The Final Countdown to the Wedding!!

Hello Blogland!! I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!! The foot is getting much better–the drugs seem to be working.

Our daughter Julie’s bridal shower was this past Sunday. I forgot to take my camera but the girls are gonna send me pictures! It’s hard to believe the wedding is a bit over a month away (May 20th) lots of last-minute stuff to do. Thankfully Julie is pretty laid-back and organized plus 3 of the 5 bridesmaid just got married so they have “experience”….LOL

It’s hard to believe this little girl is getting married. Where did the time go??

Julie's first Christmas. She arrived from Korea Nov. 12, 1986. Her older boy cousins are responsible for the gun!!!!

She’s grown up to be beautiful, smart and all-around wonderful!! We are so proud of her!!  We also love her fiance Sean–he’s a wonderful guy!

Julie and Sean

Her bridesmaid are all long-time friends. The matron of honor Aimee and Julie have been besties since diaper days. They grew up across the street from each other and Aimee is exactly 2 weeks older than Julie. Another bridesmaid, Penny, is about a month younger than Julie and grew up at the end of our street.  It seems like just yesterday they were playing out in the sandbox and now they will be all married!!

Aimee, Julie and Penny about age 12 years.

Aimee, Julie, Penny, Alex & Joel (the girls little brothers) picnicking on Aimee's deck. I think the girls might be about 6 years old here.

It was a nice shower and the girl’s really did a nice job with it.  I was sporting an all-thrifted outfit. The crops are a trouser denim–they have a side zip and fit like a dream. They were supposed to be “long” pants but were a tad too short for me so I cropped them even more. I’m going to study their proportions a bit more so I can re-create them on other cropped pants.

Crops-no label via Goodwill, Top-Linen Tunic Harve Bernard via Goodwill, Sandals-Talbots via Goodwill, Purse-Matt & Nat via Goodwill

The shoes were amazing comfortable. I guess since they were open they didn’t compress the joint.  I can’t believe how skinny my ankles are…lolol  One of the only body-parts that is!!

I hope everyone has a great evening!! I’m gonna watch some Dancing with the Stars. The hubster only has a couple more weeks of school so I won’t have as much “free time”.



  1. Stepping My Way to Bliss said:

    Oh my goodness…you and are in the same countdown. Our daughter’s wedding is May 12 and we had a bridal shower this past Sunday too. Wishing you all the best. Your daughter is beautiful…she will be a gorgeous bride. Love your outfit…especially the purse.

  2. Hi again, Tamera! I sent you an email that’s kind of important — have you checked it, lately? Can you send me one? Thanks!

  3. Tamera, your daughter is gorgeous! Thanks for sharing those sweet memories. Bring plenty of kleenex to the wedding, I’m sure there’ll be many tears of joy!

  4. Me again! Check your email for a message from Meredith. I’m not sure if you’re getting any of our regular emails, so that’s why I’m using the comments section again. Thanks!

  5. tamerabeardsley said:

    Your daughter is just gorgeous…such a moving post!

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