Memorial Day Parade & I think I’ve recuperated!

Two Gold Star Mothers- who lost a son in combat. Thank you for your sacrifices!

2012 Miss Poppy representing the American Legion

Veteran’s Color Guard. Thank you for serving your country!

Union Army Civil War Re-Enactors Color Guard

Sons of the Confederates Color Guard

Ladies and a gent showing off the latest trends in 1860’s fashions!!

Adorable tiny majorettes!!

The front of our house decked out for the holiday!!

Here’s a catch-up of what I wore the last week to work:

Wednesday: Blouse-KrazyKat via Mission Store, Crops-Dockers via Goodwill, Shoes-Thom McCan via Kmart

Thursday: Linen Top-JonesNewYork via Goodwill, Crops via Goodwill, Sandals-Croft&Barrow via Kohl’s

Friday: Top via Goodwill, Crops via Goodwill, Sandals-Candies via Kohl’s

I am sweating like a pig in a sauna right now. How I hate hot weather!!! Hope everyone has a wonderful weekend and I’ll be back around tomorrow with more pix!



1 comment
  1. Stepping My Way to Bliss said:

    Sweating like a pig in a sauna! LOL…you are too funny. And you look great!!

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