A bag of skittles exploded on me….

Hello Blogland!! I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! I am getting things done for the wedding bit by bit. Two weeks and counting!

I managed to plant my vegetable garden this weekend. I’ve got to plant out all of my pots and some annuals in the front beds. I am WHOOPED!!!

Everyone commented on how colorful I was at church today. One friend-equally as colorfully dressed-said we looked like a bag of skittles exploded on us!!!!

My outfit-except the jewelry-came from the Goodwill and cost under $20!!!

Jacket-CJBanks, Top-JonesNewYork, Skirt-Galinda Wang, Shoes-No Boundaries

Here’s a close-up of the jewels. I got the owl (love them) necklace at Kohls on sale. I thought the chevron colors matched the skirt. The bracelets came from Burlington Coat Factory .

Here’s a close-up of the shoes-they had never been worn and the style of the kitten heel makes them SO comfortable.

I managed to do a bit of thrifting when I went plant shopping Saturday. I scored lots of goodies you’ll be seeing soon! Well–off to be a slug in the recliner for a bit. I’m linking up with Patti for Visible Monday#45 and Monday Mingle.



  1. tamerabeardsley said:

    Such a cheerful outfit!

  2. Wow, someone not afraid to wear color. I love it!! I’ve really been wanting an owl necklace, it’s so 70’s!

  3. Hee! Love the skittles image. Talk about a joyful “explosion!” And yes, I am also fond of all things owl.

  4. Best accessory by far is your smile!! I am jealous you planted a garden…keep us up to date on its progress!!

  5. Stepping My Way to Bliss said:

    This great…a bag skittles! Too funny. When I wear something colorful like this (which isn’t often) I say, “it looks like Walt Disney threw up on me”. ; ) Keep on pluggin’ at the wedding, dear! Only a few more days.

  6. Lol! I love skittles!
    You are very visible and colorful today! What a buy under $20! Cute sandals, too!

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