On a wedding roll….

Hello Blogland!!  Popping in while the wedding cake cools to post a couple of outfits!

Things are coming together and I’m still relatively sane!

I am one of those freaks of nature that find cleaning and organizing stuff like closets and drawers relaxing.  I spent some time last nite de-stressing by organizing my closet/drawers.

I’ve found that thrifting about 90% of my wardrobe allows me the flexibility to let things go if they aren’t working. I tried a lot of things on and made a huge giveaway pile.  Why keep stuff you won’t wear because it puckers funny or itches or rides up weird?? Case in point–I thrifted a cute CJBanks jacket in a red and sage print for under $5. It fit well. BUT–it tended to bunch up around my neck when I sat down–it had a mandarin collar. It was kind of irritating to say the least. I couldn’t figure a  way to alter it so into the pile it went. Thrifting has allowed me to experiment with different styles and looks on the cheap. Same thing with a couple of Izod blouses. They were a bit too big–which I could alter. BUT–they were also a bit too “short” and rode up when I moved my arms. So away they go!

After survey what I decided to keep I noticed a “trend”. I gravitate towards and wear a lot of button down 3/4 sleeve fitted blouses.  I like bright colors, ginghams and stripes. I also like ethnic prints.  I’m into “classic” shapes–not much for ruffles and lace. I’m now going to inventory my wardrobe and create a spreadsheet so I can really see what I wear and what I might need.

A few weeks ago I won a $100 gift certificate in The Frump Factor’s Marketplace:India giveaway. I had a hard time choosing something because I wanted it ALL. I settled on a jacket that was on sale and a handbag.

I wore the jacket to work Monday and everyone LOVED it!!  It’s reversible and so lightweight. I styled it rather simply because I wanted the stunning embroidery to be the star. I’m definitely going to be ordering more from them. It supports a wonderful cause and I love being unique!

Jacket-Marketplace:India, Tshirt-JonesNewYork via Goodwill, Crops via Goodwill, shoes-Clarks via Goodwill

Tuesday I started out with a jacket but I was flashing big-time so I left it off. I found I liked the simplicity of the outfit. My co-workers were kind of stunned I wasn’t sporting my usual rainbow of color!  I punched up the neutrals with my shoes and new purse. I scored another turquoise bag at the Goodwill for $3. The lighter aqua croc bag I had went into the giveaway. I used it a lot but I like this one a bit better.

Blouse-LizClaiborne via goodwill, Crops-Dressbarn via Goodwill, Shoes-Comfortview, Bag via Goodwill, Owl Necklace via Kohl’s

  1. Hooray! You got the Marketplace stuff! The jacket looks great and you. (And will we be seeing the bag soon, too?) 😉

    I really like that second outfit, too. Neutrals mixed with colorful accents can be so, so striking. I love it!

  2. Sherry said:

    Congratulations on winning that beautiful jacket! It looks wonderful on you. I love both outfits in your pictures and that little owl necklace is too cute! I wish you luck with the cake. I hope you post pictures of it.

  3. That jacket looks like a wonderful pick, Tamera!
    I really like your idea of analyzing your “best looks” and making a spreadsheet. You are your own stylist : >

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