Jacket and Cardigan Hoarding

Hello Blogland!!  Everyone enjoying the Memorial Day Weekend??

I’ve been doing an  inventory  of my wardrobe to make a spreadsheet (I am easy to entertain-OCD has its benefits at time!!) and came to a shocking discovery.

I am going to need an intervention. I have 24 jackets and 22 cardigans. You read that right. TWO DOZEN of each.  And all but 2  of the cardigans were thrifted -the most I’ve paid is $5 but the majority were gotten for $2-$3 bucks.

It’s kinda ridiculous when I look at it on paper to tell the truth. I mean SERIOUSLY??? I’ ve accumulated stuff by CJBanks, LizClaiborne, Chico’s, Coldwater Creek, SagHarbor, etc. Items in styles and colors I probably never would have considered before. That’s the appeal of thrifting! I can experiment with my look on the cheap!

The funniest thing about the jackets is I own one basic black, a khaki and a denim blazer. The rest are all prints or bright colors. I have several printed cardigans and loads of bright-colored ones.

I love how wearing a cardi or jacket (when it isn’t as hot and humid as the surface of the sun) makes me feel more “put together”. At least I can fake it with my outfit even if I am scatter-brained that day! My co-workers have commented on how “finished” I look. Adding that third layer and some accessories elevates even jeans and a T.

I get inspired by such queens of the third layer/accessory as Pam of Over50feeling40 and Sheila of Ephemera. The blogging world has far more USEFUL inspiration then any fashion magazine.

I next need to inventory my tops and pants. LOL I think I could shop my closet for the next 6 months and not get anything new. (like THAT’S going to happen-snerk)

Now to the outfit du-jour. First I must share Her Most Royal Divaness’ patriotic outfit. She is hating the heat and chilling out on her pillow behind me. The brown furry tail in the upper right corner belongs to poor Mr. Bill’s -she made him lay on the floor while she took the whole pillow.

Looking cute!!

We had an awesome church service this morning honoring those who gave all. I own nothing remotely patriotic (considering how much patriotic decor for the house I have you’d think I would–something to look for at Goodwill!!) so I decided to wear my new (to me) maxi dress. I don’t believe this was meant to be a maxi but when you’re short…..LOL. The fabric is a chiffon over a poly lining. It was super comfortable and got tons of compliments. I’m even wearing something NEW–I picked up the cardi on sale at Kohl’s when I brought my MOB outfit. I’ve wanted a short sleeve back cardi that WASN’T a bolero but couldn’t find one at Goodwill.

Cardi-Apt.9 via Kohls, Maxi-?? via Goodwill, Shoes-Sam&Libby via Goodwill, Purse-Kmart years ago for $5!!

Anybody out there using WordPress that could tell me how in the world you add buttons to your side bar?? I want to add Visible Monday, Monday Mingle and Thrifters Anonymous and I have no clue how you go about it! Thanks in advance!

I’m linking up with Visible Monday, Monday Mingle, and Thrifter’s Anonymous this week!



  1. Stepping My Way to Bliss said:

    I really like the maxi dress on you…it makes you look long, slenderizing. Great pairing it with the zebra print bag.

    I wish I could help you on the WordPress thing but I have not been successful doing buttons or much else on my sidebar. Frustrating isn’t it? Or there are some thing I have figured out how to do once but then not again. Lately I have decided to leave well enough alone but I need to spend time on some tutorials.

  2. Well, I am going to spend the latter half of this week purging and maybe you could join me. It is easy to accumulate too much…especially when we thrift…but I am going to force myself to send things I have not worn in a long time out to pasture. I know its hard, but we can do it!!! You look so joyful and fabulous as always!

  3. Sheila said:

    The dress looks amazing, Tamera! And I love the zebra purse with the outfit. Your little dog is so adorable in her outfit too!

    Aw, thank you so much for the shout-out. That’s really sweet of you.

  4. I have been inventorying and purging for about two months, too – it is amazing what we can accumulate, isn’t it? At least we aren’t getting into serious credit card debt. I don’t have WordPress, sorry. But thanks so much for sharing your fabulous self with Visible Monday.

  5. Tamera–You and Debbi at She Accessorizes Well take the cake on the jacket count, but maybe I ought to go count mine before I say that. You ARE rockin’ the maxi!

  6. Your outfit looks beautiful on you! I was surprised to hear that you are short. You don’t look it at all.

    I’m with you in the OCDness. In fact my husband spells my name; O-C-D/A-D-D. I told him that he just doesn’t know how to spell Sherry, but then on second thought, I think maybe he does. 🙂

  7. I have way more jackets than you and I have decided to just enjoy them. I am not hurting anyone by having them, so why not? I won’t say how many jackets I have, but it would give you a heart attack! I took some to the consignment store, but getting $3 to $8 for them made me stop getting rid of them. I would rather give them to a friend than sell them for that.
    That maxi looks great on you. I really like the zebra bag. It gives the outfit a fun touch.
    Enjoy your jackets and cardigans without guilt. You are putting together some lovely outfits and no doubt inspiring others to look great too.

  8. Megan, The Frugalista Diaries said:

    love that maxi on you!

  9. Happy Memorial Day!

    I am a total jacket freak so I understand you completely.

    Love the print with the striped bag. Way to mix it up!

  10. Tamera, that is one of your cutes outfits!
    I seriously have too many clothes too. I’m thinking of doing a link up swap (once I figure out how to get one of those linky things). Interested?

  11. Style Mentor™ said:

    I like the print combined with the animal action! 🙂

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