Rockin’ and Moanin’

Hello Blogland!!! how is everyone on this lovely rainy Sunday??? I’m not complaining about the rain–we desperately have needed it. It has ben a really weird spring here in Maryland. One day in the 80’s, the next in the 40’s. Just when I think I can break out the crops and sandals its freezing out!!I had to kinda lay low today as my pain threshold (I have fibromyalgia) is through the roof. I try to avoid taking prescription pain meds and just rest a lot to ease the pain.

I think my project in the garden Friday may be partly to blame. I decided to edge our front gardens with stones. We live in Western Maryland and we have an abundance of stones-LOL. Stone fences around the property and a big pile in the back.  I just thought it needed something to “finish” it and will look gorgeous later this summer with purple and pink alyssum spilling over it.

Out towards the driveway

Leading to the front step

Cardigan-Landsend via Goodwill, Polo-ModernFit via LaneBryant, Jeans-Lee Rider via Goodwill, Purse-Matt&Nat via Goodwill, Shoes-LandsEnd Driving Mocs via Goodwill

I was trying out some color-blocking while I ran errands Saturday. and of course that meant a stop at the Hagerstown Goodwill!!!  This is probably my favorite Goodwill along with the half-price outlet in Frederick. I got some  nice goodies and spent less then $20!

Worthington Rayon Sweater Set. I actually have the cardigan already--the one with this is way to big but the shell was 2 sizes smaller and is what I really wanted. I'll just donate the too big cardi.

Apt. 9 blouse. I love cotton blouses for summer! This has my fav colors of aqua and lime!

CD Daniels mock layered top and T. I loved the peek of the blue gingham. This will be a nice transitional piece in this crazy spring.

DressBarn Navy and White stretch seersucker jacket. This is so lightweight I can see it getting big play this summer. And it was only $3!!

White Stag maxi skirt (still had original tags.)Walmart used to carry this line. They were well made, fit well and stylish. How I wish Walmart would bring them back!!

I’m not sure if I’ve posted this item. I thrifted it a few weeks ago and I discovered it matches PERFECTLY with the skirt above.  It’s like they were meant to be!! I have several tops and T’s that will go with this outfit.

Alfred Dunner Rayon sweater with beads

Ms. Thang was showing off her Divaliscousness this weekend. We were out walking along the sidewalk Saturday morning when a van pulled up with a bunch of little girls in it. They rolled down their windows and ooohed and aaahed over her. Kae pranced and posed for them as only a supermodel chihuahua Diva can do!!

Ms. Thang and Mr. Bill

Ms. Thang KaeKae--her dress says "Born with Style"

I’ll be linking up with Patti for Visible Monday and the gals at  Monday Mingle! Go check all these cool stylish ladies out!

Have a blessed Sunday and a great week!!  I’ll be back on Wednesday!



  1. margehess said:

    I am in centrl Pennylvania, and the weather has been messing with my RA. ,too.
    I love your stone borders, and also LOVE the outfits!

  2. Sorry you are feeling poorly. Those doggies look like natural painkillers, though! So cute. I’m also envious of both your thrift store finds and your fabulous landscaping. Nicely done!

  3. Your rock border looks great, Tamera (sorry you’re feeling bad, though). Love that maxi skirt you scored, I think it’ll be very versatile this summer!

  4. You look lovely in green and blue. I’m jealous of your thrift deals. That sear sucker jacket is fab and even better at $3. Sorry you are in pain. Hope it eases back down.

  5. Hi Tamera!
    Your pups are so adorable! I really like the skirt, and the sweater should look great with it!
    Hope you’re feeling better!

  6. Tamera, that skirt is going to look great with the sweater below it. The Diva is looking lovely as always. Wishing you a pain free week ahead.

  7. Kristin said:

    Love your color palette! We had a lot of rain this weekend too!

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