Taking “Blinging” to a new low…..

Hello Blogland!! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!

I pride myself here as a Menopausel Supermodel  be reasonably “hip” for a fifty-something gal. I Facebook, I know what Twitter is. I’m passably familar with the Twilight Saga and it’s “stars”. I know who Lady Gaga is. I’ve seen a minute of “Jersey Shore”. Hey, I’m UP with what’s happening in popular culture.

Or so I thought.

I was leafing through one of those fashion magazines while getting a pedicure (LOVE them- and the massage chair is heaven!) last week. You know–the kind of magazine that touts how to lose that last ounce of flab and 10 million new sex positions that will have him drooling.  Unfortunately they didn’t have anything more intelligent to choose from. But I digress.

Leafing through the numerous fashion layouts where the models look like they need a hot meal and the clothes are suitable for the circus, I stumbled upon an article extolling the latest hot thing among the trendy set.


Most of you in blogland are probably as ignorant of this phenomenom as I was previously. As a public service I will  enlighten you.

It seems the cool kids-as least the young ladies, have taken to bedazzling their lady parts.

Yes, you read that right. They are GLUEING rhinestones THERE to decorate it. It’s evidently a big thing.

Here’s the linik to the OFFICIAL website:  Vajazzling.com.  I am not making this up!

I mean, heaven knows they pierce just about everywhere and tattoo themselves like crazy. And now they are bedazzling their crotches. Hence the name: Vajazzling.


Did one of these girls , after an evening of bedazzling a t-shirt and miniskirt to go with her 12 new face piercings and the rad dragon tat on her neck notice she still had some rhinestones left over and have a brain storm?? Like “WOW…I could bedazzle my crotch” . Won’t it be AWESOME when I’m dancing in the club with no panties and the disco lights hit the rhinestones and sparkle? I’ll be the belle of the ball”.

Wouldn’t this look like some weird sparkly STD???

Seriously.  Let’s say you “romance” some lucky dude and a couple get stuck on his private parts. Won’t that be cool in the men’s room the next day when a co-worker  at the urinals notices he’s sporting rhinestones?

Vajazzling. Think I’m gonna pass on this trend. I guess I’ll have to sit at the not cool kids table now.

Just when you think you’ve seen it all…….

Well…. now that I have enlightened you – on to the outfit. I worked in my garden a bit too much Saturday so I was down for the count today (dang Fibromyalgia!)  I will, however, share my Friday ensemble. Unfortunately I wound up ruining my blouse since “klutz” is my middle name. I dropped an open black marker and of course it hit the first protuberances it came to: the boobage. Nice black stripe of permanent marker across them!

I was inspired by Terri at Ragsagainstthemachine  Seersuckerfest to pull out my navy and white jacket since it’s still cool enough to wear it. I LOVE seersucker and want more for summer. I can see why it is a classic fabric!

Jacket-Dressbarn via Goodwill, Denim Crops-Denim&Co. via Goodwill, Blouse-Izod via Goodwill, Loafers-LizClaiborne via Goodwill

I’m linking up with Visible MondayMonday Mingle and Thrifters Anonymous! Stop by these sites to see the most stylish ladies on the Web!

I will be participating in Meagan Mae Daily ‘s  Fashion Challenge Summer: This or That! so I’ll be posting my challenge outfit every day! Check out how we rise to the challege. Tomorrow is Solid Brights or Bold Print. Hmmmmmmm–what to wear??

Everyone have a great evening!



  1. Stepping My Way to Bliss said:

    OH MY GOODNESS…you had me rolling. This post is hilarious. And sadly, yes, I had heard of this IDIOTIC new trend. I didn’t think it would be around long but evidently I am not good at recognizing the newest, greatest thing. Actually, I never have been very good at it. But I think you are spot on with how this must have gotten started. Lookin’ good, gal. Obviously we “women of a certain age” don’t need to bedazzle our privates in order to look amazing.

  2. Well, I learned something today…but I kind of think I could have gone without it….I am sure my teen students will enlighten me at some point!!! you are hysterical and I really enjoyed the post….and of course your best accessory…that great smile!!

  3. CRACK UP! “models look like they need a hot meal and the clothes are suitable for the circus”! And the Vagazzling thing, I say don’t do it! Those crystals are made from LEAD and that is the last thing you want down there! Besides, isn’t getting your hair and nails done enough to dazzle? 🙂 Seersucker looks cool…

  4. Laura said:

    You look great! Thanks for the enlightment. Vagazzling indeed! I’ll be sitting at the not cook kids table with you.

  5. “Wouldn’t this look like some weird sparkly STD?” Tamera, you have me lol-ing. Sorry about your magic marker episode; I just did a similar with mustard this week : >

  6. Kim,USA said:

    Oh my gush you hit it all!! Love that outfit on you and the loafers I am envious ^_^ Happy Monday!


  7. OMGosh! Now, I’ve heard it all! If I didn’t know better, I’d say you made this up.
    Sorry about your shirt, but thanks for the laugh!!

  8. Hey, I LIKE the seersucker! And I’ll be participating in the week long challenge this week myself! I had not heard about vajazziling (did I even spell it right?), but as with some other trends I’m, uh, not very tempted.

  9. Sara said:

    Too funny! I just wanted to let you know I really enjoy your blog and your great smile! You also might try hairspray to remove the permanent black marker on your blouse. I have used it to get out marker stains before. Good luck!

  10. Well, put me at the non-cool kids table with you- lol!
    Nice outfit, and love the shoes. They look so comfortable, too.

  11. I sure love those shoes of yours! This is a really good color combination on you!

  12. You look fab today.
    As to the vajazzling. I think that Jennifer Love Hewitt is the first one I heard about doing that. I think that they do it to make up for the lack of any body hair since most of them are removing all their hair from that area. I cannot imagine doing that for sure. My hope is that someday some one will get some sense and stop doing that. To me it is horrifying to think that they look like prepubescent girls and think it is okay and then to put some rhinestones on? I am thankful to not be part of the in crowd.

  13. Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said:

    i love those shoes!

    xo Megan

    • Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said:

      notice how I didn’t mention a thing about vjazzling – i wont go there.

  14. LOVE the seersucker suit. Vajazziling – Too out there for me, but I suppose if that’s what people want – more power to ’em? Preferably keep it to themselves as well.

    Anyway thanks for joining up at Fashion Challenge!

  15. Vix said:

    What a cool suit, you look gorgeous in it. I’d have to accessorize with thermal undies and a fur coat if I wanted to wear seersucker on a typical British summers’ day!
    Vajazzling is the new big thing here, too. Very bizarre. You know it’s hit the big time when Pound Shops are selling do-it-yourself kits. As a fellow klutz I dread to think what damage I’d do with a kit! x

  16. Oh my gosh, that cracked me up! Vajazzling?? Seriously? That’s hilarious.

    I love your seersucker, Tamara – but what a bummer about your blouse!

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