). Daytime TV is a wasteland people-let me tell you!

The repercussions are I can no longer wear heels and platforms–at least anything with height. So now I’m a Team flats, kitten heel or low wedge gal.  About 1 1/2 inch is as high as I can go.

You can’t imagine how thrilled I was when I spied these shoes at Kohl’s!! A platform that wasn’t clunky or heavy and gave EXCELLENT support!!!  I found a black version at Ross a week later! I wished they came in more colors because I would’ve brought them ALL.  They have a kind of retro vibe with the little peep toe.  And they were like clouds on my feet all day long. Did I mention I love them??

Linen tunic-Harve Benard via Goodwill, Crops via Goodwill, Platforms-Croft&Barrow via Kohls

Question for the peanut gallery–something is just not right about these crops. Is it the length?? Do they need to be shorter? Or would tapering them in a bit help? Appreciate the feedback!

Tomorrow is Tribal or Floral-can’t wait to see what everyone is doing for this challenge!

Oh yeah–now that you are up to speed with vajazzling (and if you need to get up to speed-check this post Blinging to a new low) do you wonder if the stray rhinestone you see on the ground fell off someones outfit or their vajazzling glue had a failure?? GRIN!!!



  1. Louise said:

    Wow, those are GREAT shoes! They remind me of the Jambu brand, but if you got them at Kohls and Ross then you paid WAY less than Jambu prices.

    It’s hard to tell with the crops; I can only see one photo. Maybe they are a little wide in the leg? I can tell you are dropping the pounds because sometimes your clothes seem baggier than they need to be now. You are clearly comfortable with boxy tops and I think you could slim down the fabric silhouette a bit and really surprise yourself. Show off that foxy new shape, girl! 🙂

  2. Vix said:

    Those shoes are fantastic, love them almost as much as your gorgeous smile!
    I agree with Louise, take those pants in so we can see your shape. You’ve got some fine shapely legs from what bit I can see, show them off! x

  3. Laura said:

    Funny-I somehow thought you were tall! Love the shoes. I am also in the no heels or platforms club. I personally like slim crops that go to my ankle. I find that wider ones that hit mid calf make my (not so slim) legs look huge. Maybe if you took in some of the fabric and made them slimmer. I love the print on the tunic, but I think its a bit too long. Try hemming it up a bit. You can definitely go a little slimmer with your clothes-lucky you!

  4. I will have to check those shoes out at Kohls.
    As to the crops, I think the issue is the lenght of the top. I think it looks a bit long with the crops. Try the crops with a shorter top and see if that works better. I’d hesitate to take them up until you try them several different ways. You might make them work for one outfit and then make another not work.

  5. Hey Tamera, it’s a wonderful feeling when you can find some shoes that are just right, isn’t it? I’m a shoe freak too, so I understand.
    About the capris, I don’t see anything wrong with them. Try them with a shoe that doesn’t have a strap near the ankle and see if that makes any difference to you.
    That’s fashion challenge looks fun. Maybe I can get in on it.

  6. What fabulous shoes! They’re fun and funky, and if they’re as comfy as you say – awesome! I have definitely been struggling with giving up heels.

    As for the crops, I don’t see anything wrong with them either, I agree with Sheila/Style agent. Try them with a lower vamp shoe and see if they look better. If not then try twisting them up/pinning and photographing/using a mirror to see if they look better before making the plunge of altering.

  7. Kiki said:

    I hear ya on the platforms. I still indulge, but I do worry about a face plant one day. At least you can still find cute, comfy shoes!

  8. Mel said:

    I love all of your components…just not together. 🙂 I’d say a shorter, closer fitting top with the capris, and definitely different shoes. Love the shoes, but not with those capris. Maybe they’d look better with a long flowy dress? I cant’ remember if you wear dresses.

    I like where the capris end on your leg, but that demands a shoe that shows more skin. Dark wedge maybe?

    Somehow the balance is off between the lengths of the garments themselves, and the shoes throw the balance off more. The balance is also off between the volume of the two garments. One or the other needs to be much skinnier.

    I can’t remember…do you wear scarves? I’d say tighten up the top component a lot, and make it shorter, and then add a scarf or big jewelry to keep the eye up by your face. Or maybe add a belt to the current top to break it up?

    Have some fun experimenting with different tops/accessories to see what works. I’m just starting to learn to shop in my own closet, and gotta admit, it’s kinda fun!

    Funny also, I thought you were tall. 🙂

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