“My pallbearers are too decrepit”

Hello Blogland!! Hope everyone has had a good week!! Thank you to everyone who commented or emailed me about my great-grandmother Annie!!!! She would’ve LOVED all of the attention-she was quite the social butterfly and a bit of a ham!  I definitely will be sharing more stories and hopefully pix when I get them from my mom.

I’m sure you are wondering what in the world the title of this post means! It involves Annie and the funeral director again. As I wrote in my last post, going out to a viewing at the funeral home in our small town was quite the social event for Annie.

I had taken her out one evening when she was about 97 years old for a viewing. Mr. Mo the funeral director was a family friend and Annie had known him since he was an infant. He asked her how she was doing.

“Mo, I don’t know what I’m going to do if I don’t die soon” Annie replied.

“What do you mean Miss Annie?? Is there anything wrong? Are you feeling alright?” exclaimed Mr. Mo in horror.

“I’m fine, Mo. That’s the problem. ” Annie sweetly said.

Mr. Mo was really confused at this point. “Why is it a problem?” he asked.

“Mo, I’ve lived so long all of the pallbearers I’ve chosen are either dead or too decrepit to carry the casket. I’m going to have to have paid pallbearers at this rate” Annie said with a big grin. Mr. mo just shook his head and started laughing with her.  He kn ew she had zinged him once again!

I almost wet myself laughing.  She had such a wicked sense of humor and always could find the funny side of life-no matter how bad it looked. It was truly a gift. My childhood and highschool friends all loved her and adopted her as their great-grandmother. Everyone called her “Annie”.  They loved to talk to her and get her take on a situation they were experiencing.  She had a way of imparting wisdom and advice through stories that was really helpful.  Annie used to say you didn’t get to be her age by being stupid!

It’s been a busy week at work-I feel like I’m riding Ozzy Osborne’s “Crazy Train”! I will be glad when tomorrow is over. Anyway-on to the style!

Mondays Outfit:
Sweater-CJBanks via Goodwill, Top-CJBanks via Goodwill, Pants via Goodwill, Sandals-Clarks via Goodwill

Tuesdays Outfit:
Jacket-LizClaiborne via Goodwill, Top-Goodwill, Crops-LizClaiborne via Goodwill, Sandals-Croft &Barrow via Kohl’s

Wednesdays Outfit:
Blouse-Denim&Co via Salvation Army, Crops via Goodwill, Shoes-Comfortview via Roaman’s, Purse via Goodwill, Jewelry-Gift

Cardoigan-CJBanks via Goodwill, Top-CJBanks via Goodwill, Crops-George via Goodwill, Sandals-Croft&Barrow via Kohl’s, Pin-Vintage

The crops I wore Tuesday went into the give-away bin. They are a woven pattern in cotton. They fit great but as the day went on they stretched and I looked like I had a load in my pants by the end of the day. Oh well-that’s the benefit of thrifting-if it don’t work you’re not out big bucks.

Wednesday’s outfit was inspired by sweet Debbi at She Accessorizes Well Visible Monday Post. I loved the combo of coral and aqua she was wearing!

I hope everyone has an awesome weekend planned!! Mine includes gardening and a visit from the new Mr. & Mrs. Warren and the grandpuppy Noelle!



  1. Anne said:

    Hi Tamera! I enjoyed reading through some of your posts and Annie sounds like a wonderful witty woman!! Have a lovely weekend:)

  2. Thank you so much for the “shout out” to me. I think I like your color combo more than mine! Love the handbag.
    That is a great sweater in Monday’s outfit. You look great in red.

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