Monday: Solid Brights or Bold Print

Hello Blogland!! Hope everyone’s Monday went well!!

I’m participating in Megan Mae Daily’s Fashion Challenge this week. Today it was Solid Bright or Bold Print.  Anyone who’s been visiting this blog knows I love me some COLOR!!!

Since it was Monday I decided to sear everyone at works retina’s and be BOLD & BRIGHT!! A couple of kill-joys asked me to turn my shirt off!!  You know what I say: if you can’t hide it-decorate it!!

Blouse-Chaps via Goodwill, Crops-Venezia via Goodwill, Purse via Goodwill, Sandals-Candies via Kohls

I loved this blouse from the moment I spied it (well-how could I MISS it) on the rack at Goodwill.  I definitely felt visible! These sandals and the turquoise ones like it  are getting returned. This is only my second wearing and they are falling apart. Good thing i still have the receipt and Kohl’s has an awesome return policy!

Everybody/Everywears theme this month is Neon!! I’ll be linking up with them because nothing says NEON like this blouse!

Tomorrow is Flats or Platforms…….



  1. Erica said:

    Thankyou for visiting my blog! Your blouse is fabulous, there is nothing like a bright and bold Monday!

  2. I love that shirt! haha ‘turn your shirt off’….NEVER. It’s so crazy and bold 🙂

  3. Gorgeous fabric!! That blouse looks excellent with your blog decor!

  4. Sheila said:

    I love the eye-searing blouse! Phooey on people who can’t take bright colours – bah!

    Looking awesome, Tamera!

  5. Kiki said:

    “If you can’t hide it. Decorate it!” Love that saying!
    What a fun top!

  6. I love this picture. You look happy and pretty, and I love the colors and the way you accessorized!

  7. Definitely don’t hide that gorgeous shirt! Love the brights and the prints! Thanks for joining us this week for Fashion Challenge.

  8. It isn’t too bright of an outfit since you paired it with neutrals. Some people just have no fashion sense 😉

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