$14 bucks of cute and stylish!

Hello Blogland!!!  Has everyone had a wonderful weekend???? I certainly have!! I will just be SO glad when this weird cold weather leaves and it gets warm. I am antsy to wear crops and sandals.

My whole outfit (minus the undies and shoes) cost a whopping $14 at the Goodwill. got loads of compliments and several friends at church were stunned that it was all name brands and so CHEAP. I am making more and more believers in thrifting!!

Jacket-CJBanks, Top-JonesNewYork, Pants-SagHarbor, Purse-Axcess
Everything from the Goodwill!!!

The color red is actually less orange then it shows.

I am in a quandary what to do with the hair. It curls up naturally like it’s doing over my ears. At least for this moment!! I’m thinking of letting it grow out again because the short just made me look like a pin-head. I’ve gotta think of something before the wedding. Maybe I could rock a really cool WIG!!! LOLOL

Speaking of wedding=3 weeks and counting. The Bride to be is getting a little nervous but everything is under control. I’ve coordinated many weddings at church for others so this is a piece of cake.  Or I am delusional!

It’s almost time for Masterpiece Theater. It’s the conclusion of “Birdsong” tonite which is just amazing!! Anyone else watching??

I’m linking up with Patti for visible Monday #44 and Monday Mingle.



  1. I really like that vibrant jacket and top on you, Tamera! Great shopping, as per usual : > I vote yes to growing your hair out a bit, if it’s got some natural curl to it. You never know what it might do next! And is an updo a possibility for the wedding?

  2. I take it that it is your daughter who is getting married? I know that I felt like a nervous wreck before my daughter’s wedding last September. I can’t advise on the hair, but like you I am a great believer in thrifting!

  3. You look vibrant….great shopping! My daughter’s wedding was almost one year ago…I miss her so much, I would go through the stress all over again, just to be back with her!!

  4. That’s the power of thrifting!!!! You can look like a million bucks without spending that much. You look good. I love that blazer. 🙂

  5. Style Mentor™ said:

    Crack up! Love the title of your blog! And your attitude is amazing! I am your newest follower… 🙂

    My other blog might be of interest to you:
    http://www.healthnbeauty.com (free, I am not selling anything) 🙂

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