Wedding Day has arrived!!!

Hello Blogland!!! This will be a short post as we just got home from the wedding!! I am WHUPPED!!

It was a beautiful wedding. I can’t believe my baby is married!!!

Introducing the new Mr. & Mrs. Sean Warren!

The wedding cake and desserts. I am SICK of baking for a bit!!

I took my picture after we got home so sorry for the slightly frazzled and dazed look!!

Dress-Kohls, Sweater-Kohls, Pin-Vintage, Shoes-Sam & Libby via Goodwill

There will be more pictures to follow once I recuperate! It truly was a blessed and wonderful day!

I’m linking up with Patti for Visible Monday and Monday Mingle!



  1. Stepping My Way to Bliss said:

    Congrats mama of the bride! Sounds like a glorious day!! Can’t wait to see and hear more.

  2. kathleenlisson said:

    That is a beautiful dress! Such a classic print.

  3. claire said:

    A very proud mum,lovely outfit 🙂

  4. Lisa said:

    You look lovely. Congratulations to your daughter and new son-in-law!

  5. Laura said:

    Mother of the bride looks wonderful! Congratulations to all of you.

  6. You look lovely! And congrats to the new couple. We had a wedding in our family last fall…and I took a long break from blogging afterwards. Who knew that weddings, when they are not our own, could take so much out of a person.

  7. reva said:

    oH mY Gosh!!! LOVE your blog layout and the title! very clever 🙂

  8. barbie said:

    Your dress is cute! My favorite place to shop is Kohls! Congrats on your babies marriage! 🙂
    -barbie @ Style of a Mrs.

  9. Looks like it was a fun and beautiful day. Did you bake all that ???? I’d be whupped too!
    Your daughter looks just radiant.

  10. infopubs said:

    So sweet and beautiful! Congratulations!

  11. reva said:

    LOL! thanks for the comment!! – made my day1

  12. Tamera, you look absolutely gorgeous! What a perfect outfit. Your daughter looks stunning – so beautiful.

    Well done on the baked goods – I am seriously impressed!

  13. Congrats to you and your beautiful daughter!
    Can’t wait to see more photos! You look gorgeous in green!

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